This just popped into my head today during English class. Hope you like it!

Forty Winks

Rose and the Doctor had been sitting in the library on one of the oversized, much too comfy couches reading a book, the Doctor's favorite book. Harry Potter. They were curled up in a huge blanket that was wrapped around them. The Doctor was reading aloud while Rose listened intently, her head laying on his shoulder. He was wearing his glasses. His adorable glasses that gave him that geeky look that was strangely attractive, Rose couldn't help but notice.

After listening for what felt like hours, Rose was drifting in and out of sleep. The Doctor smiled gently at his sleeping companion and adjusted her position so that she was laying on a pillow instead of his shoulder. He figured this would be more comfortable for her. He stretched out beside her and watched as she slept. He began to fall asleep himself, eyes blinking the sleep away only to make it return stronger than ever. Soon he was asleep too, slumped against Rose's shoulder.

It wasn't long before Rose woke up again; expecting that the Doctor was still reading and hadn't noticed she was dozing off. That's when she noticed he wasn't reading at all but was sleeping peacefully next to her. She had never seen him sleep before and was rather fascinated. He was still wearing his glasses and there was a faint smile playing on his lips. His hair was a mess which Rose absolutely loved. She ran a hand across his cheek, watching curiously as he snuggled a bit closer.

He looked like he had forgotten everything. All the bad things that had happened in the past were gone. The Time War, losing his planet and everything he had once had was all gone. A peaceful calm now resided over his features. Rose liked this because for once in his life her best friend wasn't worried about saving the universe. He wasn't rambling on in his adorable fashion, he wasn't talking about weird spacey things Rose didn't fully understand, and he wasn't running. Rose imagined this must be what angels look like; totally calm and breathtakingly beautiful.

Rose smiled at her best friend, closing her eyes in contentment as she curled expertly into his side. She listened to his hearts beat, wondering why they couldn't get more days like these. The Doctor's breath brushed over the back of her neck causing her to shiver. "Roseā€¦" The word has escaped in a barely audible whisper but that didn't stop her from hearing it. "I'm right here." She reassured him, taking his hand in hers. "I'll always be here."

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