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Little bit of background: Takes place after the episode Drop Zone of Young Justice, the new TV series. Robin (Dick Grayson) has been having nightmares about his past and the others (Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Artemis) are beginning to notice.

Robin's Name

Chapter 1: The Sorrow Within

Robin's POV

The screaming came first, then the images. First he heard the cries of his parents as they fell, that was followed by the image of them falling from a frayed trapeze rope. A maniacal laugh was echoing through out the vision.

"Mom! Dad!" a small voice cried. Then the bodies moved farther and farther away and the laughing got louder as he struggled to run toward them, arms out stretched… Robin gasped as awoke up in his room, deep within Mount Justice. He leaned over and stared at the clock, 9:00 AM

"Best be getting up soon," the boy wonder muttered to himself. He stood up and walked over to the dresser, the only other thing in the room besides the bed and nightstand. He pulled out his customary attire of a green sweatshirt and black pants. He put on his dark sunglasses and made his way toward the kitchen. He heard sounds coming from the kitchen. "Megan must be up" he mused. He walked into the kitchen and found the newest hero hard at work making breakfast.

"Morning, Megan" he said as the smiling Martian turned to face him.

"Good morning, Robin!" Megan said cheerily, the cooking did not cease though "I hope you're hungry! We're having eggs, ham, toast, bacon…" as the Martian rattled on, Robin found himself thinking of the nightmare he had earlier. He never wanted to have to go though that again. He was so wrapped up in thought that he didn't hear Miss Martian calling his name,

"Robin. Robin. Robin!" cried the greened skin girl, she looked exasperated.

"Mmm?" Robin said looking up, then realizing he'd been called, answered, "Sorry Megan, what was that, again?" Megan sighed.

"I said, do you think the others will be up soon?" the Martian repeated.

"No probably not," Robin replied, "It's Saturday and you know them," he said with a small smile.

"Hello Megan! You're right, knowing them they are still fast asleep" the Martian girl grinned, "But would you like breakfast anyway?"

"Thanks Megan," The boy wonder replied, he sniffed the air, "Do I smell something burning?" He asked.

"My Eggs!" The slightly forgetful Martian cried as she spun around to try to save the already burning eggs.

"What is going on in here?" a slightly tired sounding Aqualad, their team's leader walked into the room, clearly still tired.

"Good Morning!" The Alien cooking stated turning away from the mush that was once eggs, "Hope you're hungry!" Kaldur'ahm smiled at Megan and walked to sink for a glass of water, when suddenly the sounds of arguing could be heard down the hall,

"I swear! It was a coincidence" came a slightly defensive voice.

"Yeah right, sure it was!" cried a much angrier voice dripping with sarcasm

"Yeah! Well, you didn't have to be up so early!"

"Don't pin this on me, Moron!" The two voices came into view as Artemis, the team's resident expert archer and Wally West a.k.a Kid Flash, or to his, team Kid Mouth. The two came in sat down and continued arguing.

"It was you're fault for being there in the first place!" Wally yelled at the blonde archer

"Well, if you weren't such a pervert!" Artemis shouted back

"Both of you please," said Kaldur calmly, "It is still early," he turned to look at the two of them, "What happened to make argue this early in the morning?" he asked the two, who were staring daggers at each other. Artemis spoke first.

"Kid Mouth over there," she started, "peeped at me as I was coming out of the bathroom!" she exclaimed.

"It was coincidental!" cried the teen speedster, "I was going to the bathroom, and she just happened to be coming out!" as he defended himself from the accusation, he turned to Megan, still cooking, "You believe me don't you, Beautiful?" he looked at her with big brown eyes. Poor Megan hated to turn him down, but Artemis was her best friend, fortunately Robin came to her rescue,

"KF, Artemis!" the youngest member of the team shouted, "Let's just figure this out later, OK? It's still early and we haven't even eaten yet. Let's not turn this into a disaster morning." He sat back in his chair and munched on some slightly burned toast and bacon. Megan shot him a grateful glance.

"FINE!" both of the arguing heroes yelled and began to eat the smoking eggs viciously.

"Thank you, Robin," said the Atlantean, "They two of them need to learn restraint."

"No problem, Kaldur," The Boy Wonder said with a smile, "I think we're all just tired." Aqualad nodded in agreement and also began to eat. Robin sighed and finished his meal.

"Thanks, Megan." He put his dishes in the sink and slipped out at the exact same time Super Boy, recently dubbed Conner Kent, walked into the Kitchen.

Kaldur'ahm's POV

As Kaldur watched the young teen leave, and the clone enter, he couldn't help but notice the tired way in which Robin carried himself this morning. Gone was his usual cocky swagger, replaced with a slightly defeated walk. But before he could dwell on it, Conner sat down next to him and asked him a question; unfortunately the Atlantean didn't hear,

"What was that, Conner?" He said as he tore his gaze away from the empty door. Conner answered,

"I asked why everyone was up so early?" The Clone eyed the food for a moment as he waited for Kaldur to answer, he seemed to decide it was safe and took a piece of toast and waited for his leader to answer.

"I do not know," answered the young hero, "I came because I smelt smoke." He looked at Megan for an explanation. The green Martian blushed and answered,

"That was me," She stated, "Or my eggs actually. I got up to make breakfast, and Robin came in a few minutes later." Kaldur nodded and turned to the end to the pair at the end of the marble topped table,

"What of you two?" he asked to icy pair.

"I got up to take a shower, when Speedy over here peeped." said a still seething Artemis.

"That's not my fault! I was just going about my business in the morning, when you walked out of the bathroom!" The angered red head replied. The two began to argue again, but Kaldur'ahm didn't hear. He was too busy thinking of Robin.

"Conner" the Atlantean said; the Boy of Steel turned away from the rather amusing argument going on at the end of the table to face his leader.

"Yeah?" replied Conner

"When you were coming in," Kaldur began, "Did you notice something different about Robin as you were coming in?" he asked. Superboy thought for a moment,

"Yeah, come to think of it," the clone replied, "He walked like he was tired and defeated, like he'd just gotten a really bad scolding or got is butt kicked or something like that."

"So," Aqualad said thoughtfully as he leaded back in his chair, "I am not the only one."

"The only one what?" said Wally, he and the archer had finally stopped arguing long enough to listen.

"Have either of you noticed Robin acting strange?" Kaldur asked. Both heroes looked pensive.

"Welll," Artemis began, all eyes turned to the pretty blonde, "The other day, the two of us were sparring, and y'all know how good he is at stuff like that right?" The others nodded and the girl continued, "Well, he and I have a kind of competition to see who can land the most hits on each other. And I won, for the first time since we started, I won." The others looked at each other worried. Suddenly Megan chimed in,

"Thins morning, he did seem kindda down. I mean he hardly ever smiled" the young Martian said. The others exchanged more worried glances. The others welfare was important to them, but the youngest member more so. Everyone of he thought of him as a younger brother, and he was the root that held the team together, as well as the spark of life to the team. None of them would ever admit it out loud (all except Megan), but they all were deeply concerned about the youngest vigilante.

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