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Soon it would be over, the plan fully executed, revenge for all who had suffered the way he had suffered. He would have them at his finger tips while the others cried for mercy. The ironic thing being the youngest of them all would be the bravest, the one so similar to him, yet so different.

Perhaps, if he had chosen the right path, they could have been allies. But alas, he was one of them, so he must be punished as well.

He was different then the rest of them and he almost felt bad for him, almost. Oh, who was he kidding, he could care less, the FBI had destroyed his life and they needed to pay. He had been bullied relentlessly and he wanted to feel the power of being able to control someone.

And, he had tried to get over the pain of high school, his utter hatred for the FBI, he really had, but he couldn't. Though, in all honesty he was really just looking for an excuse for what he was planning.

He looked around the dingy room, perfect. Uncomfortable, cold, completely blocked from the outside world, it almost looked like one of those cheap Hollywood horror films.

He had been looking so long for the perfect group, and there they were, right in his home town.

He picked up a 1992 Las Vegas Public High School year book and sauntered out the door…

It was finally time.

"Las Vegas has a serial kidnapper"

Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid looked up at his friend and colleague Jennifer Jareau, more commonly referred to as JJ, with interest. A serial kidnapper? Usually by the time their team got there, multiple people were already dead.

"A serial kidnapper," asked Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan, indecorously, "are you serious?"

"Yes, she is," answered their trusty Unit Chief Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner. He knew Morgan hadn't meant to sound so condescending, frankly he beat everyone to the punch, if he didn't ask, someone else would have.

"Anyway," interrupted JJ. "We have fourteen victims the -

"Wait a minute fourteen vics and we're just being called in now." Morgan interrupted, again.

"Morgan." Warned Hotch in his stern leader tone of voice. Truth be told he was just as shocked as Morgan, but he had to set an example.

JJ continued where she left off, unfazed. "The reason the vics weren't noticed sooner was because they aren't currently living in Las Vegas. They were all there for a High School reunion."

JJ clicked a button on her remote and suddenly fourteen faces popped up on the screen. Underneath the pictures were the dates of their abductions, all in chronological order. While the rest of the team looked at each of the victims, JJ took a quick look at their expressions.

Their expressions were all pretty much the same as usual, anger, sadness, determination, empathy. But there was one expression that differed from the rest.

"Spence, you okay?" JJ asked, worry seeping into her tone. The rest of the team looked up at their resident genius. There was definitely something bothering him, his eyebrows were scrunched up, his eyes looking at the screen as if he was trying to get it to spontaneously combust.

"Um, I'm not sure actually," He rose from his seat while still keeping his gaze transfixed on the screen. He slowly made his way to the monitor, almost knocking JJ over in the process.

He stared intently at the screen. He seemed oblivious to the fact that everyone else on the team was watching him just as closely, all with different stages of worry evident on their faces.

Suddenly Reid's confused expression slowly morphed into one of shock. His previously scrunched up eyebrows rose in surprise and his mouth opened into a small O.

"Reid, What is it?" Hotch questioned, trying not to seem so curios.

"Oh My God," Was Reid's only reply. The young genius seemed to be stuck in his own little world at the moment. It was as if he had absorbed to much information all at once and was temporarily shutting down.

"Kid, you with us," Came the concerned voice of Morgan, a man who considered Reid to be an honorary little brother.

"Yeah yeah it's just…" He couldn't finish the rest of the sentence because, for once in his life, he couldn't comprehend something. It was right in front of him, but still his mind was drawn to a blank. He just wasn't emotionally prepared to face the situation yet.

"Reid, please, say something." Came the pleading voice of Emily Prentiss.

He turned around to look at the people he considered family, it was now or never. Unfortunately for him, he didn't really get the never option, and now, looking at his co-workers concerned faces, it was clear there was no way around the now option.

He sucked in a deep breath and after quickly making eye contact with every single person in the room he said,

"I know the victims."

Silence. Complete an utter silence. Not a nice calm silence, but the kind that suffocates you until you was to rip your own throat out. That was the kind of silence that was currently overtaking the conference room of the BAU. No one was speaking, if someone didn't look surprised earlier, they definitely did now.

"Are you sure?" Hotch finally managed to croak out, not caring what he sounded like at this point.

Reid looked up from the floor which, until now, was holding his undivided attention. He gave Hotch a look that said "are you freaking kidding me?" but dropped the gaze once he realized Hotch was being completely and utterly serious.

"Um if memory serves, and it usually does, then yes, I am sure,"

"How?" asked the confused voice of the up until now silent Penelope Garcia, tech analyst extraordinaire. It didn't take long to realize she wasn't the only one wondering, everyone was trying to figure it out.

"JJ you said all the victims were there for a high school reunion right?" She nodded. He quickly rummaged through his ever present messenger bag and fished out an envelope and tossed onto the table. It slid all the way to the other end of the table, stopping right within arms reach of SSA David Rossi.

He opened the already unsealed envelope and began to read what was inside. The rest of the team tried to peak over his shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious envelope. Finally after a couple of minutes everyone understood how Reid knew the victims.

Because, currently in David Rossi's hand was an invitation to go to Las Vegas Public High School's 20th reunion.

Everyone looked up at Reid, who's attention was, once again focused entirely on the floor.

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