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Chapter 6

The room was cold with a murky atmosphere. Who would want to spend their time here, you may ask yourself? No one, that's who. Well that may not be true, there is one person who quite enjoys the time he spends here. Who may this person be? That was the question his fifteen hostages were asking themselves.

They didn't know much about the man who came after them but this much even they could realize, this was no accident, this man had deliberately sought them out and taken them as his prisoners. Whatever hope the kidnapped had of being rescued slowly deminished everytime a new victim was thrown into the room

For Jeremy Kenzie, who had been the first one thrown in this stupid basement, hope was virtually non-existence. But there is one thing that is absolutly certain. Being stuck in this place all alone, even if only for three hours, had been the scariest moments in his entire life. He could not imagine being stuck here alone again. Sure, he fought back. But he just wasn't the jock he used to back in High School. Not to say he was weak or any thing. He looks around the room. He remembered when they were eighteen and graduating, who would have thought they would grow old and turn into adults, well thirty-seven wasn't actually old but, still.

The worst part was not knowing anything. They had been isolated completely. For all they knew, no one knew they were missing, let alone kidnapped by some psycho. Some psycho they didn't even know. That was probably because the only time he came into the room was when he had new captives,even when he brought them food, he never actually came inside the room, he just tossed them inside from the hallway. It seemed like he wasn't done, like he still had something, or someone, missing.

"Where do you think he is right now?" Asked Harper Hillman . Which had been happening for a while. You couldn't blame her though. She had just been taken a few hours ago, at least, it seemed like a few hours, You could never be sure here though.

"I don't know." Said Rob Smith anxiously

"What does he want?"

"We don't know yet." Jeremy said, trying to sound reassuring. He was once the captain of the football team, therefore, he was most qualified to be in charge. Well except that the last time they properly saw each other together was a few weeks after grad. But enough about that.

"Let's just hope for the best."

Reid sighed, he was bored out of his mind. And angry. But mostly bored... And sad. The team had left him here so they could go check out the crime scene, without him. Sure he agreed to stay in the police station at all times, a fact Morgan had been more than happy to point out when Reid insisted he should go with them. Every cop was at that crime scene trying to get ahead before the Unsub got too far. So now he was stuck here with a couple of rookie officers and a few interns. Fun.

Hotch had given him a couple of files to read over which Reid had finished (twice), only minutes after the rest of the team had left so now he was spinning idly in a chair pondering his bad fortune. Maybe he could go converse with some of the cops, although considering the reaction of the rookie who had come to get them, he decided against it.

He could always go out for a walk. Even though the team left him with specific instructions to stay inside, it's not like he would go anywhere far. The team had brilliantly taken all the SUV's with them. Stupid profilers.

Reid finally decided he would go for a walk, just around the police station, they couldn't expect him to spend all his time indoors, could they? No, of course not.

With his mind set, he got out of his chair and made it towards the door, ignoring the stares of the people he passed. A few people looked like they wanted to stop him but smartly decided against it. 'good' Reid thought, 'If I talk to them right now they'll probably be scarred for life'.

Reid pushed the door. Then he pushed it again. 'Ugh, the stupid door won't open' He thought. The team must have done something to it. Stupid profilers. 'Well to bad for them' He thought bitterly 'I'm a frickin' genius, I'll figure out how to open this door, I have an IQ of 187, I can run circles around Einstein, I am -'

"Excuse me, sir" A young officer said hesitantly

"What!" Reid all but yelled at the poor kid, who was now all but cowering on the floor.

"Um... You have to pull the door open"


"The door, sir, it says pull." The officer quickly explained before running away from Reid.

"Oh" Reid said. Sure enough, there was a pull sign right above the handle 'Well they should have put it higher up where people could see it' Reid flung the door open and stormed out, not bothering to say thanks.

He slowed down and eventually set a steady pace. 'Why did this have to happen. Why me?' He couldn't even focus properly because all he could think about was what these people did to him. 'What if I'm too emotionally involved. I should have just stayed in Quantico.' He was so focused in his thoughts he didn't even realize he was on a deserted street.

'They wouldn't have said anything, the team, they're good like that. But if I stayed I'd be on their radar, more than I already am. I'm trying to get them to stop treating me like a baby, not-' Suddenly he heard a noise coming from around the corner. Turning he saw a young looking man glaring at his car. Sensing Reid's presence, the man turned around.

"Hey" The man looked relieved "Can I get some help here?"

Slowly, Reid approached the man, painfully aware of the odds of the man faking car troubles to kidnap him, which were doubled considering his luck, while subtley trying to display his gone as prominently as he could without simply pulling it our and shooting the sky.

"What's wrong?" He inquired

"I don't know. My car just stopped working." The man was clearly exasperated. But Reid wasn't done asking questions yet. "Couldn't you have just gone to a service station".

"I'm not from around here, I was just driving through when my car broke down here. I've been waiting fifteen minutes for someone who knows where I can get help, but everything's closed."

Reid sighed, "I'm not from around here either, but I can run down to the police station and get some help, it's just five minutes away." He explained.

"Thanks," The man smiled "I'm Stan, by the way."

"Spencer Reid."

He turned around made his way back to the station. Looks like he wasn't getting kidnapped after all. Suddenly there was a rag over his face. 'Great, chloroform, how creative' He struggled, Stan couldn't see him anymore since he turned the corner, But if he could just get away for a second, he could scream for help. But the more he struggled, the more tired he got 'Why me' He thought pitifully as he tried one last time to free himself. But it was no use. He was out cold.

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