Epilogue: Conclusion

When Italy and Germany left the house hand-in-hand, Germany knew in his mind, that he had never made a wrong decision. He felt at peace; all of his fears, all of the anxiety he had endured trying to come close to his true feelings in his heart, have all been faded away; washed out. He felt completely at ease, holding the smaller man's hand. Every time Italy smiled, he felt a jolt of excitement go through him; it was electrifying. Maybe, it was a little late to be going through his past thoughts, every thought he had since he realized he loved Italy; but, he felt it was time for a review. A personal one.

When the two made it to the small, family owned pancake house, Germany could only make light chatter; he was so blissful, that he couldn't even process anything negitave about his surroundings. It didn't matter that they were in a public place, and it didn't matter that he wasn't familiar with the whole 'dating world'. All he knew was that he wasn't afraid anymore. Italy had brought him out of his own personal shell. The constant nagging of France, and his reoccuring dreams had led him to that conclusion.

And leaving the restraunt, with a smile on his face, he couldn't wrap his brain around the fact that there was even more time ahead of them. They had their whole lives to live like this, and he just couldn't imagine anything else now.

"Italy," Germany started lightly, "I'm glad that we could finally be like this, even after the countless problems we faced."

Italy beamed back up at him, snuggling close to his side. "I'm happy too." he said softly. "I can't imagine life without you with me, like this."

"Eh, me either." Germany said, and chuckled lightly. "But, I want you to know something."

"What is it?" Italy asked, as they were coming to a stop. "Germany, what is it?"

Germany couldn't help but smile brightly at Italy. He's so sweet... I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my life with... "Even if France hadn't butted in, and forced me to my realization, I know that at somepoint, I would have cracked." he said, grinning. "You're too cute to be ignored by anyone; even me."

Italy blushed slightly, and cocked his head. "Well, even if you didn't come to the conclusion on your own, I would have done it myself." he said laughing. "I already knew about myself, and I probably would have gotten frustrated at some point..."

"Yeah, I believe it." Germany muttered, rolling his eyes. "Even you have a side that can't be supressed after a certain amount of stress."

"You got that right!" Italy said, and mock punched Germany in the stomache. "Take that."

"Sure, sure." Germany said, rolling his eyes again. "Well, in any case, I love you."

"Eh, you're not so bad..." Italy said back. When Germany stared him down, Italy began to laugh. "Alright, alright! I love you too!" and he kissed him on the cheek. They continued to walk down the street, in no particular direction.

Yes, Italy had felt the same way as Germany did. Maybe, he was a bit more showy about it; he couldn't repress his feelings. All he wanted to do was stay at Germany's side; it was what he always wanted, ever since the day they met. Germany was his other half, the only person he could ever confide in, and didn't judge him. Sure, he would get angry about "training" and "strength". But, those were trivial things to him. He had gotten what he had desired most of all; love.

Italy tightened his slender hand in Germany's, sighing contently. I'm absolutly positive, that I am the one who will need to keep this guy in check... he thought jokingly. I never want to leave his side... even for a moment. Because, this is what has always been...

Heaven only knew what was ahead of these two. But, who can tell? Only time, a lot of luck... and humorous adventures.

[So, this is the ending scene of my story... yes, it is the end, and it came without waringng. And, I somehow feel empty inside without it! Don't get me wrong, I know that I needed to bring this story to a close, before it started to get off track, but, MAN! I feel like, I have been slapped in the face. It ended the way I invisioned, sure, but I feel so sad. And you may be wondering why my final chapter was so damn short. You were? Well, I've got your answer... it's because my brain was running out of invisionary juices. Yes, I said it, and it sounds disgusting... xD I couldn't think of anything to write anymore, so I just basically ended it with something that everyone could cheer for. And, please don't be angry with me! PLEASE! I love you guys so much; you all supported me with my writing. All of you gave me some AMAZING advice for writing, editing, and inspiration. I know I would be NOTHING without you readers, to keep me going. I know that if you guys hadn't reviewed it, commented on it so nicely, and gave me feedback, I would have DEFINATLY packed up this story sooner. Most definatly.

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