Jeanette is A Dominatrix?

Part 1

By: Juria

Notes: This is based off of the CGI movies. Also, it contains sexually explicit content, or, it will in the third chapter. This fic is inspired by Sesshomarusmate-101's "Eleanor's a Freak!" fic. The Chipmunks and The Chipettes are TM & © Bagdasarian Productions. All songs used are © to their respective creators.

Jeanette sat in front of the computer moniter, in the dark silence of the night, watching the somewhat twisted sex act take place on the screen. She was so engrossed in it, her brain memorizing all the steps that the dominatrix on the screen took that she didn't even notice her younger sister jump up behind her, until it was too late. "Hey Jeanette!" Brittany shotued, not loud enough to wake anyone else, but loud enough to startle Jeanette, who screamed, jumped about 5 feet in the air, spun around, and instantly tried to hide the computer screen. "Brittany." she said, shooting her sister a glare.

The younger chipette grinned ear to ear, until she noticed what her sister was watching, despite Jeanette's best efforts to cover it up. "Whoa, Jean is into some hardcore action, huh?" she stated with a giggle. Jeanette blushed several shades of red. "Actually, it's for me and Simon." she stated, a serious tone in her voice. Brittany saw the serious look on her sister's face, and instantly stopped grinning. "So, what brought this on?" she asked, putting her arm around her big sister. Jeanette sighed. "It started several months ago, I knew I was going to go into heat at some point, and I wanted my first time to be with Simon, no one else." Brittany raised an eyebrow. "So, why the whips and chains?"

Jeanette let out a deep sigh. "Because, throughout our relationship leading up to this point I've always been the calm, quiet, shy girl. I've been the one in the back row, barely speaking up. I want to show him that I can be just as dominate and in control as anyone else. I mean, I don't want to hurt him, just tease, taunt, drive him wild, and make him beg for me. I want to be the one in the driver's seat!" she declared, suddenly slapping her paws over her mouth, hoping she didn't wake anyone else up. Brittany gave out a soft giggle. "Well Jean, if that's what you want, I'm sure Ellie and I could help you. Besides, it'll give us a chance to drive our boys nuts." she said with a wink. Jeanette gave her sister a gentle hug, then quick shut off the dirty movie and ran off to bed, however one thought kept running through her head. 'Hmm, did I remember to log out of the site? Oh well, I guess Toby'll find out tomorrow.' she thought, giving out a soft giggle before she drifted into a deep sleep.

The next morning, all six chipmunks and chipettes practically fell out of bed on top of their siblings, hearing the high-pitched scream of Toby as he frantically cleared the site from his desktop.