Love at First Sight

This is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction. It started as a one shot but I got good reviews so I'm continuing the story. My vampire is a little different from Stephanie's. A little bite does not change a human into a vampire.

The beginning of the story follows the book closely but with lots of lemons then we hit a Fork in the road and all bets are off as Bella and the Cullen family do all the things regular teenagers do.

Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight. All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended. Do not mean to plagiarize the novel - just borrowing SM's great writing for a while.

Chapter 1


I never believed in love at first sight. I'm not sure if I believed in the whole love thing either. I know I sound cynical, but my parents were not good role models in that department. My friends all dated and had sex, but none of them thought of being with that someone for the rest of their lives. Personally, I never felt the urge to go all the way with any of the guys in my school. Don't get me wrong, I'm a normal 17 year old, and the thought of being with Brad Pitt or Mathew McConaughey gets me wet, but I've never met a guy I wanted to give up my V card for. All that changed on a rainy day in a crowded cafeteria in Forks. Here, is how it happened.

Today was my first day at a new school.

I just moved to a small town named Forks. It's in the Olympic Peninsula of Northwest Washington State. It rains on this inconsequential town more than any other place in the United States of America.

I detested Forks.

I loved Phoenix. I loved the sun and its blistering heat, but I wanted to give Renee and Phil some alone time, so I'm exiling myself to Forks.

Charlie, my dad had been fairly nice about the whole thing. He seemed genuinely pleased that I was coming to live with him for the first time with any degree of permanence. He registered me at school and bought me an old truck.

I went to the office, got my schedule and made it through my morning classes.

A couple of boys talked to me, but I was too shy to make much conversation. Finally, it was lunch time. One girl who sat next to me in both Trig and Spanish walked with me to the cafeteria for lunch.

We sat at the end of a full table with several of her friends, who she introduced to me. It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation with seven curious strangers, that I first saw them.

They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where I sat as possible in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, and they weren't eating, though they each had a tray of untouched food in front of them.

They had faces you never expected to see except perhaps on the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine. It was hard to decide who was the most beautiful- maybe the perfect blonde girl, or the bronze-haired boy.

"Who are they?" I asked the girl from my Spanish class, whose name I'd already forgotten.

"That's Edward and Emmett Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The one who left was Alice Cullen; they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife." She said this all under one breath.

I glanced sideways at the beautiful boy again.

I felt a strange tug in my chest. I felt drawn to him somehow as if I knew him. Of course, this was ridiculous because I would remember someone with a face like that. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Our eyes met across the crowded cafeteria, and he looked away quickly. As I examined them, the youngest, one of the Cullens, looked up and met my gaze, this time with evident curiosity in his expression. As I looked swiftly away, it seemed to me that his glance held some kind of unmet expectation.

"Which is the boy with the reddish brown hair?" I asked. I peeked at him from the corner of my eye. He was till staring at me, but not gawking like the other students had today; he looked slightly frustrated. I looked down again.

"That's Edward. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. Apparently, none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him." She sniffed a clear case of sour grapes. I wondered when he'd turned her down.

I bit my lip to hide a smile. Then I glanced at him again. He was smiling too; a panty dropping smile or was it more of a smirk.

I dropped my eyes at once in a flush of embarrassment. I felt my panties dampen, my heart was racing, and I was faint from not breathing.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you," Jessica giggled in my ear. I just blushed; I was too shy to look at him again.

After lunch, I walked with Angela, one of the girls at the table, to Biology. When we entered the classroom, Angela went to sit at a black-topped lab table exactly like the ones I was used to. She already had a neighbor. In fact, all the tables were filled but one. Next to the center aisle, I recognized Edward Cullen by his unusual hair, sitting next to that single open seat.

As I walked down the aisle to introduce myself to the teacher, and get my slip signed, I was watching him surreptitiously. When I passed, he suddenly went rigid in his seat. He stared at me again; meeting my eyes with the strangest expression on his face.

Mr. Banner signed my slip and handed me a book with no nonsense about introductions. Of course, he had no choice but to send me to the one open seat in the middle of the room. I couldn't stop myself from peeking occasionally through the screen of my hair at the strange boy next to me. I could feel electricity zinging through my body from his proximity. I wandered if he could feel it too.

"Hello," said a quiet, musical voice. "My name is Edward Cullen," he continued. "You must be Bella Swan."

"H-how do you know my name?" I stammered.

He laughed a soft, enchanting laugh.

"Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole town's been waiting for you to arrive."

We shook hands, and I jerked my hand away quickly because when he touched me, it stung my hand as if an electric current had passed through us. I felt connected to him. We talked about the weather and my reasons for moving to Folks. He made me feel so comfortable that I forgot about being shy and nervous. I felt mesmerized by his golden eyes.

Mr. Banner called the class to order then, and I turned with relief to listen. I was in disbelief that I'd just explained my dreary life to this bizarre, beautiful boy. He'd seemed engrossed in our conversation but now I could see, from the corner of my eye, that he was leaning away from me again, his hands gripping the edge of the table with unmistakable tension.

I still felt that strong sexual attraction for him. I wondered if he could feel it too. Is this why he was acting this way?

I put my head on my desk, so I could peek at him unnoticed. I started to fantasize about Edward. The top two buttons on his shirt were undone so I could see his chest and throat. His skin looked smooth. I wondered what it would feel like if I licked his exposed skin or to feel his hands on my body. Just thinking of what those long fingers could do to me was making me cream my panties again. Looking at his lips, I wanted to have him kiss me until I passed out from lack of oxygen. I was hyperventilating.

Coming out of my daze, I could hear Edward Cullen's low, frantic voice in my ear. "Bella, are you all right?"

"I'm fine." My voice sounded strange.

I blushed; I couldn't tell him that I was thinking about him that way. What would he think? The new girl is a nymphomaniac. I could hear the rumors spreading around the school if anyone found out.

That night I dreamed of Edward Cullen. The dream was so vivid that I almost cried when I woke up and found it was not real.

We were in this beautiful meadow. We started out talking, and one thing led to the next. I had unbuttoned his shirt. He was lying very still with his eyes closed. He was shimmering in the sunshine. The meadow, so spectacular to me at first, paled next to his magnificence. Hesitantly, afraid that he would disappear like a mirage, too beautiful to be real… I reached out one finger and stroked the back of his shimmering hand, where it lay within my reach. I marveled again at the perfect texture, satin smooth and cold as stone. When I looked up again, his eyes were open, watching me. I inched closer, stretched out my whole hand now to trace the contours of his forearm with my fingertips.

So quickly that I missed his movement, he was half sitting, propped up on his right arm. His angel's face was only a few inches from mine. And then his cold, marble lips pressed softly against mine. Blood boiled under my skin, burned in my lips. My breath came in a wild gasp. My fingers knotted in his hair, clutching him to me. I moaned when I felt his tongue sliding along my bottom lip. My lips parted as I breathed in his heady scent, and his tongue immediately went in and clashed with mine. His taste was indescribable. I couldn't get enough of him. All I could think of was more, I wanted so much more. As if he could read my mind, he had me pinned to the ground. His hands were all over my body. He hitched my leg over his to get us closer. I could feel his arousal through his jeans and it made my insides melt.

I felt him shiver as I ran my hands up and down his back, then around his waist and over his hard nipples. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders, removing one barrier that was between us. My hands then went to the button on his jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped it, slipping my hand into his boxers to felt his cock. It was hard and silky smooth. He slid his hand under my skirt and moved it up. I moaned as he reached one finger into my panties to touch my wet folds. Then he groaned. I was panting. More, I wanted more. I started pushing his jeans down, trying to get it over his hips.

He clutched my hands to stop me.

"Bella, love, I don't want our first time to be on the ground", he whispered. "I want to make it special for you, but I was thinking there was something I wanted to try." And he took my face in his hands and kissed me again.

Then he slowly undressed me and stopped to look over my body.

"You're so beautiful" he murmured, then he started kissing his way down my body. He stopped at my breast and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth. My back arched as I thrust my chest out more. He was massaging my other breast squeezing and tweaking that nipple. Then he switched so the other breast could get the same attention with his mouth. His cold tongue was making me crazy as he sucked and flicked my sensitive nipples. Just when I thought I would lose my mind, his mouth left my nipples and traveled over my stomach, stopping briefly at my navel. He stuck his tongue into my navel, and I shivered.

He continued his path down my body burying his face in my pussy. He speared my lips with his tongue, and I bowed from the pleasure. He blew his cold breath on my pussy, and I bit my bottom lip to hold back a scream. His hands grabbed my ass, so he could bring me closer to his mouth. He found my aching clit and sucked it into his mouth. He was sucking and flicking it with his tongue. Then he thrust his tongue into me again. Fucking me with it. He moved it in and out so fast my head was spinning. He moved to my clit again as he slipped a finger into my aching, dripping pussy. He added another finger and curled them to reach my g spot. He was fucking me with his fingers while nibbling and sucking my clit.

With his cold hard fingers inside of me, his cold tongue on my clit and his cold breath on my hot pussy, I was coming undone. Then he bit the inside of my thigh. I was on sensory overload. I exploded. I couldn't hold back the scream as I had the best orgasm of my life. I could feel my muscles clenching around his fingers. He replaced his fingers with his mouth, as he sucked every drop of cream, like he was a condemned man, and this was his last meal. Then he looked up and smiled at me. My whole body felt limp like a rag doll. I was breathless and incoherent. I couldn't think of a single thing to say. No toy had ever made me feel this way. If he was so good with his tongue and fingers, I wondered what his cock will feel like.

I had no time to find out because the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. I wanted to throw it out the window. It was only a dream. I felt crushed. I rushed into the shower to relieve myself with the removable shower head. I vowed then and there, that I would do whatever it takes to make this a reality. No more scared, shy little virgin. Edward Cullen was going to be mine.