Hey it's me again! Well I was browsing Fan Fiction finding a lot of games where people kidnaps the HoN cast and makes them do tortures things, so I figure, why not I? I've played a truth or dare game with the IZ cast(read it if you know what IZ is) so why not with the HoN cast? Anyway, hope you enjoy this. And for those of you who are reading my other stories, yes I am working on those too, promise. Now lets get this thing rolling!

I don't the HoN cast. Otherwise I wouldn't be typing up a FAN fiction now would I?

Zoey: Ok, just where are we?

Me(but they don't know yet): *cackles a bit*

Aphrodite: What the hell is that? It almost sounds like something's dieing.

Me: *cackles even harder*

The Twins: Dieing?

Stevie Rae: Damien? You're the brain here, what is that?

Damien: I have to agree with Aphrodite here, it actually sounds like something's dieing. Probably a hyena.

Everyone: HYENA!

Me: *cackling even harder*

Zoey: Someone is actually psychotic enough to have a hyena and just have it die in front of them?

Stark: Even Neferet's evil laugh has nothing on this.

Neferet: Hey!

Zoey/Stark: What're you doing here?

Me: *still cackling*

Aphrodite: Okay, whoever you are, show yourself and shut up that obnoxious sound, and answer our questions.

Me: Hahahaha… Oh Aphrodite so impatient. But okay. Neferet, and the other's are here because I brought you here.

Erik: Well that answers that question, but opens so many other.

Me: Now I'm sure I heard that line before.

Erik: *ignored me, because he's an a-hole* Like who are you?

Me: Huh?

Everyone: Your name!

Me: Ohh right. Okay. CLAP ON! *claps*

*lights turn on in my area showing a 16 year old with dark brown hair with blue streaks in a Gir shirt and the rest of the studio*

Zoey: Are we in a…

Me: Studio? Yes, yes you are. My studio!

Erin: And you…

Shaunee: …Are who?

Me: I'd tell you my real name if this wasn't on the internet. You know security reasons. And I do have an account name for this thing but it's way too much of a mouthful…

Aphrodite: Is this heading anywhere?

Me: *ignores her* So you can call me 16.

Erik: Isn't that just a number?

Me: Yeah, but it's the only part of my account name that actually sounds like an original name for a 16 year old girl. Don't'cha think? *leans in up to him*

Erik: Uhhh… why are you….

Me: I don't know. *backs away*

Jack: Just out of curiosity, what is your account name?

Me: You wouldn't get it.

Dallas: What's that supposed to mean?

Me: Mean's that if I tell you, it'll only bring about more questions. And I only really set the grounds on where you are all at, who I am, aaaand that's it. No need for more questions then you have.

Stevie Rae: I'm sure it can't be that bad.

Me: Ugh, fine, it's IloveZimandNny16.

Everyone: You love who and who?

Me: Told ya'.

Dragon: But that name makes no sense. Why would have an account name when…

Me: Shut it Dragon. Your already on my "don't like" list. Don't make it worse for yourself.

Dragon: …I'm on the what now?

Aphrodite: You have a "don't like" list?

Me: For this thing yes. I also have a "like list". And a "slight pity list". But that one only has one character on it.

Aphrodite: Kaaay. Freak.

Me: Thank you.

Zoey: Wasn't that an insult.

Me: Not for me!

Zoey: Okay.

Dallas: So why exactly are we here anyway?

Me: Isn't it obvious? I wanna play a game. And you guys are going to be my vic- I mean my contestants.

Stark: Why do I get the feeling your going to put us in torture death traps and put on a Jig-Saw mask and torture us to death for your enjoyment?

Me: I don't know. Maybe you seen too many Saw movies.

Stark: Have you?

Me: Me? Nah. I'm not into scary movies. Never seen any of the Saw movies. I only know about those facts because of those Scary Movies, movies. Oh and someone told me about Jig-Saw after I made a mask that everyone thought I made to look like him.

Stark: …Just what game do you plan on "playing".

Me: My all time favorite on this website; TRUTH OR DARE!

Zoey: Oh man, is this going to be like what we went through with Twin and Gnomey?

Me: It shouldn't be. I only plan to kill off one of you. And that's only because I made a deal.

Erik: With who?

Me: That's not important right now is it now?

Erik: …

Aphrodite: So, who starts?

Me: Hehehe.

Aphrodite: What's so funny?

Me: Hehehe.

Aphrodite: Okay really. Stop laughing.

Me: Hahaha!

Damien: Uh, 16 is it? Shouldn't you…

Me: *starts laughing loudly*

Erik: Wait a minute…

Dallas: That was you who was laughing when we came in?

Me: Hahahaha*gasp* Yeah that was me..heheh Hahahaha

Jack: Why?

Me: Hahaha,*gasp* don't know. Hehehe, I just laugh like that.

Stark: You laugh like a dieing hyena!

Me: HAHAHahahaha*gasp* yeah. And I hold that fact with pride. Hehehehe

Neferet: You actually want people to think that you laugh like that?

Me: *calming down* Hehe, yeah. Well it's better then being known for your silence, you bitch*I say while smiling* Hehehe.

Neferet: Uh…

Me: Okay! Well here's how it works out: You all know I have two list with all of your names on it right?

Damien: I thought you said…

Me: Yes two. And one with only one name that doesn't count.

Damien: …

Stark: And this is important why?

Me: Because they're my "Fav character" list and my "Hated character" list.

Zoey: Why would you make lists' like those with us in them?

Me: Soley for this reason.

Zoey: And this reason is..?

Me: Like I said, we're playing Truth or Dare. But with a couple of changes. And when I saw a couple, I mean a whole lot of changes.

Erik: What kind of changes?

Me: Well for one, you guys have absolutely zero choice as to whether you get to do a dare or tell the truth.

Zoey: So your just going to tell us what to do?

Me: Kind of.

Zoey: What do you mean kind of?

Me: I'll give you a heads up who's getting the dares and who's going to answer truth questions. But…

Aphrodite: So who's on which list?

Me: *sigh* Fine. The peoples who get the question are the people on my "Fav character" list. And the peoples who gets to the dares are the people who are on my "Hated character" list.

Damien: One: It's people. Two: Who is on that list.

Me: One: I know. It's just how I talk. Two: I was about to explain who was on it. Three: They are Zoey, Stark, Stevie Rae, of course, Rephiam, again, of course, Aphrodite, the Twins, Jack and finally Damien.

Dallas/Dragon: You got that damn bird on your Favorite Character list!

Me: Yes. You got a problem with that?

Dallas/Dragon: Yes!

Me: Huh. Well… SUCK TO BE YOU!

*Everyone just stares at me*

Me: Anyway, those who are on my "Hate character" list are as followed: Neferet, like you all didn't see that one coming, Kalona, Dragon, Dallas, Erik and Loren.

Loren: Of course.

Me: Hey if it makes you feel any better, your only on the dare list because my "slight pity" list doesn't count here.

Everyone: Pity?

Me: What? I'm not saying I like Loren. In my opinion, that damn pedophile got what was coming to him. And I was only ticked off about his death because he died too quickly. Not giving me a chance to kill him myself. Probably more brutally.

Loren: Gee, thanks.

Me: Your welcome. Anyway as I was saying, but after a while, I know now that although what he did was a huge dick move, he only did it because of Neferet. And then later back stabbed from her by her killing him like that.

Everyone on my like list and Erik, Dallas and Dragon: Huh?

Me: You all didn't know that. Huh. Heath did. Oh well he's dead now.

Zoey: Wait if you can bring back Loren,

Me: And Jack.

Zoey: Then why didn't you bring back all the other people who died?

Me: Because I got nothing to do to them. No questions that need be asked. And plus with Heath and you mom, they were just going to die again, and it would be useless to make the same deal for people I have no purpose for people who are dead who is just going to die again.

Stark: That's kind of cryptic.

Me: Isn't it?

Loren: Does that mean your going to kill me?

Me: Me? No I'm not gonna kill ya'. It just means your now aware that your gonna die.

Jack: Wait, I'm gonna die?

Me: *glomps him* Yes. But your not the one who's going to die. Oh man I soo wish that you didn't have to die in the 8th book.

Jack: Can you let me…

Me: But don't think of it like your being hunted by the Grim Reaper, everyone dies. Just think of it as your extra aware of it.

Jack: Kay. Could you let go of me now please. Your kinda crushing me.

Me: Huh? Oh yeah. *lets go* Sorry. I'm a hugger.

Jack: Figured that.

Aphrodite: So is this stupid game going to start or what?

Me: Not right now. But soon. Soo very soon.

Aphrodite: *freaked out* You sure only one of us is going to die?

Yeah, yeah corny way to end a truth or dare game/story. Oh and little side note. I'll probably make a bonus chapter if people have other dares and question to ask that DON'T involve any characters dieing. I'm in a dept right now. And I promise more will come soon. So just R&R for now. Next edition will have some goodie-ness in there. And yes I do actually laugh like that. Mostly at skool really. Weird huh? See yeah!