A/N: For SummerxMidnightxDreamer's 'Show Me the Angst' Challenge on HPFC. Also, she won my 'Art of War' Competition, so she gets mentioned here, along with ink-stained dreams (second place) and ChimericalParoxysm (third place). They all write great stories, so check them out.

Yellow Tulips

She can't remember a time without him

Not that she'd want to

Her life with him is lovely

Except she's not with him

Not really

Best friends they may be

But lovers they are not

He has someone else

While she sits alone in the shadows

Tears appear every once in a while

She wants to be with him

But she is too nervous

Too scared

Telling herself that it will never be

First year was great

A time of joy and adventure

Discoveries and laughter

So many new friends made

And experiences had

Second year was fine

Not much different than first year

No longer the new ones

But still not respected

Third year they could leave the grounds

New adventures could unfold

Racing around

Freedom to be enjoyed

And he's still by her side

Fourth year gets problematic

He discovers girls

And nothing is ever the same in their friendship

Not really

He gets crushes on a fortnightly basis

But nothing ever comes of them

And that's alright

Fifth year means that he dates a little

None of the girls are too bad

Some frown upon his friendship with her

But those girls soon find themselves dumped

His place in her heart is larger

Sixth year turns him into a bit of a player

Suddenly he's blowing off their excursions

Dates are more important

She draws into herself

Her best friend has abandoned her

How worthless she is

Twin sister and cousins try to cheer her

To no avail

She just needs him

Only him

To pull her out of the ocean she's drowning in

Seventh year keeps them apart

They're no longer best friends

Hard to tell if they're friends at all

He spends his time with skanky girls and popular boys

She's in her room

Common room

Or Library




Trying to separate herself from her real thoughts

She still needs him

Because he's half of her heart

And it's harder to be a half-person than a whole one

Tries to talk to him once

He brushes her aside

Says he doesn't need her anymore

And doesn't that hurt

Now she's shrinking

A fourth-person

An eighth-person

A sixteenth-person

Withdrawing into herself

She doesn't want to be insulted anymore

Graduation comes and goes

He's famous

She no longer keeps track of why

And she's a reclusive artist and author

Whose writing and art tell her pain more than her spoken words

And nothing's the same

Her family brings her out

Take her to him

They need to make up

Heal themselves and everyone else

But he's too busy for them

As he's been for a long time








Dear Lysander –

It's been years since we talked

I'm sure you don't care about anything I have to say

But you always were

Always have been

The most important person in my life

And that's why I address this to you and no one else

I'm all alone in the world now

All I needed was you

And you let me down

You don't want me around

So why should anyone else

I've decided to stop wasting everyone's time

I've been an insomniac for a long time

Visions of you leaving me running around my brain

And how much it hurts when I remember it's true

So I'm leaving


And I'm never coming back

Go to my funeral

Will you

Say the proper goodbye

That you haven't for all these years

Before you leave

Could you please

Leave me yellow tulips

If you love me

– Love Molly