Yep, it's another one. This time it was written in Wingstop while I waited for our order and was playing the game myself.

Dunno about you, but I find it highly amusing, picturing Cas playing it as well.


Oh, and Michelle. I expect all the pie, cupcakes and cookies Fedex'd overnight! XD

It was a beautiful day as far as Dean was concerned, the skies were clear, the road was empty and the Impala was purring happily. Sam was silent beside him, attention completely focused on the book he was reading. Cas was in the backseat, attention on the new phone Sam had talked him into getting, he was frowning at it occasionally, fingers trailing over the touchscreen.

Sam had been more than happy to get Cas a new phone when he'd come to them explaining his old one had broken. He'd said something about an unhappy camel, but Dean had been a little drunk at the time and he hoped he'd been hearing things.

"You doing okay back there Cas?"

The angel nodded, attention still on the phone. Sam glanced back at him, grinned and returned his attention to the book in his lap, "I think he's playing one of the games I got for him."

"You got him games?"

"He must get bored some of the time." Dean rolled his eyes, then gaped at the rearview mirror when, "Braaains," came from the phone's speakers. Cas snickered.

"Brains!" Another snicker.

"You enjoying yourself back there Cas?" Dean asked, dividing his attention between the road and the backseat.

There were more zombie sounds, another snicker then, "I hope people realize the way to kill zombies is not by planting plants."

Dean turned his attention to Sam, "You got him Plants Vs. Zombies…really?"

"It was that or more tequila to keep him entertained while we slept."

"Braaaaains!" Another quiet laugh.

"Brains aren't the only thing zombies are interested in. They will eat anything they can get their mouths on."

"You the zombie whisperer now Cas?" Cas chose to ignore him and went back to snickering at the game some more.

An hour later both Dean and Sam jumped in their seats when Cas shouted from the back, "Ha! You silly zombies won't be eating my brains!" Sam buried his face into his book and Dean had to pull over.