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Saturday, Day 1

Coffee the next day with Blaine was nothing short of perfection for Kurt. Blaine was waiting for him in the parking lot and kissed the back of his hand in greeting, sparking their discussion in line for coffee about the loss of chivalry in modern society. They sat outside in the crisp fall air, around the corner from the large bay windows. Blaine assured him it was because the breeze wouldn't chill them there. But Kurt was sure it had a little more to do with the red and white lettermen jackets that he had noticed while they waited in line. He didn't mind so much; it was nice for somebody to look out for him in a subtle way. He appreciated the efforts of Finn and the other Glee boys, but their idea of protection usually only brought more attention to Kurt.

They spent several hours outside the coffee shop, people watching and asking each other questions. Kurt found out that Blaine had three older brothers and a little sister, had played polo in college, and lost the nail on his right big toe in a bowling accident. When Kurt went inside to buy a blueberry muffin - low fat, of course - Blaine moved their chairs so they were side by side and slung his arm over the back. Kurt pretended to be appalled at the move, but he immediately leaned into Blaine's hand when it slipped off the chair and rested on his shoulder.

Kurt's phone buzzed with a text message in the middle of a discussion about Anna Wintour's true motivations behind outfit repeating. Dad - i no ur with friends but I need help wit dinner. Kurt sighed as he tucked his phone back into his coat pocket.

"Something wrong?"

"No, not exactly. My dad asked me to come home to help with dinner, so I've got to get going," Kurt explained sadly. He stood up reluctantly and tried not to feel too upset with his dad - he was the one who neglected to mention that he was on a date and not just hanging out with somebody.

"I'll walk you to your car," Blaine said, putting a hand at the small of Kurt's back and guiding him gently around the chairs so that he didn't trip. He kept his hand there the short distance to Kurt's Navigator, high enough to respectable, of course, but the intimacy of the touch sent Kurt's stomach into knots. It felt amazing and terrifying at the same time.

"I'm really glad you wanted to come out with me today," Blaine said when they stopped beside the SUV. "I was kind of worried you'd call to cancel."

"Why would I do that?"

"I'm this older guy that you've just met who should know better than to pursue you. I thought you might think I was creepy."

"Technically, it's not illegal. The age of consent in Ohio is seventeen," Kurt said quickly. He'd done his research after the mention of legality during intermission the night before.

"It's not that I'm trying to push you away, or that what I said last night about not caring what people think was false bravado. But I am a teacher," Blaine countered, though the pained look on his face showed that he wished he hadn't said anything.

"You're not my teacher," Kurt said firmly. "I don't go to Dalton, so you're not doing anything wrong. I want this, you're not coercing me into anything."

"Sorry. I have the tendency to get ahead of myself a bit, worry about everything," Blaine said sheepishly.

"And I don't think you're creepy. That is exactly the opposite of what I think," Kurt said with what he hoped was an assuring smile. Blaine laughed and shifted so that he was standing in front of Kurt, who bit his lip nervously at the sudden change in the air around them. Blaine was moving slightly closer, leaning and - Kurt didn't realize he had taken a small step back until the apologies started to spill from Blaine's mouth.

"Shit, sorry, I didn't mean to - I didn't even think, I mean I did, I thought you looked so cute just then. I'm so sorry," Blaine babbled, reaching to take both of Kurt's hands in his.

"It's fine. It was just… new. I was just surprised," Kurt said, though he knew he sounded more like he was trying to convince himself instead of Blaine.

"It's okay to want to move slow, Kurt. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable," Blaine said, pulling Kurt's hands up to his face and pressing a quick to the back of each. "This is still okay?"

"Yes," Kurt said quietly. "I just need some time."

"Of course," Blaine agreed. He dropped Kurt's hands and pulled him into a hug, which Kurt eagerly relaxed into. This was familiar, something he was comfortable with. Right then, the romance of the fleeting touches were enough. Everything else… would come on its own. He hoped.

"How about this," Blaine said a few moments later when he slowly pulled away. "In one month, we'll try that again and see how it goes."

"One month?"

"Thirty days of dates and old fashioned wooing, leading up to your first kiss. Our first kiss; real kiss that is, considering this thing I seem to be developing for your hands," Blaine said, linking their fingers together once again.

"You do seem to be rather fascinated by them," Kurt said coolly despite the butterflies that start up again in his stomach at the touch.

"So, one month?"

"Yeah, one month," he answered, a grin tugging at his lips. "It's a date."

Sunday, Day 2

From Blaine : What time do you have lunch?

To Blaine : 11:30, after French

From Blaine : How long does it last?

To Blaine : Until 12:20, why?

From Blaine : Want to meet for lunch tomorrow?

To Blaine : Sounds wonderful

Monday, Day 3

Blaine picked up Chinese take-out from a place near Dalton - remembering to get brown rice for Kurt, who had made sure he couldn't possibly forget with the four different text messages- and drove to the park that they had agreed to meet up at. It was in the middle of a suburb and usually empty during the school day.

When Blaine pulled into the small parking lot, there was only one mother with her toddler running around on the equipment. But they were far enough away from the pavilion that he figured they wouldn't be any bother. He spread the plastic table cloth across the picnic table and was unpacking the big brown paper bag that held their lunch when Kurt pulled his SUV up beside Blaine's little BMW.

"Hi, sorry I'm late," Kurt said. "French ran over because Madame wouldn't let us leave until Adam had conjugated all of his verbs for the week from memory. I hate being in a mixed level class."

"What level are you in?" Blaine asked as they sat down.

"Technically, I'm in level four," Kurt explained, digging into orange chicken with gusto. "But my transcripts will have six credits of French because I got a five on the AP test last year."

"Isn't the AP test for people in French five?"

"Well it's like this," and Kurt launched into a detailed account of his rise to fluency and the intense battle that he had to fight in order to try for the test early, complete with hand gestures that rivaled Blaine's grandmother for expressiveness. There were a few moments when he thought that Kurt was going to flail too enthusiastically and lose grip on the piece of chicken or glob of sticky rice, but he somehow managed to keep hold of all but one piece of his lunch - lost only because he intentionally flung it at an inquiring crow that had been hopping too close to the table.

Blaine recounted the disastrous semester that was his only attempt at learning French, as well as his only failed course. Kurt made fun of him for not understanding conjugation and Blaine took the teasing in stride, reminding Kurt that he had an undergraduate minor in Spanish instead. Things were going smoothly until Kurt innocently suggested that Blaine had simply not yet found the right French teacher.

He tried to listen to Kurt telling him about his day so far after that, but there was really no ignoring the sudden mental images that Kurt and French teacher brought up in his mind. Mostly they involved Blaine crowding Kurt up onto a desk so he could kiss him properly without overbalancing. He wondered if he leaned over in that very moment and kissed Kurt, if he would taste the orange chicken and soy sauce when he flicked out his tongue to learn the feel of Kurt's lips.

Blaine bid Kurt a distracted goodbye as his lunch hour dwindled away, simply pressing a kiss to his knuckles and not even getting up from the table - which he explained away with needing a minute to digest before cleaning up. He sat at the picnic table for several minutes after Kurt drove off, willing his erection to just go away already.

It was going to be a long 27 more days.

Thursday, Day 6

Kurt started making lasagna the moment he walked in the door from school. Originally he had had plans with Blaine for an early dinner but there had been an unexpected teacher's meeting that caused him to cancel. He'd texted Blaine back during fifth period to be on the lookout for a black SUV waiting outside when he was done with the meeting and started to formulate his plan. Once packed into insulated containers, dinner would stay hot for three hours, giving him plenty of time to loiter around Dalton's parking lot. When Blaine got out he would drive them to a park nearby and they'd sit in the back of the Navigator and watch the sunset.

Of course, when Kurt walked out of his last class of the day, the sky had been overcast and threatening rain.

But he soldiered on with his plans, wrestling with the back seat of the car for ten minutes before his Dad finally showed up and offered a hand. He checked on the lasagna in the oven before dragging his favorite picnic blanket and least favorite pillows out to make what Finn had deemed to be a nest as he stood by and pretended to be helping in order to get dibs on extra pieces of garlic bread. Kurt packed the food into the various containers and coolers and was pretty sure he was about to get away scott free when his dad appeared by his side as he tried to decide between red or white sparkling grape juice.

"So, all these preparations wouldn't happen to be for a date, would they?" Burt asked as nonchalantly as he could manage - which was quite blunt and obvious.

"Sort of," Kurt said.

"How is it a sort of date?"

"We're dating, but we're not together, yet. We have a mutual interest in each other and but everything is so new to me, so we're taking it slow."

"And by everything you mean…?"

"Oh, god, Dad - no, don't look at me like that. I meant going on dates, or even just not being the only gay boy in town," Kurt assured him, tucking the red grape juice into a cooling sleeve.

"You just be careful," Burt said gruffly and kissed Kurt on the top of the head before dishing himself a plate and ambling back out of the kitchen. Kurt wanted to run after him and scold him for taking such a big serving of lasagna when it clearly wasn't good for his diet, but he was momentarily frozen by the fact that his father had just given him his blessing to go on date without asking to meet Blaine first. It was either a miracle or a sign of the apocalypse.

It turned out to be the second one.

It started to rain two minutes into his drive to Dalton and by the time he parked beside Blaine's car, it was pouring. It was another hour of rolling thunder and lightning until his phone pinged with the message that Blaine was packing up to leave. A few minutes later, he was climbing into the passenger seat and dripping water everywhere. Kurt handed him a towel from the emergency kit in the back seat and held his jacket up to the heaters while Blaine scrubbed at his hair.

"Well I planned a picnic but it's going to be a bit difficult to get into the back now that I can't open the tailgate from all the rain," Kurt said with a sigh. He guessed they could just eat in the front seats, but that sort of defeated the purpose of all the work he had done to get the third row of seats out of the car. Blaine simply smiled and reclined his seat back all the way. He kicked off his shoes and was suddenly flopping over the back of the middle seats and disappearing into the darkness.

"There are so many pillows back here!" he exclaimed as Kurt sat momentarily stunned. It took him a few moments to unlace his boots, but he followed suit as soon as he got his bearings again - albeit a bit more gracefully than Blaine had managed.

"I thought it would be nicer than sitting on the grass," he said as he sat down against the pillows beside Blaine. After a brief fumble in the darkness, Kurt found his second emergency kit - Burt was incredibly adamant that there was never a such a thing as too much preparedness - and pulled out a small battery operated lamp. He pulled the insulated bag closer and set about dishing up two plates in the dim yellow light.

They ate with their plates balanced on their knees and their paper cups wedged upright between pillows, Blaine talking quietly about the terrible budget cuts the school would possibly be facing due to the death of one of their most wealthy alumnae. His children were trying to argue that the trusts he set up for them superseded the donation he gave to the school, despite the clause in the will that stated they were to be given their money after his alma mater. It was a big deal and Blaine was glad he was only working there for a year so he wouldn't be faced with possible termination of the case settled out of their favor.

It was a dreadfully boring situation to Kurt; he didn't plan on having money left in his bank account when he died. But he liked watching the way that Blaine's eyes crinkled at the corners from how brightly he smiled when he talked about teaching. The lamp started to flicker and die as they ate the brownies Kurt had taken many pains to hide form Finn. Blaine was having trouble eating left handedly due to his stubborn reluctance to let go of Kurt's hand with his right one. There were crumbs everywhere and he knew he would have to vacuum, but Kurt decided to just relax about it all for once. He even took off bowtie and undid the button on his collar.

It maybe wasn't the picture perfect high school romance straight from the movies that he had always imagined, but Kurt was starting to think that real life was a lot better than he had previously given it credit for.

Sunday, Day 9

Blaine sat stiffly in his usual chair at his father's right side, across from his mother, and listened to the boring anecdote about the golf game that morning with some business associates that he had been lucky enough to miss out on. It was expected, now that he was back in the area, that he show up for Sunday dinner in clothes his father would approve of, face clean shaven, curly hair gelled the way he had done it in high school - an imitation of his father's own look, from when the man had hair that is - and make it through the meal with minimal conflict.

It wasn't something he particularly wanted to deal with, and he certainly didn't need to be civil to the man for financial support anymore. Despite being a substitute teacher, Dalton paid him good enough money to afford his apartment and a comfortable cushion of spending money each month - not to mention the fact that he had access to the massive trust fund his grandfather had left him.

But if he could manage it all, his mother wouldn't look at him with such sadness in her eyes as she walked him out to his car. For her, he would grin and bear it. Though if his smile was a little more genuine that week, he would never admit that it was due to the continuous soft buzzing of his phone to alert him of Kurt's running commentary on the latest episode of Iron chef.

Tuesday, Day 11

"Do you want to go bowling this Saturday?" Blaine asked the moment Kurt answered the phone.

"Hello, I'm doing fine, thanks for asking," Kurt huffed.

"Sorry," Blaine said with a laugh. "I jumped the gun there a little, huh?"

"It's alright. So bowling?"

"Yeah! I found a buy one get one free coupon in the paper!"

"You drive a BMW, why are you clipping coupons?"

"It's fun," Blaine replied defensively.

"Right, and you want me to go bowling with you when your idea of fun is cutting up newspapers?"

"You organize your DVD collection by the exact number of minutes and seconds," Blaine reminded him teasingly.


"I'll tell you more about it at dinner on Thursday?"

"Sounds perfect."

Thursday, Day 13

Blaine fiddled nervously with his napkin ring as Kurt argued with the waitress about the lettuce in the salads. He wanted to interrupt Kurt and remind him that they were only at Breadstix, but he was too preoccupied with trying to figure out how to explain to Kurt that their Saturday had somehow turned from a night out for two into a veritable class reunion. He'd made the mistake of mentioning to Wes that he was taking Kurt to the bowling alley they had frequented in high school. Before he could come up with an excuse, his friends were making plans to show up to meet Kurt.

He was worried about introducing Kurt to them. Not because of the age difference - it wasn't like David could say anything after dating that thirty six year old cougar their sophomore year in college - but because they lacked an ounce of discretion. He'd barely been dating Kurt for two weeks and didn't want his friends to send him running with their poorly hidden desire to see Blaine in a serious relationship. If Wes made one reference to white picket fences, he was getting a bowling ball to the face.

"Blaine," Kurt snapped.


"I've been trying to get your attention for like a minute."

Blaine looked to where the waiter had been standing beside their table and realized the man was gone. "Sorry. Lost in thought. What were you saying?"

"I asked if you read about Elmhurst and their new scholarship idea."

"Oh, the identity one? Well it could really go so many ways," he said, thankful for the distraction. Their conversation about the Elmhurst application lasted through most of dinner and kept Kurt from asking what Blaine had been thinking about before. But then the waitress brought out the desert menus and jogged his memory by jokingly saying that it was nice to see Blaine without a vacant expression on his face.

"What had you so spaced out earlier?" Kurt asked once the girl had walked away to get their order from the kitchen.

"It's about Saturday," Blaine admitted. Kurt's teasing grin immediately fell.

"Oh. It's okay if you don't want to go out in public yet, I know we're still working up to things," he said, eyes dropping to the table top. Blaine quickly reached out to take Kurt's hand before he pulled it off the table and withdrew into himself.

"I'm not cancelling. There's just a change of plans," Blaine assured him with a tight squeeze to his fingers.

"Oh, okay. I just - you said we would just be friends who do things together and I didn't know-"

"This isn't just about just getting to know you for me anymore," he admitted. "I've been dating for longer than you've been out of puberty and nobody has ever made it so easy to just..."

"Just what?"

"I don't know, just be with them. The guys I've dated have been so high maintenance in all the wrong ways."

"Are you saying I'm high maintenance in a good way?"

"Um. Yeah?" Blaine muttered, scratching the back of his neck. Well his foot was in his mouth now. "Okay, I don't mean it in a negative way. They were demanding because they didn't trust me or were too insecure. You are confident enough in yourself to know that I'm not going to ditch you when I talk to other guys."

"You're talking to other guys?" Kurt frowned.

"Shit, no, just like hanging out with my friends," he said quickly. "Like last Friday when I had to cancel our movie date to work with Wes on revisions of his thesis, you were upset that I had to cancel, not because I was going to be at Wes' all night helping him out."

"Why would I be mad that you were being a good friend?"

"Exactly. They all did. I guess, looking back, I haven't really dated any great people. Until now, until you."

"Me?" Kurt scoffed, but Blaine caught how his expression brightened and his cheeks tinged pink.

"I'm crazy about you, Kurt. Something just clicked when I met you, like I could breathe properly for once."

"Blaine," Kurt said softly, his fingers twitching beneath Blaine's.

"I'm sorry if this is too fast, I just - my friends sort of invited themselves to meet you on Saturday. And I'd like to be able to introduce you to them as my boyfriend."

There was a long pause of silence when Blaine thought that Kurt was going to pull his hand away and leave. He looked so genuinely terrified for a moment that Blaine wished he could take back the words and just tell his friends to fuck off and leave him alone. But it had all come out in his rush to assure Kurt that everything was fine, that he wasn't cancelling on him again and starting to pull away, and now he had to just pray that it wasn't too much, too soon.

"I thought you'd never ask," Kurt said, breaking Blaine's train of thought, his voice confident and a half smile on his lips.

Blaine let out a sigh of relief and brought Kurt's hand to his lips to press several enthusiastic kisses to the back of it. "This doesn't change anything about our plans for the end of the month, okay? We're still waiting."

"Okay. It is nice to put a name on it though. It was complicated to explain to my dad when he asked who I was hanging out with so much," Kurt said happily. Blaine suddenly found himself unable to say anything, faced with the realization that he would probably have to actually go through Meeting the Parents.

"Um, K-Kurt?" Blaine stammered.

"Yes?" They paused as the waitress finally arrived with the slice of chocolate silk pie they had ordered.

"Your dad. He doesn't own a shot gun, does he?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Blaine," Kurt scoffed, taking the first bite of pie. He chewed, swallowed, and then smiled brightly. "He prefers a cross bow."

Saturday, Day 15

Wes elbowed David in the ribs when he saw Blaine walk through the front doors. He was clean shaven, something they only ever saw if they met up with him on Sunday mornings, and he looked more like a bright eyed college student than a man working towards the end of his graduate degree. There was a collective intake of breath as they all turned to watch as Blaine turned to hold the door open for his date.

"Holy shit," Nick said loudly, which seemed to be the general consensus of the group's quiet mutterings. Blaine had mentioned that his new boyfriend was younger, but Wes had assumed that meant he was just starting in the graduate program. Kurt looked barely old enough to be out past eleven on weekends and Wes would have put money on him still being in high school if any of their friends hadn't been too flabbergasted to offer the bet.

Blaine spotted them and waved before starting over towards their lanes, spurring them all to try and act as normally as possible. Wes draped his arm back over Melissa's shoulders and tried to look interested in programming his name in the computer. David was suddenly very concerned with the weight of his bowling ball.

"Hey guys!" Blaine said cheerily. "This is Kurt."

"It's very nice to meet you all," Kurt said politely but the way that Blaine suddenly turned and smothered his laughter into Kurt's shoulder said that there was a joke there that Wes was missing out on. Everybody else seemed to pick up on the same thing because their tones as they introduced themselves were a strange mix of wary and approving.

"What school do you go to?" Jeff said boldly.

"Yeah, take a seat and tell us about yourself while Blaine runs and grabs your shoes," Nick added.

"Like I'd rent those disgusting things," Kurt laughed. He patted the duffle bag slung over Blaine's shoulder. "I brought all my own stuff."

"Already carrying his bags for him, Blaine?" David joked, earning a sigh and a frown as Blaine set the bag down on one of the empty seats.

"I'm going to run and pay for our games and my shoes. I'll be back in a minute," Blaine said, kissing Kurt's cheek and whispering something that might have been play nice, but Wes was too far away to read his lips properly.

"So, school?" Jeff reminded once Kurt was on his own.

"McKinley High. I actually hear we were your rivals back when you were all in school?"

"The McKinley football team is legendary for sucking. There's no way you guys were our rivals," Thad scoffed. Kurt looked him up and down and seemed disappointed.

"Thad, right? Hmm, Blaine made you sound taller," he sniffed. "As I'm not on the football team anymore, I can agree that they are rather terrible. I was actually talking about Glee Club. Of course our program deteriorated quite a bit after Sandy's reign as head of the club, but I think we've made enough of a recovery to trounce the Warblers at sectionals this year."

"You're in Glee Club?"


"That's pretty incredible!"

Kurt simply made a soft noise of assent began to remove his boots. Wes got the distinct impression that Thad had just been thoroughly dismissed. There were several moments of silence before Melissa seemed to decide that it was up to her to salvage the evening.

"I can't imagine that Blaine gets out of Westerville that often, so how did the two of you meet if you go to school in Lima?" she asked. Wes pulled her tighter to his side, feeling incredibly protective and wary of what was about to happen next.

"I was spying on the Warblers a few weeks ago and he thought I was just breaking dress code," Kurt said as he started tightening the laces on his black and white wingtip bowling shoes.

"So none of the students noticed that you were there?" Jeff cut in curiously. Dalton was an incredibly tight knit community and always noticed when something changed.

"It's amazing what a school map and official looking folder will do for your credibility to be out of uniform. They all seemed rather dim to be honest."

The conversation died as Kurt pulled a positively poisonous looking bowling ball from the bag. It was black and silver swirled together with shots of bright purple and Wes was pretty sure that he would die if he touched it.

"Getting to know each other?" Blaine asked when he came back. Kurt just laughed and set his bowling ball on the return rack. Blaine simply shook his head, smiling fondly, and sat down to put on his shoes.

"Kurt, we usually always play in order of how we arrive, so you'd be last but being a first time guest we can bump you-"

"I'll be fine," Kurt assured David, settling against Blaine's side.

Everybody exchanged confused looks once Kurt had Blaine suitably distracted with whatever he was quietly telling him. How in the world had Blaine fallen for somebody so… terrifying? And why were they all so scared of somebody who was still in high school after just a few minutes of talking to Kurt? Wes had been part of many a group intimidation effort to test new significant others and they had always prevailed. This guy, this boy, had cause them to back off with their tails between their legs with barely a full conversation.

He was perfect.

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I've gotten several questions about Blaine's physical appearance in this story and while I think it was indirectly cleared up in the story, here is what is going on with him in my head cannon:

* He grew several inches after going off to college and is now about two or three inches taller than Kurt (a gap that will be closed to just half an inch once Kurt hits an unexpected growth spurt as well).

* He wears his hair kinda short but curly and only uses the gel when he has to go see his parents, as demonstrated by the family dinner scene.

* Another thing about that scene is that he shaves every Sunday to go to dinner and then doesn't again until the next week or if he has a meeting with a parent or the president of the school during the week - So he's pretty scruffy by the weekend. This is because he looks incredibly young when he's clean shaven, as mentioned by Wes in the final scene, and he feels like he won't be respected if he doesn't appear his age.