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Rating: Teen! Rated Teen for: violence, torture and language. (basically, just semi-Adult Themes)

Category: Angst/Family/Whump (yes, I realize whump isn't an official. But it's the truth)

Summary (Due to the fact that I don't wish to give anything away, I am only posting half of the summary): While on a mission, SG-1 is captured by a relatively obscure Goa'uld, Belenus, the Celtic god of fire and science. While in his clutches, the members of SG-1 find someone they weren't expecting to. Only, he's not quite the same...

Time frame: Not entirely sure...Selmak has blended with Jacob, but before Daniel ascends. So probably sometime about mid-late Season 4.

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Also, if you don't like character whump (especially, for this one, Sam whump), then I'd suggest not reading this. I was in an extremely foul mood when I conceived this idea, which translates out into me being cruel to the characters.

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The Love of a Father


Pain exploded through her head, driving her to her knees. Her hands reached for her temple, clutching her blood soaked head in shaking hands. Bloody welts crisscrossed her arms and palms, black and purple blotches marring her fair features.

A chilling laugh echoed around the small, enclosed space, the very voice seeming to leech warmth out of the already frigid air. The woman trembled at the sound of the voice, a small, unexplainable sound escaping from her lips: a mix between a whimper, a sob, and a plea. Tremors wracked her crumpled form, causing her to shake uncontrollably.

"No one will ever find you here; surely you realize that by now," the man said, stepping out of the shadowed corner where he had been lounging, watching the pain he had been inflicting on the blonde woman.

The woman lying on the floor turned over onto her side, staring up at the man towering above her with anger and despair clouding her blue eyes.

"What happened to you?" she asked her thin voice catching. "Da-." The name was cut off as the man savagely kicked her, sending her body crashing into the plywood wall a few feet beyond.

He reached into his pocket, drawing out a short, slightly pointed, metal tipped rod, flicking a switch on the side. The small implement began to hum with power and the metal began to hiss and spark from the electricity coursing through it.

He knelt by the woman's side, grasping her hair and pulling her upright. With a savage glee foreign to his once benign features, the man gently lowered the buzzing metal until it barely brushed the bare skin between the woman's shirt and her neck. Her muscles immediately tensed, the currents of electricity jumping into her.

With an abrupt jerk, the man stabbed the dull point into her collarbone, the blunt tip impacting bone.

Her scream filled the night sky, the only witnesses to her pain the baleful moon and the ever watching stars.