I had no idea that back then, that this moment was the trigger to the downfall to this small town. This single moment in the café, on my birthday, I was treated with a horrible present.

Shiori and Kaori Misaka ran into the café towards us.

"He's dead! Please, someone help!" Kaori was shouting. What is going on?

"He was stabbed by some person and that person ran away! Yuichi, Kitagawa is dead!" Shiori was screaming.

Yuichi and Nayuki got up and rushed out of the café with the sisters, and I was left alone. Sayuri sat next to me.

"Ayu, there was an incident, and Jun Kitagawa was killed. No one knows who killed him, I'm so sorry."

Sayuri was about to walk away.

"Sayuri," Sayuri looked at me. "Will you help me walk outside?" Sayuri nodded.

She held out her hand towards me, I grabbed her hand, and used all my strength to stand.

"Ayu, you are standing, oh my God!" I slowly started to walk to the door, and I say Police cars everywhere, surrounded by a bloody corpse. Yuichi and the others were trying to get to Kitagawa, but their efforts ended in failure.

"Kitagawa, there is no way you are dead!" Yuichi was yelling and the others were crying. I was trying to walk towards Yuichi but I tripped.

"Uguu." Nayuki noticed me and helped me stand.

"Ayu, he really is dead, I've known him for so long and this happened." A tear escaped Nayuki's eye. "Since there is a murderer on the loose, how about you stay at my place tonight, I would feel better if you were there, and you would keep my mind off of this."

Nayuki cried for most of the time, when dinner came around, no one ate, not even Akiko. After dinner, we went up to Nayuki's room.

"How about we watch a movie?" I suggested.

"OK, why not?" I put a random movie in the VCR, and before the movie started, there was some screaming coming from downstairs.

"You're the one who killed him, aren't you! You have to die!" It was Yuichi yelling.

Nayuki and I came out of the room and peeked into the kitchen, we saw Yuichi swinging a kitchen knife at Miss Akiko.

"Mom!" Nayuki ran towards her mother. Yuichi grabbed Nayuki's hair and sliced it off with the knife, he then stabbed Nayuki's back. Nayuki hit the floor, and the room was silent.

Yuichi backed Miss Akiko in a corner and she sat down. Yuichi stabbed her and twisted the knife, taking out of Akiko, and swinging it in my direction. Splotches of blood hit my face.

Yuichi grabbed my arm. "Don't run away Ayu, I love you, don't you love me?"

"You are not my Yuichi!" I tried to squirm out of his arm.

"Fine, I'll give you ten minutes to run away from me, after ten minutes, I go looking, and if I find you, you die. How does that sound?"

It sounds horrible but it may be my only way to survive.