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Soul Calibur II

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What started as a normal day of Yun-Seong hunting, ended rather violently for one young wind-god priestess named Talim. For the billionth time that week, she had managed to catch up to the elusive Korean fighter, only to lose the slip on him just as she was about to corner him, as usual. It was astounding, the different ways she had lost him; once she had gotten lost in the large Black Forest of Germany, and another time trying to navigate through the busy streets of Venice. Once an old lady had asked of her to fetch her foolish cat from a tree, right as Talim was about to pounce on Yun-Seong as well!

This one was just a bit different though. For one reason or another, the trail of Yun-Seong had made her follow it into a busy tavern; mistake number one, she should have waited for him to come out. Once in, she couldn't find him at all. Then, just as she was going to leave, a very rude, very perverse man decided to show his "affection" and "appreciation" of her young, flexible, and quite small body. So, for the first few hours of the day, Talim had been obliged to deal with the especially perverted male masses that, according to a crude comment she had heard once by the Spaniards on her island, "liked 'em young."

Talim narrowly escaped assault inside the tavern, even with her impressive and intimidating display of her blade skills, and after that had to restart her tracking of Yun-Seong. But this was not the end of her day, oh no! It was far from over! Foolishly Talim tried a shortcut, involving a running jump with a large, flat slab of tough oak-bark, and a slanted hill. She wasn't entirely sure what she had been thinking at that moment, but she was sure it wasn't through sanity that she had been thinking with. Hoping to beat him to the base of the mountain, she had taken the bark, and with a running start jumped off the edge, slid the bark under her feet, and tried to sled down the hill.

The deed itself had been fun, exhilarating almost, with one exception. A herd of deer had apparently chosen that particular day to migrate across their territory, and Talim ended up sledding right in the middle of their stampede. To keep from crashing or getting trampled (or worse) Talim had wisely decided to go with the flow of the herd… which, with the route they had taken, ended up turning her shortcut into a large divertive route. The herd eventually dispersed once it realized she was, in fact, not one of their own and was a human. It was then she could continue on the path to Yun-Seong, give or take a few heart-stopping encounters with (and prompt fleeing from) mountain lions and a very angry bear.

It proceeded to get worse as Talim found herself repeatedly getting lost in the mountain ranges still, occasionally getting back on track but eventually getting off it accidentally, and very quickly. When she had finally-finally!- found his trail again, she had followed it into a run-down village nearby, with a creepy (and disturbed, she noted with his aura) medicine man and the wide-spread worship of some hero of theirs; some guy with a limp or broken arm or some other kind of disablement with some sort of note-worthy fighting skill. That was where the finale occurred. Where she ended up falling unconscious in the arms of a total stranger, exhausted beyond belief, lacking two, three days (she guessed) sleep, and looking bruised, battered, and ugly (or at least she thought she might).

The funny thing she was learning about the Soul Edge fragments, was that they didn't just fall into the hands of people and turn them into power-hungry killers. They also fell into the paws, claws, talons, hooves, wings, legs, tails, heads, arms, and bodies of any unfortunate animal that didn't expect to be hit head-on (sometimes literally) by a fragment of the evil sword. Prior to then, she hadn't come into direct contact with any such animal, just seen the process of madness and evil and corruption begin.

The monster that proceeded to knock down houses, rip apart structures, and tear into the bloody bodies of innocents, human and animal alike, was at least three times her size in width and height. Bulging veins visible through a thin layer of fur, massive piles of muscle on each bone, and claws that looked like just one swipe could slice her clean in half were on all four of its appendages, and ugly, thick vines of something red, purple, and pulsing coiled around the entire body. Pointed bat ears looked mangled, yellow eyes aglow, and two entire rows of crooked, jagged, and pointed teeth all on its bloodied, drooling face.

And I had thought mountain lions were fierce before this!

And thus, like any good girl with tonfa blades and an impulsive habit of jumping into the heart of danger for the sake of others, and being selfless to a fault, plus the addition of having a horrible four days of non-stop trailing and thus very frustrated, Talim whipped out her beloved Syi Salika and Loka Luha from their sheaths and jumped in front of the bloodthirsty monstrosity.

Not exactly her best idea, but her conscience and her duty as a priestess would not allow her to do otherwise. For what seemed like an eternity, was really three hours of non-stop fighting, Talim fought tooth and nail and tonfa blades against the corrupted Soul Edge-infected mountain lion. Three hours! Three hours of non-stop fighting, and dodging, and running. By the end of the third hour, she finally had managed to wittle away the monster's strength until it looked ready to collapse under itself. Just a few more hits, one kick to a leg maybe, and it'd come tumbling down and all it'd take to kill it would then be one bullet, or maybe one quick thrust of a spear.

Unfortunately, so was she. Unlike the monstrous lion, she wasn't mindless with a bloodthirsty rage, or so easily dismissive of the dangerously low health of her body; no, Talim was quite aware of what her body thought of this battle, and her sleepless schedule as of late, and unlike the monster she was only able to ignore her wounds and exhaustion for so long before she collapsed. And she was quite close to it, just one more step, one more breath, one more move.

Talim was on her knees, legs having finally given out and up, arms like lead, Syi Salika loose in her hand and Loka Luha one finger away from the ground. Her lungs were on fire, her entire body comprised of one word that started with a capital "p", and she had been dealing with tunnel vision for the past thirty minutes. The monster, of course, despite all its injuries and the obvious exhaustion in its body, could care less as it lifted one ginormous paw-claw-hand-thing above her head, snarling.

Talim never closed her eyes. Gladly, too, as she would have missed the sweet sound of painful snarling as the paw was knocked away by a man, wearing mostly white it looked like, swinging something really fast on a chain attached to a solid rod in his hand. He slid in between her and the monster like lightning, and had smacked the paw away just as fast. She couldn't see very well, what with the constant blurring, focusing, re-blurring, and refocusing of her vision, so Talim wasn't able to see how exactly he was forcing the monster-lion backward, as well as attacking it; she was just glad the brave man had saved her.

Then she realized someone was risking their life for her; that was unacceptable. Talim was supposed to be the one saving, not being saved; she needed to be the one to risk her life for others, not others risk themselves for her silly, inconsequential life!

So, she forced her vision to focus, let her at least aim well enough to avoid hitting the man, and with the last of her strength, heaved Syi Salika and threw it. A sickening crunch occurred, blood sprayed around the air and the man, a loud, agonizing, raspy roar followed, and then… silence. With a loud thump and a quaking of the earth and its body, the beast fell to the ground. Dead.

Talim herself had fallen to the ground, body collapsing but her mind still working; she wasn't unconscious, or dead, not yet! A shaky, but relieved breath gasped out of her, and faintly she heard footsteps coming towards her. Warm, big hands slipped underneath her, and shockwaves of pain jump-started her lungs into crying out, in pain and surprise. Instinctively she tried to shield herself, but being so weak it probably looked like the weak flailing of a baby.

"Easy, sweetheart. I gotcha." A voice, baritone, soft, and definitely male, whispered to her as she felt herself go weightlessly off the ground. It wasn't so much panic that made her cry or struggle, so much as the pain as the stranger cradled her up like a child (Talim was small enough to be one, anyway). Whatever the case, he was definitely muscled in the arms, and the chest if the firmness against her cheek was any indication, and she was half-inclined to compare it to Yun-Seong.

"Yun-Seong is definitely more muscle-y than you…" she spoke, though she only felt the Korean's name come through solidly. Her eyes tried to focus again, and Talim vaguely made out a thick neck and a strong, smooth jawline with one long, wide lock of black and blonde hair beside it.

"You're friend's safe, wherever he is. Just hang in there, little miss hero."

Yun-seong? Safe? HA! That was a good one; that boy could stop himself from getting into trouble just as easily as a pet dog could stop itself from chasing after a squirrel or a cat. He was practically a trouble-magnet. And whatever trouble he magnetized to him, she had to deal with.

Like this whole mess. And all because of that stupid sword, and Yun-Seong's stupid idea that he could use it!

"Stupid, evil sword is all that ever causes anything." And again, only a few choice words came out, this time the first three, she suspected, as she felt the stranger stiffen. Maybe the stranger knew…knew about Soul Edge.

"…Come on, sweetheart. Let's get you to the doc."

The doc? Talim thought, sleepily.

Like a doctor?

Oh, well as long as it wasn't that creepy medicine man… with that in mind, Talim let herself go limp into the man's arms. She lightly snuggled into his warmth, as her body shouted hurrahs at Talim, for finally saying yes to sleep. To rest.

Rest….sleep….that sounded….so…


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