Hello everyone,

Happily Ever After the sequel to Love at First Sight has begun. Chapter one picks from the last chapter of LAFS. I posted the preface and the first chapter over the weekend. If you want to continue with the lives of the Lovebirds, join us as they have new adventures and overcome trials, plus the fun of raising four special babies.

Summary: Sequel to Love At First Sight. Like the books, they met and fell in love. Unlike the books, he proposed on prom night, and she accepted. They had a beautiful, romantic wedding, and a fabulous honeymoon on Isle Esme. They attended Dartmouth with their siblings, but Bella got pregnant during freshman year and had quadruplets. In their effort to keep the children a secret from the Volturi, they moved to Isle Esme. Will that be far enough to escape the watchful eyes of Aro and the guards? Join them as they embark on the next phase of their lives. As Edward said, "Happily Ever After is just another beginning."

Thanks you again for your support with LAFS.

DC :)