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BTW: Dani is really only a year old, but technically 12, almost 13 :)

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Being transported to another universe really ruins your day.

And technically-12-year-old Dani Phantom was experiencing this first-hand.

All Dani had been doing was wandering around the Ghost Zone, totally bored doing nothing. (Well, her version of nothing was avoiding Young Blood, beating up the Box Ghost, and evading Walker… again.)

When, out of nowhere, during a high-speed chase involving a seriously ticked off Lunch Lady (long story), a natural portal had appeared in front of her and Dani had accidentally flown inside.

The fact that the entrance to the portal disappeared behind her once she entered didn't help.

Well… this sucks. Was all that Dani thought. (Because in all honesty, in a situation like this, what else do you think?)

After a few minutes of traveling at high speeds through a ridiculously long eerie green tunnel, Dani was shot out through an incredibly random exit.

And into what looked like a mad scientists lab.

Below were some of the oddest sights Dani had ever seen in her short life. (Which was saying a lost, since she was a half-ghost and all… which is already pretty crazy) Well, odd and also purely disgusting and downright personal to Dani. (And no, before all you perverts out there think up something, the scene below the floating halfa was PG-13.)

Three guys (One her age and two older ones) were currently screaming inside cloning pods where they were being tortured, which is where the personal trait and the disturbing quality of the whole thing applied to Dani, being a clone and all herself.

Then, there was a guy wearing a big (Dorky) golden helmet, with a teeny tiny little monkey like thing, which would've been cute had it not looked so freaking screwed up. Near him stood a guy with brown hair, a Hawaiian like shirt (But brown), a white lab coat on, and crazy eyes. (All trickling down to what Dani always thought a younger Vlad would look like.) Around the two grown men were even more screwed-up-monkey-things (as if one wasn't enough), who were currently just lounging about and-EW!- eating something off each other's back. (Which honestly, Dani didn't really need to see.)

Everyone in the room was paying close attention to something; screaming off their head; or just being lazy; so Dani didn't have to worry about being spotted… yet.

Choosing not to turn invisible, as being found was obviously inevitable one way or another, Dani looked around her surroundings which were, suffice to say, strange. Even to her.

At the far end of room, opposite of the cloning pods, was this giant green circle like thing connected to the wall that was some kind of doorway or other. But the walls of this room were just… unbelievable. They looked like someone had taken what you'd think a larger than life human blood cell would look like, but stretched and twisted, then stitched into the wall directly, amounts countless others. Gross, I know.

Meanwhile, the needles both electrocuting and taking away blood from their victims were slowly filling up with an ominous red liquid, almost to the brim while the cries of the three boys started getting louder and more strained as the electricity level started to be pushed up more by another human at the control panel, while an alien like goat thing looked over his shoulder. Finally, Dani couldn't take it anymore and clapped her hands over her ears. "STOP!" She screamed, making her voice heard over the din the boys were making. Immediately, there was silence, and Dani slowly opened one clenched eye to see…

… Everyone staring at her. "Oh… you heard me?" In his shock, the guy at the control panel had lifted his finger off the power button, for a moment stopping the cloning process. The three boys immediately let out a sigh of relief, relaxed a little, before looking up at Dani suspiciously. Dani, not used to all this attention (Well, sort of used to be staring at… just not comfortable with it) blushed a little and rubbed her neck with her hand. "H-hi?"

Finally, the crazy-looking guy spoke.

"What is that abomination!" He cried pointing up at her.

That brought Dani back to attention, and she put her hands on her hips. "The abomination has a name, you crazy-old man! And it's Dani with an 'i' Phantom!" She snapped.

Helmet dude spoke up. "Sir… she's just a girl…"

Dani's eye began twitching. "JUST A GIRL! YOU'RE A FREAKING SEXIST, THAT'S WHAT! DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR BUTT HANDED TO YOU, 'CAUSE IF YOU DO, THEN KEEP TALKING MISTER!" Dani exploded. Normally, Dani didn't shout that often, but when people commented on her gender well… they could GTFO.

Everyone below her looked shocked… and, of course, that's when a teenager in a skin-tight white jumpsuit burst into the room, literally sending the door flying off it's hinges. At all the stares he got, the boy deadpanned. "I heard shouting… and came to bust these guys out."

Dani sighed and then pinched the bridge of her nose, effectively bringing the attention back to her for a moment. "Okay… sorry about that. Really touchy about the fact that I'm a girl and stuff… Alright, I'm good. Now then, someone want to tell me why some teenage guys are in cloning chambers? And why there's a crazy guy here? And don't try to sweet talk me, 'cause I've met enough crazy scientists before, and I can tell a creep when I see one." Dani looked over Desmond as she spoke. "And on my creep meter, you're a 10.5 out of ten on loopiness. So, who wants to tell the 'little girl' what's going on so she can kick the right butt."

"Uh…" One of the boys in the cloning chambers said. He looked honestly like a muted traffic light. "To sum it up: We're superhero sidekicks, we went to save some burning lab, found a secret lab underneath the burned one, investigated, found a clone named Superboy," He nodded towards the white-suited boy. "We fought, and woke up in these cloning chambers."

"Please tell me crazy-guy here already told you his master plan. Because I am so not in the mood for long-winded speeches and stuff." Dani rolled her eyes as she spoke, ignoring the seething Desmond, confused Guardian, and blank Superboy. (All the screwed up monkeys were sort of 'talking' amounts themselves, but everyone ignored them)

The boy nodded. "I'm Robin, by the way. This is Kid Flash and Aqualad." The other two boys nodded when their names were said. At that point, 'Robin' twisted his hand just the right way, and with a Click! Hiss! and a Pop! the cloning pod opened and he jumped down next to Superboy. Dani shrugged, before landing down on the ground between the two boys, facing against the suddenly battle ready Guardian and Desmond, and the savage looking monkeys. "Man, glad that Batman's not here right now."

Dani didn't really want to know.

"So…" Kid Flash drawled out, looking at Superboy. "Are you helping us now?"

Everyone looked at Superboy, who in turn fixed Kid Flash with a scrutinizing look. After a moment, the glare lessened into a normal Superboy look. "Looks like I don't have heat vision, so I guess helping's the only option."

"WHAT?" Hissed Desmond, causing heads to turn towards him. "You have got to be kidding me! You're not a real boy, you're a weapon! You belong to me." Pause. "Well… Cadmus… but that's besides the point!"

Dani snorted. "Suuuuuuuuuuuure it is." She said, taking time to deliberately drawl out the first word.

Meanwhile, Superboy had fixed Desmond with a glare that was showing how much Superboy wished he had heat vision. In a moment, the clone had sped forward and punched the scientist into the opposite wall, where the man stayed. (For a moment at least)

Superboy immediately wheeled towards Guardian, but a bat-a-rang smacked the guy in the head, and down he went, the helmet not helping him at all. (OH THE IRONY.)

At that point, all the screwed up monkey things had turned towards the three free people, and started charging, until a bright green dome encased them, making them smash in the steps. Heads turned towards Dani, who's face was narrowed in concentration against keeping the dome up around the monkeys, who were currently banging against the walls of their trap, slowly dissolving Dani's concentration and therefore the jail. "Just… hurry… up." Said girl panted, closing her eyes for a moment as she struggled to keep up the connection.

Robin nodded, before looking at Superboy. "I'll get Kid Mouth, you get Aqualad."

The clone scowled at him. "You don't order me around either!" Without waiting for a response, the Kryptonian jumped forward and broke the cloning pod glass wall, before crushing off the handcuffs on the Atlantian. Aqualad immediately collapsed into the stronger boys arms, slightly drained from the cloning process. Looking up at Superboy, Aqualad panted. "Thank you."

He was met with a small nod.

At that point, Robin finished picking the lock on Kid Flash's cuffs, leaving everyone know released.

"Come on!" Robin shouted at Dani. "We need to get moving… uh… girl." What? HE DIDN'T KNOW HER NAME!

"'M coming! This is harder then it looks, you know!" Dani grunted right back, before backing up step by step, following the four boys through the destroyed doorway, all the while keeping the ecto-dome around the crazy genomorphs.

Desmond at that point slowly started getting up, his eyes following their retreating forms. "Y-you'll never get out of here! I'll have you back in pods by morning!" The man threatened, yet gave no move to actually get up. (Why? Because he was lazy.)

Robin snorted as he let Dani, Aqualad, and Superboy pass him and into the corridor with Kid Flash by his side. Taking out a bat-a-rang and throwing it back into the room, where they lodged into the glass spheres that contained everyone's DNA, effectively breaking them, as he muttered. "That guy is not whelmed… not whelmed at all."

"Dude." Kid Flash stated, rolling his eyes before following him and the others into the hallway. "What is it with you and this 'whelm' thing?"

"I… really don't want to know." Dani muttered, before giving a nod to Superboy, who picked up the pieces of the doorway he had destroyed and smashed them back in their place. It was exactly perfect, but it'd keep the others trapped… for a while.

Once the door was 'sealed', Dani let her glowing green hands drop to her sides as she stumbled back from exhaustion and power drainage. A pair of arms helped support her as she nearly fell over, and Dani looked up to see a domino mask covered face. Robin. "Thanks," Dani wheezed, a bit tired. "Not used to… using so much… power. I'm Dani by the way, Dani Phantom." She added as an after statement. Before she could help herself, she added her sorta of catchphrase: "It's Dani… with an 'i'."

Robin gave her a semi crazy grin, as Aqualad walked over to her and knelt down to where she halfway sat on the floor. "Can you walk?"

"What, me? Oh yeah, yeah I'm fine!" Dani said brightly, staggering to her feet and leaning on the wall to finish catching her breath. "Don't worry about me, I'm good." She reassured the skeptical looking others. "Let's get moving… along the way, I can tell you how I got here."

-One partial explanation later-

"So, your a inter-dimensional traveler then?" Robin figured as he ran with his super-powered friends.

"Pretty much. Portals in the Ghost Zone are random. They can go anywhere. My Dad once went back to the Salem Witch trials, and even ancient Rome and Japan. You get what I mean." Dani nodded as she flew as slowly as she could, as to not leave the others behind.

"So… your a ghost then?" Kid Flash asked as he did his version of walking. (By running in place… backwards. Show-off)

Our favorite ghost girl hesitated. Should she tell the truth? That she was also half-human, as well as a clone. "… Yes?"

"You hesitated." Aqualad noted.

Dani let her bangs hide her face for a moment. "I'll tell you guys in a more… secure location. But basically, I'm dead."

"How'd you die?" Kid Flash asked in his blunt way.

Dani felt her breath catch in her throat. Robin noticed.

"You don't have to tell us if you don't want to." He directed a glare at his best friend, who immediately looked ashamed.

"N-No… it's okay. Honestly. I was… murdered. By my first dad." It was the truth. Vlad was, indeed, the reason why she was half-ghost. Dani felt a shiver run up her spine as she remembered when it happened. Happy thoughts Danielle, Happy thoughts…

Seeing the horrified faces on her new friend's faces, Danielle finished hurriedly. "Don't worry, I'm not mad or anything. It's behind me and all, you know, the past. It's the reason why I'm a hero and all: Give the justice I never got to others and stuff." Kid Flash's face got even guiltier. "It's fine Kid. Let's just drop it, okay?"

"No." Superboy scowled.

"Is that all you can say?" Dani muttered, before speaking in a louder tone. "Why not?"

"Why'd he do it?" Superboy asked, ignoring all the glares he was getting from all the other guys.

"Um… I guess he just wanted a son. And I was a girl. One reason I'm a little touchy about being a girl and stuff. I also wasn't… perfect. Flaws and all. Plus, I was kind of sick and all, so maybe he thought he was just speeding up the inevitable or whatever." Dani shuffled uncomfortably and inadvertently lifted off the ground a little.

"How old were you?" Superboy persisted.

Dani turned away a little. "There are two answers. Technical or truth. Which one do you want?"


"About a month. One month of living. Happy days."

"When? How long have you been dead."

"My first death-day party is coming up soon." Dani's eyes widened. "Oh my god! My death-day party! My parents will kill me, er, metaphorically speaking, if I'm not back home in time for it! Crap!"

"Why are you still staying with your parents if they killed you?" Robin asked confused.

"Um… I was stolen away when I was born from my biological parents by the guy who killed me. It's kind of complicated, but the guy who partially raised me before he killed me is madly in love with my grandmother, wants to murder my grandfather, wants my dad to be his son, and ignores my aunt. He also wants to buy this famous football team 'cause he's a billionaire."

"Dude… that's screwed up." Kid Flash said.

Dani snorted. "Tell me about it."

"So you're living with your real parents, right?" Aqualad asked.

Dani nodded.

"So aren't your parents dead?"

"I told you I'd explain later!" Dani panicked, glancing around quickly. "Can't let anybody find out my secret! Not here, not now." She muttered, confusing her friends even further.

Superboy opened his mouth, but Dani held up a hand. "Say one word and I swear I will possess your body and make you do embarrassing things in front of Superman." She threatened, which quickly shut the boy clone up.

After that, the foursome proceeded quickly with their escape.

"We are still 42 levels before ground." Aqualad reported as he raced ahead of the others. "If we make it to the elevators-!" Stopping short at what he saw at the end of the hallway, the five-some clustered together as Dani gapped at the screwed up elephant and gorilla like things (Combined together, no less) a few hundred feet away from them.

"I… don't like this place."

"Pfft, you're telling me." Robin snorted.

Turning around, the group saw the the little egg sac like things that dotted on the walls were a bright angry red. Dani had to force herself not to hurl when she saw a little white thing moving inside the red sacs. Of course, then it got even worse when the white things came out of the sacs, to reveal themselves to be even more screwed up animal like things.


Hearing a roar behind her, Dani and the others turned to see one of the larger genomorphs poised with it's fists raised above it's head, ready to smash down upon them. While the others immediately dodged, Dani just shrugged before going intangible so the fist went right through her. Screw it…

Of course, Dani got the surprise of her after-life when she saw Superboy punch the thing away. While Kid Flash used super speed, Robin a grappling hook and acrobatics, and Aqualad just duck and rolled, Superboy was totally and completely throwing around these alien-things! Even when Dani intangibly popped out of the ground and turned visible next to the others, the hardly even jumped.

"Superboy!" Aqualad shouted to the clone. "The goal is to escape, not bury ourselves!"

"YOU WANT AN ESCAPE?" Superboy roared, turning to look at them with a feral expression. With that, he picked up the elephant/gorilla thing by it's foot, and threw it at a couple of it's own kind behind him, knocking them over like bowling pins.

"Um… is he supposed to do that?" Dani questioned.

No one answered her.

Aqualad pried open the elevator doors with a grunt and pant, before catching his breath a little, while the others looked around him to peer up the elevator shaft they'd have to go up.

"So…" Dani said cheerfully after a few seconds. "Who's going first?"

Kid Flash immediately used super speed to shot forward and latch himself onto the wall, not unlike a flying squirrel when landing. Robin did the easier way, and just took out a grappling hook and shot it up as far as it could, traveling with it, Dani flying at his heels.

Seeing the genomorphs behind him, Superboy quickly grabbed Aqualad by his waist and took off, going up… up… up…

And then down?

"I'm… falling?" Superboy realized, as the two slowly felt gravity overtaking them. Then there was a lurch, and suddenly they were going up again. Aqualad and Superboy turned (Well, Superboy more like craned his neck) around to see Dani easily carrying the two of them by grabbing a handful of Superboy's slightly torn suit. Looking around and seeing everyone's blank faces, Dani deadpanned.

"What? You couldn't tell I can fly and have super strength? Or is it because I'm a girl?" Dani mumbled something about 'Freaking sexists' as she carefully let Aqualad hang from a bat-a-rang Robin had quickly lodged into the side of the elevator shaft for them.

"Superman can fly…" Superboy whispered, half to himself. "So why can't I?" Dani bit her lip a little, wanting desperately to reassure Superboy, clone to clone, but this wasn't really the best place to spill some of her deepest secrets. I mean, come on… it's a freaking elevator shaft.

"Dun know… but it looks like you can leap buildings in a single bound." Kid Flash said cheerfully. "Still cool."

Thank God for Kid Flash… Dani had to think as Superboy perked up slightly while Kid Flash helped him hop down on to the little ledge he was standing on.

At that point, Robin looked up to point towards the elevator barreling downwards towards them. "GUYS! This'll have to be out exit!" Pointing towards the door right in front of them, Superboy pried it open and they all fell through it right before the elevator passed them.

Unfortunately, the sound of Superboy punching open a door - again- drew the attention of the genomorphs on guard at that level. Growling something Dani couldn't understand, the alien like things rushed them. Immediately, the teens turned to their rights, down a corridor, running as fast as they could. Dani saw out of the corner of her eye a strange look pass over her fellow clone's face, before Superboy shouted "Go left!"

They immediately did so, Kid Flash taking the lead as he harnessed his super speed. "Right!" Came the new command, which they did so, only to lead to…

A dead end.

The only thing there was some pictures and a vent screen, but nothing else, Dani noted as she caught up to Kid Flash and Superboy.

"Oh great, nice directions Supey! Are you trying to get us re-caught?" Kid Flash said sarcastically, while Superboy just stared at the wall in front of him.

"No…" The other boy whispered, looking down, brown furrowed. "I-I don't understand…"

"No, wait." Dani spoke up, narrowing her eyes and flying forward. "Hang on a sec, Supey may be on to something…"


Ignoring the boy's frown at the nickname, Dani willed her hand to become intangible and put it to the wall, turning it see-through as well. Immediately, the four boys could see a network of air vents, big enough for a person Kid Flash and Aqualad's size to fit through even. "Look, see? If we use the air vents… we can-"

"Maneuver our way through!" Robin finished, excited now. "Hang on…" Messing around with the computer in his arm, Robin pulled up a 3-D holographic map in just a few minutes. The others watched, amazed, as throughout the winding air vents, a marked path began forming.

The Boy Wonder smirked. "Let's move."

Robin led the way, followed by Dani, with Aqualad behind her. Behind the Atlantian, Kid Flash began to whine.

"Aw man, at this rate, we'll never get out!"

"Shh!" Superboy suddenly hissed from at the end of their little line. "I hear something…" Everyone became deathly quiet and still as they tried hearing whatever sound had reached the Kryptonian's ears. "Listen!" The boy jerked around, his eyes traveling back down their winding route, where insect like clicking and clacking sounded.

"I can hear them too!" Dani whispered, eyes wide. "Their coming!"

Nobody had to ask who they were.

"… We've got them cornered!" Desmond declared triumphantly, holding a pad in his hands depicting where the four escapees and one random girl were supposed to come out. He, Guardian, and a couple of genomorphs burst into a bathroom and rushed over to where the air vent was. "Any second now…"

At that moment, thumps were heard and Desmond grinned triumphantly. That grin was gone, however, when instead of humans (And a Kryptonian and ghost), genomorphs came out.

Desmond growled as he pushed the genomorphs off him. "He hacked the motion sensors…!"


Robin grinned smugly up from his arm computer. "I hacked the motion sensors."

"Sweet!" K.F (Kid Flash) cheered while Dani and Robin high-fived.

"So there's plenty of distance between us and them now." Robin continued as he stood up.

"And I've got plenty of room to move now!" K.F grinned, snapping his goggles into place over his eyes. With that, he took off in well… a flash. Bursting through the nearest door (To his left, behind him) and zooming up the staircase.

"Wow." Dani remarked, watching the redhead speed off. "He really is fast."

"Now all we have to do is catch up." Robin reminded her dryly, as he started following his friend.

It was obvious where K.F had been: You just had to look for the out cold genomorphs littering the staircase, making it hard to run with so much… debris everywhere.

Of course, there was more incentive to run when Robin, still messing with his computer, called "There's more behind us!" At that, Dani sped forward while Superboy (Who was behind everyone else) stopped and looked at the genomorphs behind him, before smashing the staircase the aliens were on, disconnecting it from the one early Young Justice was on.

Kid Flash, still speeding ahead, was obviously the one to make it off the stairs and onto the next normal level first. However, by the time he had gotten there, red alarms were sounding, and large metal doors were cutting off the hallway ahead.

"Ah, crud." He muttered as he found himself unable to stop running in time (One of his weaknesses), and he smacked right into the cold hard metal, falling backwards.

"We're cut of on-" Kaldur's statement of the obvious was slightly drowned out by the alarms… not that is was important or anything.

K.F slowly sat up, rubbing his head. "Thanks, my head hadn't noticed." Was his sarcastic reply.

Superboy walked forward and tried punching the metal wall, but he didn't even make a dent. Aqualad also went forward to try and help him, the two tugging and pulling and punching, but the wall stayed without a scratch.

"I can't hack this fast enough!" Robin muttered, fingers typing away furiously at his key board.

"Maybe I could phase through." Dani suggested, but jumped a little when she heard a roar and saw those elephant/gorilla genomorphs… again.

"THIS WAY!" Robin shouted to be heard over the alarm, and kicked open a nearby doorway before plunging into, the other's quickly following him.

Of course, they quickly regretted this choice when they saw the army of genomorphs, of every shape and size, waiting for them, Guardian at the front of it all. More genomorphs appeared behind them, making the five-some surrounded by walls and aliens.

Well then… Dani thought. This sucks.

Immediately, as soon as they saw their situation, Aqualad ripped out his water swords, tattoos glowing a light blue. In response, each and every one of the genomorphs' little horns glowed and angry red, like earlier when they had first escaped. A hissing noise erupted out of each throat, creating an eerie harmony, before Dani saw each an every one of her 'team mates' eyes roll backwards and they fell to the ground unconscious. Except for Superboy, he fell to his knees, face turned upward, eyes closed and expression strained.

Dani herself fell to the floor, but fighting to remain conscious for one last second, to see the goat like genomorph approach Superboy, before also falling unconscious.

At that point, however, the goat genomorph horns' turned red as he telepathically began speaking to Superboy, explaining how he was to pave a path for his brother; how he was to choose his own decisions without the influence of others; and how it had been he, the great goat genomorph who had guided Superboy to the vents and therefore freedom.

At that point, Aqualad began to stir, and the Atlantian slowly began to sit up.

'What is your choice, brother?' The goat genomorph asked through his mind.

Superboy stood up. "I… I choose… freedom." The last word was spoke with absolute certainty, and the redness if the goat genomorphs' faded as he nodded slowly.

"Feels like… fog lifted." Guardian muttered nearby, the genomorph previously controlling him had long since hopped off his shoulder.

"Guardian?" Aqualad asked as K.F and Robin got up, the former rubbing his temples like he had a headache, while Robin knelt down trying to wake up Dani.

"Go." Guardian ordered, moving to stand amongst the genomorphs. "I'll go deal with Desmond."

"I think not."

The crowd of genomorphs parted to reveal -lo and behold- Desmond.

"Speak of the devil… and he shall come forth." Dani yawned, still partly asleep, supported by Robin.

-One definately fruitloopish fight with a monster-Desmond, and a seriously awkward meeting with Superman…-

"It's time to go." Batman finally said after most of the Justice League left. "But we need to deal with you first, ghost." Dani realized Batman was talking to her after a couple of seconds. Then she blew up.

"I'm not just a ghost, you know. I'm still a teenage girl! So don't you dare point any fingers and just address me as a noun, because I'm honestly sure dressing up as a giant bat is just as high up on the 'Weird List' as being a ghost! And I don't know what happened to you as a child or whatever, but I've probably had a just as emotionally scarring experience as you, mister.

"So unless you constitution is different in America then in my universe, I believe that when you label people by their species, then that is 'not treating all people big and small as equal individuals, and therefore giving equal rights to them as well.' Therefore, I believe what you are calling me is out of your jurisdiction, so I have no idea how you, an American, can toss around the backbone of out beloved country like it's a piece of trash.

"The total irony of the situation is that you, a hero, isn't giving even a person like me justice! The one thing every hero should strive for! You're also backfiring the second-most important thing that a hero believes in, which is hope! Right now, your squashing my chances of even starting to get used to this universe if you treat me like a disgusting piece of filth you're trying-and failing- to get rid of! So, what's the proper way of addressing even a person like me? Or have you forgotten your manners, something your mother, whether she's alive or not, should have taught you as a young child! Well, what is your only obviously clear course of action now, huh big shot?" Dani jabbed a finger in Batman's direction as she finished, and a couple green sparks shot out from the tip.

The author has only one thing to say at the moment: never tick off Dani Phantom. She will rant at you like a crazy person.

Everyone-adults AND children-stared at Dani in shock. Finally, the Flash burst out laughing.

"I have to admit, Bats, she's got you there! The kid's one heck of a speech giver. She'd make a great lawyer."

"I'll I have to say is: whoa." Robin whispered to Kid Flash, amazed that someone for once had made Batman speechless.

Finally, Batman cleared his throat. "You'll need a place for the night. I'll take responsibility for Dani for the time being. Robin; take your new friend to the car, I'll be right there." When even Dani stared at him, Batman almost growled. "Move!"

At speeds that rivaled the Flash-said superhero was impressed- Dani grabbed Robin's arm and started running towards the car.

"I'll race you!" She called over her shoulder.

The others could barely hear Robin's response. "No fair! You can fly!"

"Fine… no powers. I promise!" Came the faded response.

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