This is a chaptered fic based off of a one-shot I wrote called Prom Queen? which is post Born This Way. But it's written so you don't have to read that first.

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Blaine Anderson was standing alone in his room, staring at himself in the mirror. He noted that he looked more pale than usual, but that was to be expected. He was, after all, about to confess to his father that he wanted to leave behind the impressive world that was Dalton Academy, and enroll in a public school.

He knew his father would want reasons, and he had quite a few good, strong ones. First, well… the first reason was Kurt, but that wouldn't be the first one he would tell his father.

He decided to begin with the fact that he regretted leaving his old school, because it felt like he had run away like a coward. Sure, things had gotten pretty bad, and Blaine couldn't imagine what would have happened had he not been allowed to transfer. But there was still a part of him, a little hole in his chest that ached whenever he told Kurt to be brave. Because he himself hadn't. Because he had tried, and tried to stand up, and he couldn't. He couldn't take one more punch, or one more sneer, or one more time being locked in a closet for hours until the janitor came and found him..

Then, because though Dalton was great, it was nothing compared to the real world. At Dalton, they taught math and science and all the other things a person would need for a job, but not how to succeed in life. In Dalton, it seemed as if everyone in the world would accept someone for who they are no matter what, but Blaine knew that wasn't the case. Some people were cruel, and no matter where he went in the real world there were going to be people who didn't accept him for who he was, and he was going to have to accept that. He was going to go out to dinner, or to the movies with his boyfriend, and people were going to point and laugh. He was going to need to get used to the whispers, and the comments he knew were being said behind his back. He was going to have to get used to being called mean names, and being denied privileges simply because he liked boys. And Dalton wasn't the place to learn that.

McKinley, on the other hand, just might be.

Returning from his thoughts, Blaine glanced at the clock to see that he had around ten minutes before his father returned from work (he was a very successful, celebrated lawyer). His mother wasn't going to be home until later (she worked as a nurse), but he knew her being there wouldn't change anything anyway. Mr. Anderson was the head of the house, and anything he said, went. So, because he was Blaine, he turned his iPod on to shuffle the songs in his "inspirational/facing your fears" playlist, and let the music flow from the speakers. The first song to play was F**kin' Perfect by P!nk. Blaine sang along without holding back; singing was his was to connect to things. When Blaine was singing, he felt as though the song coursed through him- the lyrics, the beat, the inspiration- and by the end he was filled with all the courage he needed for the task ahead of him.

When the song ended, he turned the speaker off, and looked in the mirror once more. He took the necessary deep breaths, and when he heard the front door open, he jumped up and down a few times to ready himself. He turned on his heels, walked purposefully towards his bedroom door, opened it, and strode out and down the steps.

His father turned around from where he was putting down his briefcase when he heard his son coming down the steps. Seeing the look on Blaine's face, he asked "What is it?"

Suddenly, Blaine had a rather vivid flashback of a conversation just over a year and a half ago that had started out the same way.

"What is it?" His father asked, concern evident on his face. "Girl problems?"

Blaine cringed. "Not exactly."

"Well then, what is it?" After a few seconds of tense silence, his father urged "spit it out, son!"

"I think I'm gay."

"Um. I wanted to talk to you about school next year." Without waiting for his father to interject, he continued. "I want to transfer schools."

"Why?" The annoyed question was his only response.

"…. What's making you think this?"

"Think? Dad, nothing's making me think this, it's just how I am." Blaine had known for a while. He had always wondered why he was behind on the whole "liking girls" thing. Almost everyone else in his class had started dating, or else was looking for love, but he wasn't. There wasn't any girl he was attracted to, not even the famous ones.

Blaine's epiphany happened when he had sneaked into an R rated movie with a few of his classmates. While they were busy staring at the girls who were (against their better judgment, Blaine thought) showing more than necessary, it was the male actor that caught Blaine's eyes. When the movie had ended, he felt even more confused than before. But, over the course of the next few months, Blaine had explored the concept of homosexuality, and finally understood his feelings. He was gay, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Don't lie!" His father demanded, his words cutting through the room-and Blaine's heart-like a razor.

"I'm not lying! It's true. I'm gay, and I can't help it."

"I want to transfer because-" What were the reasons he came up with? "Because I feel like Dalton isn't preparing me enough for the real world."

Mr. Anderson didn't answer right away. Blaine knew his father understood what part of him he was referring to. They hadn't talked about Blaine being gay since he first brought it up, and every time he hinted at it, his father would shake his head and change the subject. After a minute, he sighed. "This is about that boy, isn't it."

"That boy is named Kurt. And seeing as he is my boyfriend, yes. It is partially about him."

"So he's your..." He took a while to form the next word on his tongue "boyfriend now, is he?"

Blaine was annoyed now. "As if you didn't know! I've only been seeing him almost every day for the past three months."

Blaine's father was now standing directly in front of him. "Don't use that attitude with me, young man!"

Instead of fighting, he took a long, deep breath and said "Ok. Sorry. And about me tr-" but he was cut off.

"If you want to transfer to be with this kid, be my guest. But I don't want to hear it when you realize that you've thrown away a great education for some fantasy."

For some strange reason, Blaine was speechless. He had things he wanted to say, of course, but it would probably prove anticlimactic. He wasn't sure if the fantasy his father was referring to was Kurt, or just being gay in general, but he suspected the latter. And, despite the wording, his father had just agreed to let him transfer.

Blaine nodded, and turned to walk back into his room. When he had reached the top of the stairs, his father spoke again. "I hope you can fill out the forms by yourself. Just let me know when I have to sign." Then "Your mother and I are going to go out to dinner tonight." Blaine noticed the deliberate absence of an invitation to attend.

"Why am I having this conversation with you? With my only son! You were supposed to carry on the family name!"

Blaine's eyes were beginning to brim with angry tears "I still can! This shouldn't change anything."

And now his father's eyes were wet as well, and his voice broke when he said "It changes everything. What do you think is going to happen to our family when people find out that our son is a- is- is like you? Do you think I'll stand a chance of being hired?" Mr. Anderson put his hand to his face, and then ran it through his curly black hair, taking a shaky breath. "Just let me know when you sort this all out."

He turned and walked into the kitchen, most likely to retrieve a beer from the cabinet. Blaine stood there, mouth open, tears streaking silently down his cheeks, before turning and walking back to his room.

Blaine collapsed onto his bed, and before he knew what he was doing, had his phone in his hand and finger pressing down the 1 key for speed dial. Kurt picked up in the middle of the second ring, with a "Blaine."


After a few seconds, it was Kurt who spoke again "…yes..? Are you alright?"

Blaine inwardly cursed at his inarticulacy, and controlled his voice. "Yeah. I'm fine. Actually, I wanted to tell you that, officially, I'm transferring to McKinley High School next year."

Hearing Kurt's failed attempts to contain his squeal made Blaine smile, and he remembered the number one reason why he was doing this.

"Blaine! That's great! Omigosh, you- YAY! We have to get you shopping! I won't have my boyfriend walking around like some sort of-" Blaine couldn't control his laugher now. He heard Kurt yell something incomprehensible to someone else on his end. Then Kurt said "Sorry, Dad says it's time for dinner. You're coming over tonight right?"

"Yes. I can't wait. I miss you already; I hate not seeing you at school every day."

Kurt smiled on the other end, his heart doing happy leaps. "It's the same way for me about you. See you, Blaine."

"See you, Kurt." And when he hung up, Blaine lied back on his bed, holding the phone against his chest and sighing contentedly.

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