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A cloaked boy stood pointing his bow at a target twenty feet away from him in the woods. The sun had only been up for a few minutes, but the boy was already excited and couldn't wait for practice to start. Behind him another man cloacked in the same green cloak walked out of a wood cottage. The man told the boy, "Holland, you forgot to have breakfast again in your mad hurry to get outside, what would I tell your parents that after only three days your colapsing of malnutrition. Now come back inside and eat something before I have to come out there and drag you inside!" Holland smirked at his master, "Yes Will, I'll be right there! Just let me put down my bow first!"

Are you asking how this came to be? Well, everything started four days ago, last saturday morning...

"HOLLAND" shouted stout woman, her blond curls bouncing around her face. "Rise and shine! Its another beautiful day, so rise and shine or no breakfast for you!"

It was not a beautiful day, if anything it was a terrible day. The sun was blocked by gray clouds and thunderstorms, the breakfast that was made had been burnt, and Holland had gotten no sleap from all the loud thunder last night, but he still drowsly rose from his bed and got changed.

Holland yelled back, "Im comming ! I'll be down in a minute, just let me change first!" He groggly put on some tan trowsers and a dark blue tee-shirt and hobbled down the stairs to the kitchen, always kept her word and a day without food, burnt or not, was a terrible day. Just to make things worse than it already was, Holland was already a little queasy because tomorrow was the day that would change his life, the Choosing Day, and he hopes to be accepted into the ranger corps, which the hardest to get apprenticed to. The only reason he had even thought of the ranger corps is because it is the only job he could hope to get apprenticed too; he has very few talents, or so he thought. A few miles away the ranger Will was having different ideas.

Will was eating a simple meal of eggs and bacon and was drinking his usual coffe with honey and let his mind was wonder. For the past month he has been looking around at the different boys of the town believing that after 15 years of being a full fleged ranger he should finnaly get an apprentice. One of the boys caught his eye about a week ago and Will has been trailing the boy ever sence. He quickly learned that the boy stayed at the Ward and his name was Holland. Holland was a nimble, quick, and curious boy and would do well in the ranger corps. Will couldn't wait for the next day so he could start with his test to see if Holland was truley cut out for being a ranger's apprentice. Will looked out the window and saw it was almost noon, time to go check on Holland.

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