Hello! Here's another Castle oneshot. It's Casketty, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it anymore. It started one way and then went off in a completely different direction, but who knows? Some of you may enjoy it.
Disclaimer- I don't own Castle. Nor do I own "Wrong Side of the World" by Famous Like You (which you can listen to here: http:/youtube .com/watch?v=Ob_320dkh1Q)

When Richard Castle left for a summer adventure in the Hamptons for three months, Kate Beckett had been livid. He had just looped his arm with his blonde ex-wife's and walked out of the precinct without looking back. And she had just gotten the courage to tell him how she felt. He never called to check up on her and her team, he never emailed; he never even sent them a damn text message.

When Rick left this time, the circumstances were much different. After canceling so many due to helping Kate with cases and spending quality time with Alexis before she had left for college, Rick was due for a book tour (& his publisher and agent refused to take 'no' for an answer). Unfortunately for Kate and Rick, this book tour wasn't his normal Hit-all-the-massive-cities-in-the-United-States-and-be-home-in-three-weeks kind of book tour. No, this book tour had him traveling all across Europe, and it had certainly lasted longer than three weeks.

Had it really been six and a half months since the last time they saw each other in person?

It couldn't possibly be a little over six months since he pulled her toward him in the middle of the precinct in front of her team, and kissed her with more passion than she had ever felt in one kiss. There is no way that it had been six and a half months since he asked her to wait for him to come back; six and a half months since she said she would; six and a half months since he told her he loved her for the first time; six and a half months since she said it back.

Really? It had only been six and a half months?

If they were being completely honest, those 26 weeks without each other were taking a tremendous toll on both of them, just like it had when he had left her for the Hamptons despite the circumstances regarding this separation being quite different.

For one, Castle didn't want to leave. While the idea of gallivanting around Europe for nearly a year would have excited him five years ago, now the only thing he wanted was to be home in his loft, curled up on his sofa watching sci-fi movies with Kate. He wanted to be cooking dinner for her and his daughter, watching them laugh and start building the relationship he knew they both wanted. He wanted to be bringing Kate her coffee every morning, to be sneaking kisses in the break room when no one was looking, and just be there for her; with her.

The other main difference was that they were still in contact with one another. In fact, it was hard to think of a time when they weren't communicating in some fashion. Every morning, Kate woke up to text message from Rick wishing her good morning. And every day when she knew he would be getting ready to go to bed, she sent him a text telling him to sleep well. Whenever she needed help with a case, she'd send him a picture of the murder board on her phone, and he'd call her and talk about his thoughts. Occasionally Rick sent Kate packages, in which the contents inside ranged from books he had picked up on his travels which he thought she might enjoy, to chocolate candies which he always promised would be "the best thing you will ever taste," and even the occasional dress which he said he had seen in a window of a boutique while walking down the street and knew that she would look lovely in. He even bought her a laptop with a built in webcam. With that purchase, she (& occasionally Alexis) would have video chats with the writer who was such an important part of both their lives.

But perhaps the biggest difference of all was the fact that they finally knew where they stood with each other. Their proverbial cards were on the table for all to see, and had been for the last six and a half months. Kate made no move to hide the smile on her face whenever she talked to Lanie about something sweet Castle had said to her. Rick didn't care that his publisher and agent sent him dirty looks when he spent too long talking to fans at his book signings because he got caught up telling a story about one of the thousands of things he loved about the beautiful detective he knew was waiting for him in New York. Both Rick and Kate understood that the connection they shared was something truly special, and it was worth waiting for.

But that didn't make this any easier.

Having been officially "together" for all of five minutes before he had been torn away from her to catch his flight, taking their relationship to another level had been challenging. They went from seeing each other everyday as colleagues to not seeing each other in person at all as a couple. It was clear to everyone around them that this was real; their relationship was the closest thing to fate that any of them had ever seen. But they could see how it was affecting them. The boys sometimes caught Kate staring at her phone with tears in her eyes because of how much she missed him. Paula and Gina couldn't help but notice those awkward moments when Castle would hang up his phone after talking to her, just to put his head in his hands and try to rub the emotion off his face so he could be with his fans.

And of course they still argued.

Sometimes it was over silly, trivial things, like what would Kate do if Castle bought her an Italian sports car and had it shipped to her at the precinct. But there were other times when Rick was sure that the argument they had would break them, like the time they fought over Kate's lack of caring for herself. They didn't speak for three days after that fight, and just before Rick was about to book a plane ticket back home to fix what had happened between them, she called him, overcome with emotion, to tell him she loved him and promise him that she would start taking better care of herself.

Perhaps that's why she knew they would work. For the first time, she felt comfortable enough in a relationship to call her boyfriend when she was clearly emotional to apologize. Had that ever happened before? No, it hadn't, because Rick was the only one that was worth it.

Maybe that's the moment Rick realized that Kate loved him just as much as he loved her. He knew how much he had to mean to her for Kate to swallow her pride and call him to admit that she was wrong. He knew how special he had to be for Kate to feel comfortable enough to allow herself to become that emotionally vulnerable to him.

They knew they could do this.

Which is why, after 200 days, Kate and Rick found themselves staring at each other's pixilated faces through the glowing screens of their laptops. It was Kate's birthday, and Rick had (politely) demanded that he get to "see" her on her birthday (since he had been unable to get the day off due to a live interview that Paula and Gina wouldn't let him miss). She had just gotten home from dinner with Ryan, Jenny, Esposito, and Lanie.
"I swear you look more beautiful every time I see you," Rick said, smiling at the faint blush that began to spread across her cheeks."

"Well… you're not so bad yourself, Rick." She said, smiling back at him through the computer screen.

They held each other's gaze for a moment before he watched her eyes grow somber.

"Kate," he whispered gently, "Kate, what's wrong?"

She gave him a sad smile and tried to inconspicuously blink back her tears. "I just miss you, that's all."

"Oh Kate…" he said quietly, "I miss you so much."

She gave a small laugh as the tears unconsciously slipped out of her eyes, "I'm sorry," she mumbled, "I'm sure when you decided to be with me you didn't think I'd come with so many unnecessary tears."

"Katherine Beckett," he said firmly, but adoringly, "you know I love every single thing about you. Tears and all. And I can assure you that if I wasn't such an intimidating and brawny man, I would be sobbing right along with you."

She laughed. Even halfway across the world he could make her feel better.

It was then that they heard a pounding on the door coming from Rick's side of the computer. Not wanting to subject Kate to listening to an hour of Paula's droning, he gave Kate a sad smile.

"I know," she smiled back, "Go on."

"I love you, Kate."

"And I love you, Rick."

She blew him a kiss through the webcam and shut down the laptop. She moved it to its place on her bedside table and pulled herself underneath the warm covers on her bed. She grabbed one of her pillows and hugged it to her chest. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Because sure, it was hard and she missed him, but she knew that Rick was just as anxious to see her again as she was to see him; they loved each other, and for right now, that was enough.

"Every word is a mile
I'll walk wherever you are
I can't help but feel like a child
When I'm crawling into your arms
We were so right but we undid it all
Now every night just feels like I'm on the wrong side of the world."

- Wrong Side of the World, Famous Like You

Alright... so I'm really not happy with how this turned out, but I feel like I should give you all something. So...
Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think! (:

Edit* More notes defending myself:
Eight months seems a little absurd for a book tour: I agree, BUT…
1. Rick hasn't been on a book tour in at least 3 years in the show, and in my head I kind of had this set about 2 years ahead of season 3, so that's 5 years since he's been on a publicity tour. Let's assume he hits every major city inEurope, i.,Paris,Brussels,Berlin,Rome,Madrid, etc. I mean… in my mind he's traveling around the entire continent, hitting almost every country, and spending about a week or two in each to do book signings, readings, interviews, social networking, (possibly doing book research), etc… He's a busy man.
2. On a more emotional level – Rick was gone for three months between season 2 and season 3 of the show. To me, four months seemed a little too close to make it seem like there would be any significant difference in her feelings between him leaving then and him leaving now. I almost said 5 months, but I just didn't like that way that fit into the story. I liked the way 8 months sounded, and I think it really makes you feel how much they miss each other.
So yes… is 8 months pushing it? Probably. I'm sorry if it doesn't seem too realistic...
May14th - Alright... I compromised. Changed it to six and a half months. Because that works for me, and I hate that you all didn't like the 8 months thing.
Another note:
Rick has the money to just come home for a weekend: Yes... he does. BUT...
1. He's working. He's got an angry publisher and agent who are salty enough that they have to be in Europe with him for that long because of all his earlier cancelled dates. They aren't just going to say... "Yeah. Sure. Okay. Just drop everything for the weekend and go home and see your girlfriend." For one, they probably are afraid he won't come back. And two, they're angry at him already.
2. No matter how much Kate wants to see him, I don't think Kate would be comfortable with the amount of money Rick would spend to charter a private plane every chance he could jus to come home and see her. She's never been extremely comfortable with his wealth to begin with (especially when he goes around flaunting it), and Rick knows that. He wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable, so he just stays put. They have the phone, the webcam, and their routines, and for right now, that's enough for Rick.