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ANYWAY, first drabble of mine. Longer than most of the other ones will be, sorry (they're drabbles, they're all gonna be short, get used to it). Mostly in Mitchie's POV..some in her son''ll understand after you read..

BASIC BACKGROUND: Mitchie and Shane are married and just had their second child.

Mitchie POV

I woke up to Shane gently prodding me. "Sweetheart, wake up honey. I opened my eyes slowly and found him sitting on my bed, holding our daughter. I gasped and sat up. He smiled. "Here, hold your daughter." I grinned and took the small figure in my arms.

I stroked her small head. "Hi Molly." I whispered. "Wow, she's so beautiful." I ran my finger down her jaw line, causing her to open her eyes and smile slightly at me.

Shane smiled at me. "I know." He kissed my forehead. "Wonder whose fault that is."

I grinned up at him. "I love you."

He smiled. "I love you too."

We both looked up when we heard the door open to see my mother and 4 year old son come running in. "Momma!" Sammie yelled, racing towards my bed.

I giggled and reached out to ruffle his hair from his place on Shane's lap. "Hi sweetie."

He was grinning from ear to ear when his eyes met Molly. He gasped quietly.

I smiled. "Meet your new baby sister Sam. You wanna hold her?"

He nodded vigorously. I scooted over a little and patted the spot next to me, "Come sit with me baby."

He grinned and climbed up onto the bed next to me. "Help me Shane," I asked.

I slid Molly onto Sammie's lap and Shane put Sammie's hands in the right place and made sure he could support her before letting go. "Got her?"

He nodded, a grin on his face and his eyes trained on her. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I'm gonna be the best big brother ever," he whispered.

I grinned and kissed his head. "I know you are Sam, I know you are."

"Hey! Leave her alone!" a now 8 year old Sammie yelled as he ran to his sister. He pushed the bigger boy who was at least twice his height over and helped his 4 year old sister to her feet. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

She shook her head, tears filling her eyes, and pointed to her scraped knee. Sammie's expression turned angry. He turned around to find the bigger boy still on the ground. He walked over and kicked some gravel in his face before grabbing Molly's hand and running towards his mother who was sitting on the bench.

Mitchie gasped as she saw her two children run towards her, one looked angry and fear stricken, while the other was wailing uncontrollably. When they reached her she pulled her crying daughter into her arms and looked at Sammie expectantly. Sammie pointed to the larger boy. "He pushed her!"

Mitchie nodded and reached an arm out to pull Sammie closer and kissed his head. "Are you okay princess?" she asked her daughter, who again shook her head and fell into her mother's embrace.

Sammie POV

I unlocked the front door and let myself inside. I started to walk towards my room when I heard muffled sobs from down the hall. Curious, I walked down the hall to find it coming from my sister's room and opened the door. I saw her 16 year old figure sitting on her bed, crying hysterically into her pillow. I went over to her and lightly laid my hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump.

She looked up and then fell into my arms, crying into my chest. I shushed her and held her for a few minutes before she calmed down a bit. The advantages of going to community college? I got to live at home for free and be there when my sister needs me.

"What happened?" I asked her, my voice gentle.

She sniffed and reached for a tissue. "John."

Suddenly fury was building inside me. "What'd he do now?"

She looked up at me, hurt obvious in her eyes. "He cheated."

It was as if I saw red. "I'm gonna kill that-"

"Sam." She cut me off.

I merely growled.

She sighed and laid her head on my chest. She wiped a few tears off of her face and I felt her relax. "I'm glad you didn't go to Stanford, I would have missed you too much."

I nodded and ran my fingers through her hair lightly. "Tell me if I need to beat some sense into that jerk."

She shook her head."Don't worry about it, he was a loser anyway. I should have known." She sighed despairingly. "I have horrible taste in men."

I chuckled. "No offense Mol, but I don't think you've dated one man yet."

She giggled. "I know. If I had, they probably wouldn't have broken my heart." She paused for moment before continuing. "Maybe I should just stay single for a while you know? Who needs a boyfriend all the time?"

"Good choice, good choice."

She sighed and leaned back against me. "You're the best big brother ever."

I grinned and kissed her head softly. "I know."

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