Sesshomaru had married Rin once she was of age. Then soon after she bore him a child. Which, sadly she did not survive the birth of her baby.

Kagome stepped out of Kaede's house with Sango. Both women had sorrowful looks upon their faces.

Kagome was the first to speak,"...I'm...sorry Sesshomaru. Rin didn't make it, but you have a-"

Before Kagome could finish speaking, Sesshomaru went into Kaede's house. There lie Rin. Motionless. He almost cried for a moment...almost. Even though it was against his nature to shed tears.

Stepping back outside, Sesshomaru said,"...Let me see. Let me see my...child.", when he said child, it was as if he could hardly say it. Stepping forward Kagome revealed to Sesshomaru; his baby. She had Rins nose and eyes. Yes, she. But looked like Inuyasha. That in itself made Sesshomaru shudder.

"...So this is the little beast that killed Rin?"

This made Kagome pull his daughter away from him, "Sesshomaru! Don't you dare blame this child! Listen, I know you're upset about Rin's death, but do not blame this-"

"Silence! You will hold your tongue wench or I will rip it out of your head! And don't you ever grabbed my child away from me! She may be a half-breed like my pathetic brother, but she is still mine!"

By this time Inuyasha was standing in front of Kagome. Ready to protect didn't stop Kagome from stepping up,"Don't speak about her as if she's a piece of property Sesshomaru! She's your daughter!"

"Percisely. And I will do what I wish with the murderous half-breed-"

"Murderous? Arrgh!You're so stupid! She's only a baby! How in the hell is it-"

" stop."

"Huh? But, Inuyasha! We can't just let him-"

"I don't like it anymore than you do Kagome. But, I know my brother better than you do. It'll just make it that much harder for her."


A few years later

"Koinu! His Lord is not very happy and wishes to speak to you at this moment!"

"Oh, hello Master Jaken! Do you like these flowers I picked for his Lord?"

'She is so like Rin was as a child. Too bad Sesshomaru can't see it.' Jaken thought before knocking the flowers out of Koinu's hands.

"Did you not hear me? And why do you pick flowers for Lord Sesshomaru anyway! You know he's only going to beat you like he always does! Or did you forget about these!" Jaken pointed to the many scars on the 7 year old's legs.

"...No.I'm just hopeful...I guess."

Heading back, Jaken decided to make small talk, "...Koinu. How is it you can speak about someone with a smile on your face and pick flowers for them...?Even though, that someone beats you day and night?"

"...You mean Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Of course!"

"...I don't want to be sad all the time. That's why. Afterall, Lord Sesshomaru only beats me because he is sad."

Alright, not the best to start off with but what do you think? In summary, Sesshomaru is heartbroken over Rin's death and takes it out on their daughter, means puppy. Sesshomaru uses her as a slave and doesn't tell her he is her father. Not the best summary either, but I am in a hurry. Warning though, Sesshomaru is going to be pretty cruel in most of this story. Especially to his daughter...but it will get better. Also, in most of the story, Koinu will be 18.