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OKAY, SO I PRESENT TO YOU CHAPTER 4(?) PART TWO. (See why part two at bottom)

Current Date: July 6th, 2011

"Uhh… Dani? Mind telling me what's going on here?"


"Oh! Robin! This is my puppy, Cujo!" Dani cuddled the freaking green glowing thing to her chest, cooing at the little green bundle that seemed perfectly fine with all the attention. In fact, 'Cujo' whined a little and squirmed, reaching his head up to lick Dani on the nose. The ghost girl let out a small giggle before petting the ghost puppy again.

Dick stared at this all from two feet away. Girls.

He'd never understand them.

Desperately trying to regain control of the increasingly spiraling out of control situation, Dick asked the only question he could think of: "You're not gonna keep him, are you?"

Silence reigned for a moment. Then;

"You mean I might not be able to keep him?" Dani's normally big green eyes widened even further and began to fill with moisture as he bottom lip began to wobble.

Oh God.

Current Date: July 6th, 2011 (Later)


Dani was still trying to process the information she had just been given, as she stubbornly clung to her ghost puppy. "So… you're saying you won't destroy Cujo, right?"

All three men -Batman, Alfred, and Dick- sighed, having already gone over this. "No, Dani." Bruce spoke slowly, trying to get the point across finally. He could already feel the migraine coming on. At this rate, these two kids would be the death of him. "We are not going to turn Cujo over to the government or blast him or whatever forms of torture you proposed." Unless he chews my shoes, or the furniture, or pees in the Batcave. Then, we'll see. Bruce thought.

"But… If I want to keep Cujo, then I'm gonna have to move to Happy Harbor where Mount Justice is, or go to the Watchtower which is full of adults with no-sense of humor, and live there instead of here?"

"Yes, Miss Dani." Alfred nodded.

"But, if I drop Cujo off at Mount Justice to be taken care of by Superboy(1) while he's there (And the rest of the team once it gets assembled, because it's so totally gonna happen so make up your mind already Bruce) then I can still stay at Wayne Manor?"

"Yep." Dick replied as he took a sip of his hot cocoa Alfred had made him casually, as if this wasn't one of the most important and hard (For Dani at least) decisions in the world.

"But… what about the secret identity I was already setting up and stuff?" Dani asked, trying desperately to gain some ground in this argument.

"You can still go to Gotham Academy, and you will still retain the ID of being Alfred's niece." Bruce said. "However, all of your belongings will remain at either Happy Harbor (If I do ever actually make my mind up about this whole 'Young Justice' business) or the Watchtower, depending on what happens in the next few days."

"… Can I make up my mind in a few days?" Dani asked desperately, looking down at Cujo. The dog seemed to sense his masters distress, and immediately began whining.

Alfred, Batman, and Dick all looked at her with no remorse in their eyes. Then, as one, they said: "You have until tomorrow." With that, Alfred and Bruce walked away to begin the night's patrol leaving Dick standing next to a Dani that looked ready to cry.

The girl sniffed. "You guys are so mean." She tried shooting an angry glare at Dick, but Cujo nuzzled his head against her chin making her look down at the puppy with a small, sad, smile on her face.

"Sorry, Dani. But rules are rules." Dick shrugged like it was no big deal, making a spark of anger rise up in Dani again. "When I was nine, I brought a dog back home to the cave, too. But… well, the same thing happened to me like what just happened to you." Dick smirked at Dani.

"I tried to argue with Bruce, but… eh, didn't work. Not even puppy eyes. After Bruce dropped the dog off at a shelter, I got really mad at him. Refused to go on patrol for a week. It didn't change anything, I just got really bored sitting at home, and Bruce would come back night after night not looking any swayed in his opinion." The Boy/Teen Wonder shrugged. "I just finally accepted it. And so should you."

Dani was silent for a moment. "But why did you take me to the Batcave, you and Bruce, if you were going to kick me out eventually?"

Dick raised his hands in front of him. "Hey, in our defense, we didn't know your dog would show up. Otherwise, none of this would've come up."

"But why'd you let me come, instead of Superboy?" Dani persisted.

Dick was contemplative for a moment. "You heard the story of why Bruce took me in, right?"

Dani nodded. "Yeah, Alfred told me."

"I guess all of us… Alfred, Bruce and I, we kind of saw the same thing in you. The same pain and loss all of had felt at one point or another. While for us it was figuratively, for you, you were literally torn from a world and place you knew by heart, and placed somewhere totally different.

"You were also lost, like a little puppy I guess? I don't know, bad analogy, but you get the point." At the end of Dick's short speech, Dani looked down again.

Then she looked Dick straight in the eye, blue against blue, two different shades but still piercing all together. "Well, Superboy's in the same boat, but with Superman acting like your name."

"Quit it with the name jokes." Dick muttered, before continuing. "And as for Bruce not taking in Superboy? I think maybe he didn't do it 'cause he was- and still is- trying to get Superman to suck it up and just take in Superboy. I think Bruce is waiting for a time when finally, finally, Superman goes to find Superboy himself.

"Bruce may be the one 'nagging' Cla- Superman," Dani didn't know Superman's identity yet. "To visit Superboy, but in the end it's gotta be Superman's decision to do so. He's the one who's gonna be taking care of Superboy, and he's gotta decide when he's ready for the responsibility."

Dick's tone grew bitter and harsh now. "But I don't like how Superman's just been ignoring Superboy like that. You don't just push people off to the side, no matter how shocking and new they are to your life. Which I guess is another reason Bruce took you in."

Dick's now intense gaze met Dani's as he started getting worked up about what he was talking about. "He's trying to prove to Superman that even though you're a stranger in more ways than one, he still took you in because he knew you still needed the help, just like Superboy." Dick looked away, trying to get his rising emotions under control. "Now, i think Bruce is trying to chip away at Superman's pride to get him to- just- I don't know how to word it, really."

Dick practically jumped when an unexpected hand touched his shoulder. He met up to meet Dani's blue eyes that were shining with an emotion he wasn't quite sure was.

"Don't worry, I get it." Dani smiled, before suddenly pulling him into a hug, gripping him around the neck tightly. After a moment, Cujo let out a whine of protest at being squished like that, making the two teens break away laughing.

At that moment, Cujo jumped from Dani's arms to the floor to finally stretch out his ghost limbs. At that moment, Dick spied Cujo's collar, which was flashing an odd blue. "What the heck is that?

Dani got on her knees next to her dog and hesitantly touched the collar. Immediately, the tag on it burst open in a violent flash of blue life, flinging Dani into Dick and standing the two tumbling away.

Bruce and Alfred rushed down the stairs from an upper level in the Batcave after hearing the explosion, and came upon an odd sight.

Dani was in ghost form and in a defensive stance, with Cujo sitting calmly at her side. Dick had pulled his extra utility belt from his sweatshirt sleeve and had it clipped around his waist.

The odd light from before reflected eerily off the Batcave's main computer (Or Batcomputer as Dick had dubbed it), washing the room in the blue light, making it look like the room was underwater, flashing and rippling everywhere.

Cujo's collar still lay on the floor, with the biggest mass of white light rising from it. To everyone's present shock, the white light began taking shape, forming hands… arms… a torso… and a face…

"You!" Dani cried, green eyes wide and reflecting the light like green saucers. "What are you doing here?"

The figure smiled. "Hello, Dani. Nice to see you too."

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