I'm running again.

Running, running running. Hide, hide, hide. That's my life now, and frankly, it's a bit dull. Same thing- get up, run, kill nobody. That's my strategy. Not the best for getting sponsors, but who needs them? I have myself, and that's all I need.

Of course, I have killed. It's crucial to survival here. But I make it clean; no blood, no mess. Just a quick dart to the neck- they never see it coming. My goal is simple: don't make it bloody until the end. Then, go all out. Or not even. If I can help it, I'll make it so it's quick for them. They probably wouldn't deserve it though. They'd have killed, and probably loved it. Of course, that's just if its one of the Careers. I've seen them kill; I've been in the trees and they never even knew it.

They laughed.

Laughed in the face of their screaming victims. That Two girl is a nasty piece of work- makes it slow. If it's between us, I won't do it quick. I'll make it count.

Funny- I never thought of myself as the kind to avenge the deaths of people I don't know. I kind of look out for myself. Keep my head down, do my work, ignore the injured that are taken out of the rigs every day, their legs fried by live wires. I've never minded. I guess it's the fact that now the dead are all my age. Some younger even. That's just sick. Sick and twisted, even more than I'm used to. Me! I am a terrible, selfish person, and I can admit it. So that really puts into perspective the faults of the Careers.

So I revoke my previous statement. It will be bloody and vicious, when they meet their ends at my hands. And I will enjoy every second of it.

Author's note: So, my first story! Not very long, or good, but I thought I should write a story for my possible favorite character. And just as a note, in my mind District 5 is power/oil manufacturing, which is why she mentions "rigs".