Part 1

A war had broken out with humans and vampires for thousands of years, even now the vile, blood craving creatures, along with man, destroyed the once beautiful earth. That is just the natural story. This tale I am about to tell you, is of mine...

I lived out in the desert with my Rottweiler, Mathaius, if I were to die no one would know, but that's how I liked it. The cities, which had large walls formed around them to protect them, were controlled by religion, there was only one way and that was 'you go against the church and you're going against God. I didn't believe that, so I moved out to the desert. Of course there was no way to grow food so I bought food from the nearest city called, Mikon.

We were told that the priests killed the vampires, helping them end the war, but I knew other wise. Why else would they build a wall around the city. My father, Paul, was a priest. He left my mother and I when I was twelve, but I knew he had to go which is why I never hated him. I don't know if he's still alive now but if he was then I would maybe see him one day.

The wind blew the sand across the fields and I sat on my rocking chair on my front porch. Mathaius lied next to me calm and almost in a sleeping state. My black hair blew over my shoulders and over my face. My chocolate colored skin was a tad sweaty even though I just washed it. I closed my green eyes thinking of the past.


I was crying hard on my bed and I just couldn't understand. My father sat on the edge of my bed silent as he always was.

"YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT ANY OF US!" I yelled over my shoulder and pushed my face back into my pillow. My mom stood in the doorway and my father looked at me with his dark green eyes. He and I were the only ones with green eyes.

"Aurora, please understand." he said softly putting his head on my rough curls. I shook my head and sat up, looking at him with puffy eyes. The Priest's gad come for my father so he could be one of them.

"But why, daddy? We need you here." I sobbed lightly. His green eyes were soft and he pulled me into his arms.

"I know, but who will protect the other humans? Who will protect you and your mother if I do not go?" he asked. I soon realized he was doing this protect us, he was leaving to keep us safe. I hugged him tightly crying into his black jacket and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I will return one day..."

End Flashback

My green eyes stared out into space and suddenly I hear Math growling. I looked down at him with my eyes to see his massive head lifted.

"What is it, boy?" I asked softly. He continued to stare out at the dusty land. I hope whatever it was was nothing. I can not defend myself nor would I try to. Right now I didn't care whether I lived or died at this point. After my mother died I no longer cared about life. I had nothing to live for. A couple of hours later I was on my way to Mikon to get some food for me and Math. He trotted beside me happily and I simply looked up at the road ahead. I kept a white hat over my head and a blue bandana over my mouth so no sand blowing in the wind could get on me. I had a black tank top, matching pants, and some black boots with my back pack on my back.

My hair blew in the wind and I soon came upon old buildings and people moving about. I minded my own business as I walked towards a shack like store. I looked at Math.

"Stay boy." I commanded. Math only whined in reply and I leaned down and rubbed his head. "I'll bring you out a treat." I bribed.

Math barked in reply and lied down in the spot he stood. I said 'good boy' to him and went inside and sat Jeb, the store owner at the counter looked up at me and smiled. I took of my bandana.

"Hey Aurora. How are you?" he asked. I nodded at him and confronted him at the counter.

"I'm good Jeb." I answered. Jeb was an old man and fragile in my mind. He was a man I helped anytime I could. "Do you have what I need?" He nodded proudly.

"In the back. I just got them yesterday." he said and held up a finger telling me to wait. I leaned over the counter as he went into the back room. H e was my food supplier getting me clean water, fruits, and vegetables. I payed him back with the money my mom gave me before she died. Three hundred dollars that I only spent on food. I heard Math, growling once and then suddenly I hear him whimpering in fear. I arched a brow to no one, wandering what spooked him. I heard every footsteps approaching and I was a bit curious of who came in because no one barely comes in. For a moment I thought about turning to see who the stranger was, but I changed my thinking for I didn't want to be noticed.

"Smells like...Priest." I hear him say in a deep, rough tone. My body tensed up greatly at the sound I had a strong feeling this guy was dangerous. I was about to turn my head until the door open and out came Jeb with a large brown bag that looked heavy to others.

"Here you go, Aurora. Fresh apples, beans, water, and everything else you can think of." he said. I smiled humbly at him and reached into my pocket and pulled out three dollars and gave it to the man.

"Thank you, Jeb. I will return soon." I said humbly and placed my bandana over my mouth. He nodded.

"Anytime. Come back soon now." he said. I grinned and placed the bag over my shoulders and turned from him only to see a large stranger standing in my wait with his head tilted down so I could not see his face. He had on a long black over coat and black pants as well as boots. I blinked a few times as I looked away from him.

"Excuse me Miss." he said in a deep tone. I tilted my head at him and squinted. His voice, sounded so familiar, but from where. I shook it off and stepped to the side.

"No it was my fault." I said before moving around him and heading out the door. "Come, Math." my dog followed me and I threw him a piece of dry meat from my bag. I didn't forget about my payment to him. We returned home and it was now late. I ate two apples and water. It wasn't much but it kept me full for now I fed Math two steaks and some water. When it was time to get ready for bed I bathed and washed my hair then got in my white night gown and went to my bed. Math slept at the foot of my bed and I smiled before closing my eyes and drifting to sleep.

"You're one of the guys whose taking my daddy away." I hear my young voice echo through darkness. I feel as if I am watching a movie. I see the young me looking up at someone with hateful eyes.

"Your father is coming with us for the greater good of God." the man said. I shake my head with defiance.

"God doesn't send men to tear families apart." I said bitterly. The older man tilted his head.

"You are a very bright child for your age, in time you will understand." he said.

I heard a loud bark then whimper and I assumed that it was apart of my dream so I did not wake up for a moment. Then something woke me up. Something in my stomach made me wake up and I slowly opened my eyes. I sat slowly not feeling more weight on my bed. Math was gone. I looked around slowly into the darkness thinking maybe he had went out to relieve himself.

"Math." I said a bit loudly. He always came to the sound of my voice ever since he was a puppy he came to me. This time he didn't come. I was a bit nervous now because I knew something wasn't right. I pushed the blanket off my body and swung my feet over my bed and got up. I slowly walked over towards my door and opened it.

"Mathaius!" I now yelled even though my voice was cracking due to me waking up now. I looked around wandering where he could be. I came into the living room and looked at the front door to see it was locked. I walked over to is slowly then look stopped as I felt something wet beneath the soles of my feet. I looked down at my wooden floors to see red drops on my floor. It was warm and pasty as I wiggled my toes a bit. I noticed the red liquids led to my right towards my dining where I had just ate.

My heart beat increased as I slowly took steps towards it, following the trail. I had a clue what it was, but I was denying it in my mind.

"M-math?" I asked quietly and when I finally walked into the room my eyes were drawn up and my eyes widened with utter shock. There he was, my beloved puppy hanging from the ceiling by his tail with his neck cut and blood dripping from his wound. His tongue hung out his mouth and his eyes were a bit opened looking at me. My chest was heaving up and down and I couldn't help but inhale a large breath of air then let out a piercing blood curdling scream. Too bad no one was here to hear me.