The last words Ohrime remebered hearing from Ulquiorra was

'Do I scare you women?' Ulquiorra asked

'I'm not afraid' said Orihime "I'm not afraid.'

His gaze bore into Orihime's and his lip started to move.

'I see..' said Ulqiourra.

Her heart aching as she watched Ulquiorra reach out to her as he dissolved from hisregular form. He had the legs like he would in his resurected form and some of the body but you could see his very pale skin and normal he had treated her harshly with her treats she had not feared the espada. Quiet the opposite, She had always thought she had certain feelings towards Ichigo Kurosaki the visard who still conidered himseld the substitute shinigami she could only respond to what my heart said. Orihime had done that almost. She wanted to tell him she loved him. Orihime had waited when no one was looking and took off a necklace she wore that no one knew about. She had kept it in her pocket and placed it where Ulquiorra had died and burried it in the sound. For the man she loved. He would now have it forever carrying her heart.

Orihime woke from her dream with tears in her eyes. The two people she loved had become hollows. Sora her brother and Ulquiorra though techincally he was an Espada before she even knew him as a human. She missed him and once she got home from Soul Society she cried herself to sleep. She told no one not even Rukia about her love for the fourth espada. She did tell Sora and her family though but they could never reveal her secret. Orihime wasn't afraid to talk to the pictures for one reason. She had gotten great at sensing spiritual pressure. The days had gone by. Sometimes Nel-san would come out of a garganta and would visit Ichigo and the others and sometimes she would see Rukia. Ichigo still had his powers and Grimmjow had managed to survive somehow. It had shocked Ichigo since he though when Nnoitra did that cheap though he though Grimmjow being dead. Grimmjow and Ichigo had fallen and love and were currently dating. It somewhat hurt Rukia since she had a slight crush on the shinigami but soon got over it when she had started falling for her childhood friend Renji Abari. Orihime was left to forever be lonely. She tried to date Ishida but they both agreed it was going nowhere. He treated her as his sister though using his quincy powers to protect her when she had used her shielding powers. Orihime gained a little power since the winter war but we all knew she could never defeat anythign like a fraccione. Maybe adhuches if she were lucky. I had the fifth seat in Ukitaki's squad and managed well. Orihime couldn't harm the fifth seat because she didn't have the heart in her but she did it anyways then healing the fifth seat apologizing afterwards. Ukitake said Orihime would most likely be in fourth seat when she went to soul society but he was wrong. Orihime planned on getting stronger once she obtained her own zanpukto. She would hope she still had her flower power too so that it would help. Yeah kido seemed great but all her human life she would be relying on her flowers to survive. Sighing Orihime got dressed and got ready for the summer. She decided to go shopping for cloths and some food.

What should I buy today. Maybe a nice dress for the summer. One that went to my knee's. For food maybe I could get bean paste and some bread.

Orihime knew she didn't eat like a regular person would but she didn't mind. The food tasted really good anyways and she didn't matter what others thought of her. Walking into a clothing store Orihime felt a similar reistu in the back of the shop and she followed it. It was a clothing store for male and female. She knew it wasn't Tatsuki since she knew that one well along with it not being Ichigo's. Maybe Ishida's or even Chad's. Orihime walked to the back to see a man with black hair though. The man turned around nad she saw deep green eyes star into her grey ones.

"U...Ulquiorra?" Orihime asked.

It had to be him. The boy had the green tear line streaks from his eyes to his jaw line but not the hollow hole or arrancar mask. Orihime stepped forward slightly shaking.

"Are you afraif?" the boy said.

"No," said Orihime," how are you alive. What happened?"

"Come with me," he said.

Orihime did as he said and followed her to the back of the shop. He turned around looking at her motioning for her to come forward.

"I do not know what happened," he said," but I went to a man named Kiskue Uruhuara and asked him for a gigia as you people would call it. I stalked Grimmjow and found him making him tell me how he was visable. I made him swear not to tell or I would kill him. Somehow I still manage to have my espada powers. Neliel and her fraccione ran into me when I had awoken. I told them I would kill them if they did not leave me be. Or if they told the subsititue shinigami trash that I was alive. I refused to show my prescene until today. Because..."

"Oh I missed you Ulquiorra," Orihime said while fighting off the tears.

"Do not cry Orihime," he said.

She nodded her head and moved closer to Ulquiorra and he pulled something out of his pocket. The necklace. Orhime gasped.

"Y...You found it?" Orihime asked shocked.

"Yes," he said.

Ulquiorra pulled Orhime into her arms and then kissed her lips lightly and she kissed back. The tears slid down her cheeks. She though that she would never find love but her Ulquiorra was kissing her.

"I love you," Orihime whispered