Part 18

As the warm water fell upon my face I couldn't help but rub my stomach slowly. So I was pregnant. This was so odd and new for me. A part of me was so nervous and the other part of me was jumping for joy because it was Gabriel's child. Soon we would have an empire and no humans would be left. I asked myself how I was feeling about all this and it wasn't easy to admit that I had mixed feelings. The priests and the saints are supposed to be the ultimate good and vampires the darkness. I thought about the vampire queen and of the dream I had. Was it a clear fact I would be having a boy? Or maybe I was really supposed to have a girl. Once I was done bathing I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body.

I looked in the mirror at my wet form. My curls damp and my face still soaked. My eyes showed another story. I leaned forward and at my new colored eyes. I felt my legs start to weaken again so I leaned back and went back into Gabriel's room; well I guess it was our room now. When I looked towards the bed I was stunned to see black pants and a black tank top that was a bit short around the midriff area. Finally something other than dresses. Once I was dry I placed the clothes on and looked at myself in the mirror with a satisfied look. The door opened again and in came Gabriel. His hat was slid on right over his left eye and he looked as if he were ready for something. He smiled down at me and moved closer towards me.

"The train will be stopping shortly. Are you ready to go?" he asked taking my hands in his. I smiled and nodded.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I told curling my fingers with his. He grinned and kissed me softly.

"As we talk with my associates our precious will be unloading to be transported back to their mother." he explained. I tilted my head with slight worry.

"The priest will surely be waiting for us in Pyron town." I replied. He nodded.

"Yes I envisioned this. I plan to lead them to the hive so they can be slaughtered. As the vampires distract I will take you to the queen so you may have her blood. Once you are turned you will be strong enough to help me kill the remaining priest and saints if there are any." he explained. I felt my gaze leave his.

"I have never killed before." I replied. His fingers curled under my chin and I looked back up at him. His smile was still gentle.

"Once you are turn you will crave one thing and one thing only: blood." he said in a husky tone. "You will feast on those who survive."

For some reason that thought excite me a bit. To drink blood and to take life put me on some sort of edge. I nodded with a smile.

"I can't wait. What is this secret place we will be taking however to get to the mountains? I doubt we can get there on foot." I told. He chuckled darkly at my reply and nodded.

"Yes so we will go underground. For months now the vampires have been digging tunnels under the towns we have hit and destroyed. Now they make new tunnels to new cities. One you are turned and the priest are gone they will attack swiftly in the night and turn everyone or kill those who refuse." he told and moved around me for a moment and looked out the window. "I plan to bring wild life back to this desert hell. I already have seeds of fruit and vegetables as well as trees in my possession. When we rule we will rule over a vast land of new life of a new breed."

He was sounded so strong and his cause sounded so easy to obtain, but I knew that was only a lie. I moved up to him and took his hand in mine and he turned his head to me. With my other hand I touched his face lightly.

"We will take things one step at a time. The priest must die in order for our… generation to live" I said. I couldn't really believe I was saying this, but my words were true. I could only imagine what the priest will do to me if they found out I was pregnant. I only saw death if I ever turned back to them. He grinned and touched my hand for a moment then reached down and touched my stomach.

"Spoken like a queen." he told. I smiled warmly and kissed him gently. Beneath my feet I felt the train start to slow its movements. Gabriel looked out the window again and frowned this time then at me.

"They will be coming soon. Once we leave this train we must be quick and cautious." he warned. I nodded and he took my hand in his and moved us out the room. I could only imagine this would be the last time I see this room. As we moved quickly through the dark hallways we passed the vampires chambers. Some of the coffins they were in were gone; some were still in their rooms.

"Some of them are missing." I warned Gabriel, but he didn't look alarmed.

"I commanded some of the weaker ones to go back to the mountains last night. The stronger and bigger ones will help lead us through the tunnels. I have them ready to be moved immediately. The familiars will carry them off as we speak to my associates." he told. "Even then we must be quick."

"Who are your associates?" I asked.

"Friends of mine who have been turned into familiars." he answered. I was a bit taken by his answer. Familiars, who had enough intelligence to keep Gabriel's attention? They must be different familiars. The train came to a final stop and Gabriel stopped and opened the door, bright light came in and I winced a bit. The two of us left out the door and into the light. I was very curious of who these familiar friends of his were.