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Raven gasped out of her meditation. She was breathing hard and sweating. What was that? She had been calm in her meditation, and then, something insanely powerful had all but gently pulled her out of the trance.

She looked at the cloak and realized it had been at least 3 hours since she had started meditating. She shook her head and resumed her position. Closing her eyes, she once again let herself go into the meditation and tried to grasp the source of the power.

Farther away in a specialized asylum for meta-humans was a young cloaked figure. It was a boy that looked to be 14 years of age, but was much older.

His body and mind never got older because of lots of damage caused to him by uncaring cruel humans. He was, like you might have had already guessed, mad.

Come, come, and let us see how the paths of this two cloaked teenagers may cross…


Wow this came out well!

Hey! You there!

Yes! You!

See that button down there?

It's pretty isn't it?

Why don't you go on and click it?

Something magical will happen!

Maybe you'll be turned into a cartoon!

Maybe Starfire!

Or maybe something will explode in your room!

Just click here and see what happens!