"Bella, are you sure you don't want me to walk in with you" My father, Chief Swan asked for the third time.

"No dad. I don't want you to scare people" I chuckled. He was fully clad in his officer uniform. He even had his gun strapped tightly to the side of his hip. I didn't want people to think he was coming into the school to arrest someone. Plus the uniform was just too conspicuous. My plan was to just blend in. This was my first day at Forks High so it was bad enough that I was going to be known as the new girl.

"Well…then I guess I'll see you later then", my dad finally said after staring at me for a few seconds. I hate when parents do that. Like they'll stare at you with that 'you're growing up so fast' look and it becomes really awkward because you have nothing to say.

"Yeah…well see you later too." I mumbled as I slid out of the front seat of my dad's cruiser. I looked up at the sky to see dark clouds. I had only been in Forks for a few days so I still wasn't used to the weather. It was such a contrast to the sunny days in San Francisco.

I had been staying with my mom in California since she and my dad split 10 years ago. Charlie and I were never really close even though I visited him every summer. The only reason that I was staying with him now is because my mother's job relocated her out of the US. I really wanted to travel with her, you know see the world, and I put up a strong fight on my behalf. But unfortunately, what I wanted was not important. Or rather what my mother and father wanted was more important. So I gritted my teeth all the way on the plane ride from home to Forks. And even though I hated Forks, I didn't want my dad to think I didn't want to be with him. So I plastered a fake smile on my face and gave him an "I've missed you so much" hug, and pretended that Forks was the best place on the planet.

As I made my way to the school, I noticed how the ominous building matched perfectly with the dark sky. School buildings always looked so much like jails. I mean if people really wanted students to be excited about learning shouldn't they make the place more vibrant and lively. This dull building only managed to depress me even more.

Only once I had gotten into the building had I realized how early I had gotten to school. The halls and classrooms were deserted. I was hoping to find someone to point me in the direction of the main office but that didn't seem like it was going to happen. As I walked through the building hoping to stumble upon the main office or someone that could help me I walked past a classroom with a few kids and a teacher. The door was open.

"Ok Alice, you seem to be pretty efficient with geometry so you should be able to answer this question. What is the area of a rhombus when…" I didn't catch the last part of the question but at the mention of geometry, my interest had immediately peaked.

I had been the captain of my school's junior varsity Mathlete team and had hoped to be the future captain of the varsity team. I was only in the 10th grade so once I had become an upperclassmen I was sure to be the new captain. Unfortunately I left before I got the chance to claim my position.

"Excuse me" I knocked cautiously on the door, "I'm new here…and um I don't know where the main office is…and uh is this a math club or something?"

There were five pairs of eyes on me. My hand started to shake a little as it rested on the doorknob. Finally, the girl stood up and smiled.

"Hello. I'm Alice", she offered me her hand, "And yes this is the math club. We meet early sometimes because some of us can't stay after school".

"Oh…I didn't know this school had a math team."

"Yeah…we're pretty small but the force is strong", a boy spoke up. Everyone in the room chuckled softly at his Star Wars reference. "I'm Ben by the way."

"So…what's your name?" Alice finally asked.

"I'm Bella."

"Oh right, Chief Swan's daughter. Everyone knows about you." She smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I have to get used to how small this town really is."

Alice giggled and said "You have no idea."

"Bella, would you be interested in joining the math team? We could use more ladies on the team.", the teacher asked.

"Actually I was captain of the math team at my old school." I said proudly.

"Excellent", Alice cooed and high fived me. "In the math world there is entirely too much testosterone."

"So when do you guys meet?" Math team would be a great way to make new friends, even if it was only a few.

"We meet Monday and Wednesday. Two weeks before every competition we meet every day of the week."

"Sounds great. So I'll see you guys Wednesday." This was great progress. Already I had met some really nice people that would hopefully be future friends.

The bell ring and everyone began to gather their things and head out of the classroom.

"Hey Bella I'll walk you to the office." Alice linked her arm with mine.

As we made our way through the many students that were entering the building Alice chattered on about the school. She told me which teachers were pretty cool and which ones would rip your head off, what lunches were okay to eat (Stay away from the meatloaf!), and how to avoid getting your cell phone taken.

"You know what Bella? I didn't even ask you what grade you were in."

"Oh I'm in the 10th grade".

Alice squealed and tightened her grip on my arm. "Oh my god me too! This is so cool. I hope we have a lot of classes together."

Alice was a ray of sunshine in the dull town of Forks. Already I was beginning to enjoy being in her presence. She was very animated and funny.

When we made it to the office, a teacher stepped out with a sneer on his face.

"That's Mr. Varner", Alice whispered to me, "Or Mr. Viper as I like to call him." We giggled as he grimaced at us.

There was a woman with red hair behind the office's desk. She looked tired but still held a friendly smile. "Hi, what can I help you ladies with?"

"Hi. I'm new here, my name is Bella Swan. I came to get my class schedule."

"Oh, Charlie's kid. You look just like him", she cooed. I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

She went into the back of the office to get my schedule. When she reappeared she carried my schedule and a stack of papers.

"Here you go dear", she handed me the papers. "This is your schedule and these are the school's rules and policies. I've also included a map of the school so you won't get lost."

"Thank you so much" I said sincerely. Knowing me, the map would come in handy.

"Let me see your schedule Bella" Alice chimed. I handed it to her and we both peered over the paper.

"This is good. We have 3 classes together."

I sighed with relief thankful that at least half of the day I'd be with Alice. We linked arms again and walked merrily to our first period class.

"Hey, can we stop at my locker? I need to get a book." Alice asked.

"Okay that's fine" I told her.

It turned out that our first period class was close to Alice's locker so we wouldn't be late or anything.

Alice still continued to chatter on about school or Forks in general. "It's actually not that bad here. It's pretty small but there are still fun things to do. Like we could go down to the La Push reservation. It's cool there." Alice had gotten her locker open and reached inside for her book. She pulled out a Pre-Calculus text book. "Didn't want to leave it behind", She smiled at me. I smiled back.

"So anyways, like I was saying there are fun things to do here. Forks always gets a bad rap because it's so small but…"Alice's words trailed off. She was looking over my shoulder at something. I turned to see what she was looking at.

There were two guys walking toward us. One was tall and blonde. He wore a white v-neck tee and ripped jeans. His hands casually pushed his hair out of his face as he talked. He was smiling really hard about something. The other guy was a little shorter than the blonde. He had reddish copper hair that was tousled and messy, but in a good way. He wore a black t-shirt with black jeans.

To say the least, these guys were…hot. They had this 'cool guy' aura that radiated off them. And they were walking towards us. Well they were probably going to Alice but I was next to her.

"Alice who are those-" Before I could get the words out Alice had grabbed my wrist and was pulling me towards the classroom.

But we were sidetracked by the tall blonde. He smiled devilishly as he smacked the book out of Alice's hand. "Trying to avoid me, are we?" He asked, amused.

"Please Jasper I'm not in the mood today. I just wanna go to class." Alice's voice sounded so weak. It was such a contrast from her exuberance earlier.

"Aww little sis" the copper haired guy spoke, "Not feeling well? Is it that time of the month?"

I didn't understand what was going on here. Was Alice being…bullied? By her brother and his friend?

"Well if you're not feeling well", Jasper continued, 'We'll make this quick."

And he grabbed Alice by the waist. Alice was kicking and screaming. I didn't know what to do.

"Stop!", I yelled, "Leave her alone!" I had managed to grab one of Alice's legs and tried to pull her from Jasper's embrace. Alice was bucking and knocking herself into Jasper's chest. Her screams became pleads as she begged him to let her go. I continued to pull and Alice kicked. We almost got Alice free. Almost.

"Grab her!" Jasper yelled to Alice's brother, "Grab her!"

The next thing I know, strong arms embrace me and pull me away from Alice. But I wasn't giving up without a fight. I clawed at his neck with my nails. My nails were nothing but stubs so unfortunately they did not do much damage. But I kicked and bucked as Alice did. I tried to knee him in that place but he maneuvered me so that he was cradling me like a baby.

"She's a feisty one" Alice's brother called to Jasper. He was grinning like a madman.

Jasper had managed to grab a trash can. It seemed that Alice had given up and accepted her fate. Her face was strewn with tears. She had stop kicking and screaming. It was no use. They were too strong. There was a crowd of smiling faces surrounding us, egging Jasper and his friend on. It disgusted me. Why had no one come to our rescue? Why had no one tried to help? Instead they encouraged the bullying of two innocent girls.

They shoved Alice and I into the trash can. The edge of the trash can scraped my back where my shirt had ridden up. I would probably bruise

What does one do in this situation? After being humiliated in front of a crowd of people, all I wanted to do was crawl up and die. But Alice, through her tear stained face grinned wickedly.

"Do you know what you just did Edward", she called to her brother, "You just trash dunked your good buddy Chief Swan's daughter. I'll bet he'll just love that!"