Chapter One: The Gathering

It was a warm day, in the month of July, and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day, one that couldn't get any more beautiful. It was a day when the axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) decided to have some friends over; the allied powers; France, England, America, Russia and China. Even though they aren't your typical "buddies", the wars were over and it was time for a gathering amongst the countries. Of course, it was Italy's idea; he was the only one who would think of something like this, for the other two were a bit 'anti-social'. And, of course, there were going to be... 'complications' with the matter.

"Mr. Germany, is there supposed to be anything specific for us to wear?" Italy asked. "Because when I asked big brother France, he didn't give me an answer." Italy opened his eyes, and gave Germany a genuinely concerned look, his brown eyes quivering.

"No, Italy." Germany sighed. "Just dress the way you usually do."

"Yes sir!" Italy smiled. Germany narrowed his eyes, pat Italy twice on the shoulder, and walked into the kitchen where Japan was making refreshments. Just as he was walking by, Japan turned to him and gently grabbed his arm.

"Mr. Germany, is there any request you may have for the food? Maybe some wurst?" Germany realized that Japan was making an effort at coming out of his shell more, and he knew it was going to be difficult for him to make anything that didn't involve Japanese culture. It was the best way for him, after all.

"It's fine, Japan. Just make whatever you want... Just be sure to make Italy some pasta, alright?" He'll whine about it later if you don't...

"Yes sir."

"Thanks." Germany replied, rubbing his forehead. His head hurt and his eyes were sore. He had been up late the previous night, due to Italy making his way into his room, (as he does every night) to sleep with him. But, that night, he stayed up and asked for stories about magic pasta and small animals. And recently, Germany had been getting more and more uncomfortable with Italy's 'little visits' into his room. Now all Germany really wanted to do was sleep, but it was almost time for the guests to be arriving.

And with that, the door bell rang, and Germany knew the silence was going to end. Italy ran, smiling, to open the door. "Welcome, friends!"

"Hey, dude. How's it hanging?" America said, making his way around France and England. He was always too loud, when it came to entering a room. And, Germany was already starting to get a headache. But Italy enjoyed his company.

"Huh?" Italy asked, cocking his head to the side. A confused look covered his face, for he was not aware of American lingo. America just laughed, and walked inside.

"Man, this place looks dull." America exclaimed while looking around. "Why don't you have any pictures of hot celebrities, or something. And where is the game system?" he asked.

"Mr. Germany says that they are dangerous and we shouldn't have one. He says it's because I could hurt myself." Italy said, a small frown coming on his face.

"Dude, that's brutal." America said.

"Why don't you greet the other guests, Italy." he said, forcing a smile on his face. "America, you just go wherever..."

"Alright, man." said the adolescent country, and sat on the couch. He turned on the television. "Hey Japan! How's it going?"

"...I'm fine, Mr. America. I'm just making some snacks. Do you have any suggestion?" Japan responded in his soft voice.

"Nah. This is your home, dude. Make what you want. HAHAHA"

Seeing that their guests were settling in, Germany made his escape, back down the halls. He heard them socializing, and he knew that at some point, he would have to make his way back.

He walked into his room, closed the door, and sat down at his desk. "What am I to do here now?" he asked himself. "I've never been one to socialize fully... how are they going to talk to me, when I can't start a decent conversation?" He looked at himself in the reflection of his small television. "Germany, you dummkopf, you need to be able to talk to people if you want to get anywhere in life..." Think like Italy...

He decided to open his drawer, next to his desk. There sat his old military journal. "I guess it's time to update my status... haven't written in here in a while." he said, pulling the worn journal. And, he began to write.

- Sunday, July 12

Dear Diary,

It's another warm day in my home; although, today, it doesn't feel like home. The allies are here to visit, because we came to a mutual agreement, saying it was time for us to get to know each other better. And, of course, Italy is going to end up freaking out later on today, and I'll have to fix it. Again. It's become part of my daily routine, taking care of Italy. It almost seems like I'm the older brother now. . . He can't seem to do anything himself. And Japan is so quiet, I never really notice him around here. Although, I've come to enjoy doing what I do. I used to think that Italy was annoying; but he is my closest friend. Yes, I do think he's still annoying, but I don't dislike him. . .

I don't really understand what my placement is here, though- -"

"NO, BIG BROTHER! DON'T TAKE MY PASTA AWAY!" he heard Italy cry from the other room.

"Italy, it's for your own good! You're going to lose your sexy body if you don't stop eating this garbage!"

"I'm telling Germany!" Italy cried, and Germany could hear Italy's cries getting closer to his closed door.

"Wanker..." England muttered.

His door then slammed open, and there stood a crying Italy. "Germany! GERMANY!" Italy was wailed, flailing his arms, running towards Germany in a clumsy manner. Germany was then flustered, realizing that Italy may see what he was writing down, and quickly hid his journal back in his drawer. And in that moment, Italy ran to Germany and wrapped his arms around him, crying.

"I-italy, what the hell is going on? What happened?" he asked, removing him and searched him for any forming bruises, any cuts at all. There weren't any. "Please don't tell me you got on anyone's bad side. Already."

"Of course I didn't!" Italy cried. "I would never! France took my pasta away from me and threw it in the garbage for no reason! And England called me a...a bad thing!"

Even though this didn't seem like a horrible situation, Germany could see more tears forming in Italy's eyes, and knew he had to do something about the situation. The smaller man was shaking with sobs, and the sight made Germany extremely angry at the men who did this to him. The effect on the pasta being taken away was as severe to Italy, as a punch to the face. Germany hated seeing him like this, because the life is taken out of the house when Italy is upset.

"Alright, take me to them-" he said angrily, when he heard more yelling from the other room. Germany ran out of his bedroom, leaving Italy in there, alone.

When Germany entered the living room, he froze. China, America and Russia were frozen in the other side of the room, and in the center, England and France were tied in ropes, with Japan finishing the bow.

"I apologize, Mr. Germany, for the mess I had made. But, I could not let these two stand here bullying Italy. It is not in my nature to-" but he was cut off by Germany's sudden temper flare.


"Yes...sir." England and France said at the same time. It was then quiet, and the awkward tension was almost visible in the air. "Although I didn't really do anything..." England muttered.

"Japan, you can untie these two, I'm going to clean up." Germany said. Japan nodded. "As I said, this is my home, and I want you to treat it with respect. You may help yourselves to snacks and drinks." And he started to clean. Japan unraveled the two, and they brushed themselves off. Germany looked for more to clean. A vase was broken on the floor, and two other chairs were knocked over. As he looked up, carrying the shards of glass in his hands, he saw Italy peeking over the side of the wall.

"Italy, you can come back in now. Every thing is alright." Germany said, dropping the glass into the garbage tin. Italy nodded, and entered back into the room.

"Italy, I am so sorry about what I have done. What kind of older brother am I? To think I would sink to this Englishman's level. Will you ever forgive me?" France asked.

"Hey! Why are you saying 'Englishman' like it's a bad thing, you girly haired frog eater?" England shot at him. His face was red. Ignoring him with a smile on his face, France touched Italy's shoulder.


"Of course I forgive you, big brother!" Italy smiled. "I can just make more pasta, anyway!" he said, and the two laughed.

On the other side of the room, was where Germany stood. When he looked at the two brothers, he could feel his chest tightening. He felt angry, yet the whole situation with the pasta was over now. They made up, even though England refused to apologize. What is this feeling...? He touched his chest with his hand, and Japan walked over to him.

"Mr. Germany, are you alright? Would you like me to take your temperature?" he asked softly.

"No, it's alright Japan. Thank you." he smiled. He looked around the room, and he could feel the atmosphere lightening up. He could see Russia talking to China, and China forcing himself to go along with it. It was very funny. And he saw America and England bickering about something stupid, and he could see France and Italy talking about cute things. Germany felt light inside. I like these days, when things are resolved as quickly as they come; I guess that is my role here, after all...

"Mr. Germany," Italy said "you can come over here if you want. You don't need to stand there alone." Germany hadn't realized he had been standing still for so long.

"Oh, sorry." he laughed. He walked over, and sat next to Italy. "What are we talking about?"

"Kitties!" Italy said loudly.

Of course... Germany thought, with a smile. "Alright... what about 'kitties'?"

"Well," France started, "we were talking about how their fur is soft like the glance a beautiful woman gives you from across the room at a social event. How their eyes glow like one's radiant skin in the moonlight, a glow you cannot look away from. How their-"

"I get it." Germany silenced him. "You like cats. But isn't there something more interesting to talk about?"

"Like what, Mr. Germany?" Italy asked. His brown eyes full of curiosity. Oh, crap... Germany was now on the spot.

"I don't know."

"C'mon, Germany! You must have something cool to talk about, right?" Italy pressed. The spotlight that was on Germany, now burned and he felt extremely pressured to say something.

"" C'mon, Germany. SAY SOMETHING "" he stumbled. He had no idea what to say.

"The water?" Italy asked, tilting his head to the side. "What about water? You want me to make pasta?" Germany just closed his eyes and nodded 'yes'. "Yay!" Italy hopped up, and ran to Germany's kitchen. "You hear that, brother? Mr. Germany said I can make pasta! Isn't that cool?"

"Hey, Germany..." France whispered to him.

"Yeah?" he turned to respond. "What?"

"I was just wondering... What's the deal with you lately?" he asked. "Usually when you have one of your fits, you stay angry for a while. But lately, you seem to be letting go a lot. Is there anything special?"

He jumped a bit, answering, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you haven't really said anything negative lately about anything." he said simply. "Is it a girl?"

"No." Germany said. "There is no girl involved."

"Is is a guy?"

"GOD NO!" Germany shouted, and he could feel the blood rushing to his face. He didn't exactly know why he was feeling so defensive.

"Okay. I was just wondering."

"Why?" Germany asked, turning away, hoping France didn't catch his little slip.

"Just because." France shrugged. "You're my friend. It's these strange little things that make me curious."

Germany just sat there, quietly. He hadn't thought that he had been acting odd. "I've been acting differently?" he whispered to himself. "That's total bullshit." he muttered.

"Whatever you say..." France concluded, looking to the other side of the room. Germany closed his eyes, and tried to calm himself. France doesn't know anything... I'm no different now then when I was back then... He then felt a tap on his shoulder, and he lifted his head. He had dozed off for a few seconds, and Italy had finished his pasta.

"Germany, the pasta is done." Italy said, all smiles.

"Uh, okay..." Germany said. "Thanks, Italy." Italy smiled, and did his happy little laugh. He seems the same... am I really different now?

"Okay, dudes. Let's get some food before we all die. HAHAHA!" America shouted from across the room.

"Yes. I say, I am rather famished." England added.

"Yes. I would very much enjoy some food. Heheh." Russia added. "Koro koro koro."


So it seems everyone is in agreement... Germany thought to himself.

"Alright. Italy, get everyone some food." Germany instructed. For God's sake, don't hurt yourself in doing so...

"Si, ciayr!" he responded happily, and brought forward eight plates of pasta marignara . "Enjoy, everyone!"

"Um, Germany? What are we going to have to drink?" America asked. "I can't eat anything without something to drink, because my throat gets dry, and it feels weird. WEIRD."

"Vodka!" Russia said.

"NO!" France said loudly. "We must drink the most heavenly wine to go with this pasta. It's a traditional meal right there, you know."

"No, we must have water. For, without that, there would be no life." Japan said quietly.

"All I have is beer and water." Germany said. "So, grab what you want, alright?"

"Fine, then."

The hours passed gracefully. Night had fallen over the powers, and the moon was shining brilliantly through the window. There were no lights on, just a few in cents that Germany had lying around. He had been sitting for a while, looking at his friends. And while looking at his fellow countries, he sensed that everyone was sincerely having a good time. And it was all due to Italy's idea to have friends over. It seemed, that everything good that happened, was due to Italy's good spirit and ability to lighten any mood. Germany smiled to himself.

"There's no way that's true!" laughed America. "Bra, that's just not possible."

"Oh, it's true!" snickered China. "I saw it with my own eyes."

"Hey, who want's to hear a joke?"


Germany chuckled, and took a deep swig of his beer he had sitting beside him.

"Dude, I have a totally awesome horror story that I heard a few days ago. Does anyone want to hear it?" America said loudly.

"NO!" Japan shouted. Everyone turned to him, mouths full of the last of their pasta. "I'm sorry. It's just that I have a weak heart."

"I'm starting to feel dizzy." Russia giggled. "This is good beer, Germany." he laughed.

"Thanks. It's from my native land, you know. There are special ingredients to make it really good."

"Like what?" Russia asked. His violet eyes were wide, and curious.

"You sure you want to know?" Germany asked, a devious smile creeping on his face. "It might terrify you."

"Sure. There isn't much that terrifies me. My little sister does all that work."

"Okay." Germany started. "The secret ingredient... is...rat fur." Russia looked down at his bottle, and had a sickened, disgusted look on his face. It almost looked like he were going to throw up right there.

"Please, no." Russia said.

"Nah, it's really just wheat grains." Germany laughed.

"Mr. Germany, that's mean!" Italy said. "I know that Mr. Russia is scary, but you shouldn't terrify him. That's gross what you just said. Icky"

"Wow, thank you Italy. Even though that sort of hurts my feelings a bit." Russia said, smiling.

"Italy, it was only a joke. My country would never put such a thing in beer."

"Hnnn." Italy breathed. "Okay." Italy then took a beer bottle, and took a small drink. "Wow, Mr. Russia was right. This is good!" :D

"Thanks." Germany said softly. He looked away, and at everyone else. "Hey, Japan. Why aren't you drinking?"

"I don't like the taste of Alcohol. I'm sorry, Mr. Germany." he said, with a sad look on his face. Germany raised an eyebrow.

"It's okay. Do you want me to get you some water?" He offered, motioning to the sink.

"No, I am okay." Japan said, smiling. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise from the other side of the room.

"Aiyaaaaaaa, I'm feeling, a bit, tipsyyyyyy." laughed China. He was buzzed, almost to the point of drunkenness.

"Uh, China, should you lay down, or something?" America asked. "You look, like, terrible dude..."

"Don' yew starr wiff me, Amerrrikaa!" England started rambeling.

"What? I didn't even say anything to you, man!"

"Seeee? Yerr doin' it riiiiggh nowww. Yeww blooody baastarrdd!" England slurred. "Imm da oler brover. Yeww lissen teww me, goddit?"

"Come again?" America asked.

"You should lay down too, England." France said calmly. "You are acting ridiculous. There's a mat over there. Use it."

"Nooo! I cann stayy up tooo! Immaa biiiiiig boooy!" he said, shaking with laughter. Then, after laughing he started to cry, and China started giggling.

"Aiyaa! Thissss esss fuuun! Heey, Russsiaa! Wanna dance wiff meeee?" China said, standing, and toppling over the side of the chair. He began laughing even harder.

"What?" Russia asked, flustered.

"Yeeeaa! Idd be funnn!" China laughed. "Cummon! Doooit!"

"No." Russia said quietly. "There isn't any music, and you aren't in the right mind set..."

"Yeaaa I aaam! Imm perrfeccly fiiiine!" China said. "Weee cann make ourrr own mewwsik! Illll siiiiing!" he was in all laughter in that moment.

"England, China, you guys need to lay down." France said again. "Honestly, you each only had a few beers... that shouldn't effect you so hard..."

"Doonn yeww starr wiff me, you froog. I thouugghh yew weeer koool, but I wasss WROOONG! All yeww carree abou' isss Italy!" He began to cry again.

"England, you are starting a scene. Go lay down somewhere!" France was fighting back a smile.

"Fiiiine!" he said, toppling over everyone's feet, and he dragged himself behind the couch, never to be seen again (that night).

"Germany, I'm so sorry about this!" France said. "He should have told you he is sort of a light weight, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, it's fine." Germany laughed. "And I thought I was the only one who liked beer. Right, Italy?" when he looked over, Italy had fallen asleep beside him, his head on Germany's lap, curled up on the couch like a little cat. "Never mind, I guess..."

"Russsiaaa cmoooon! DAAANCEEE!" China was now pulling on Russia's scarf.

"I said no." Russia said again.

"Aiyaa! Yewww hatttee mee, donn yeww!"

"No, I don't. You're drunk. Go to sleep." Russia said. And he should know; he had spent a lot of his time alone drunk when the soviet union split up.

"Fiiiiine!" China said, swaying. "Yerr soo meen to me, ya know dat? Aiyaa!" and he fell back on the couch where Russia was sitting, and fell asleep on his shoulder.

"Uh... that's fine...I guess..." Russia said softly, blushing lightly.

"Dude, that's not right." America laughed. "Wow, three down." He laughed, more out of tiredness then out of a drunken daze. He seemed sober enough.

"Mr. Germany, I'm going to bed." Japan said. "Good night."

"Gute Nacht." Germany said back. Japan walked down the hall, and Germany heard the soft slam of his door shutting. He then felt a tap on his shoulder, and he looked up. America was standing, facing the door.

"Yeah. Hey, Germany? I'm gonna head home." America said, his voice having a tired tone to it.

"Okay, then... do you need money for a cab?"

"Nah, I got it covered."

"Okay, then have a safe trip home."

"Thanks, man." America smiled, and walked out the door. Germany looked at the couch, and Russia, who had grown tired, had fallen asleep with China's head still on his shoulder. They looked cozy. He then looked next to him, and Italy rolled over, his head facing up. Germany felt a bit uncomfortable, having Italy's face, facing upward where he was. Germany tried to ignore it.

"So, Germany..." France said. "It's just you and me."

"Yeah, I guess." Germany said quietly. For some reason, I sense that this is going to get very awkward. France was smiling widely, and Germany felt uneasy.

"What do you want to do?"



"No, it will wake everyone up."

"Fine, then." France said. "You wanna talk?"

"About what, exactly?" he asked. "I'm not really a chatty person, you know. I don't really have anything to talk about..."

"Oh, that's not true."

"And you would know me better then I know myself?" Germany asked, skeptical. "That doesn't really add up, Francy-pants."

"No, it's just that you proved my point from earlier; your different." he said simply.

"And how is that?"

"You seemed pretty chatty earlier with everyone here. You didn't seem to run out of anything to talk about."

"Well, I don't have anything to talk about now, so leave me alone." Germany said angrily. And it was because Italy got me to talk by putting me on the spot the whole damn time...

"Woah, don't act so hostile, or you'll wake Italy up." France said. Germany froze, and France laughed. "Interesting..."

"What?" Germany asked, surprised. His blue eyes widened, looking for some trace of what France was talking about. But he was clueless.

"Oh, nothing..." France said, smiling. He was trying to hold back laughter.

"What?" Germany asked again. "Really, France. If you don't want me to know, then stop dangling it in front of my face. I can't stand it."

"I'm sorry. It's nothing." France said again. "It's nothing."

[Hey! It's Jess! Oh my gosh, the first chapter is done! I'm so proud of myself! Now, I realize that my little adventure through the off topic crap that I threw in here may have been a BIT confusing *ie China and England's drunken fits... c; *(sorry, btw) but I've never written fan-fiction before. I actually got my inspiration by this one that I read by GoxHaya, the one on EnglandxFrance... I thought it was cute, so I decided to pour my heart into this little number, where it shall be GermanyxItaly *because, hey, they are so CUTE together! And I'm not the only one that's ever written about them, anyway... xD* And, no, it isn't going to be one of those "hard core" yaoi stories, with descriptive words of the... uh... 'intercourse'... =u=; And it's not that I have anything AGAINST it in particular, it's just that I'm not really in any position to be writing something like that *... I'M NOT SAYING THAT I'M A PRUDE, OR ANYTHING! *cough... off topic... cough... It's just that I'm only 15, so, yeah. I'm not really comfortable saying stuff like 'sex' and 'blow job' so, yeah xD* But, back to MY story, I'm just happy that you guys decided to read this. It means a LOT! *throws flowers and other various tokens of my love at you... hysterically* I hope you guys liked it! Can't wait to talk at you again! READ CHAPTER 2! 3]