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Orihime had given birth two months ago in the soul society. She had a stunning boy whom she named Toichi. If it was a girl she would have named her Jinnosuke. The boy had a single red line on each eye running from his tear ducs to his jaw line like his father along with black hair. However his eyes were a shimmering red. Orihime smiled as she held her son in a rocking chair that had been a gift from Byukuya. Yamamoto had not been so harsh on her about getting back to her duties and she didn't mind one bit. Orihime was glad to be a mother and even more ecstatic to see how well Ulquiorra was coping with it. Tatsuki had stayed for a week and didn't want to leave Toichi. She said he was the cutest thing ever and couldn't wait for him to grow up so he could come to the world of the living and visit her. It was currently January 14th and Toichi was born on October had even got their house done. Shigeru was in her manifest form which was either a shado, wind, lightning but with a shape, fire with a shape of a human body and shimmering ice with a human body. Though usually Shigeru was in her wind form. Building their house in the forrest where Orihime and Rukia first trained. It was amazing and outstanding. When Orihime was only a four months preganant. The dress was beautiful elegant white gown. Ulquiorra wore a black tuxudo with those barely noticable grey lines down it with a red tie. He looked so gorgous and he even showed off his dazzling smile that he only gave to Orihime. Grimmjow was Ulquiorra's best man and as a joke Grimmjow thought they shoulld get Szayl since he was a statue. Grimmjow thought he'd make a great gift. Tatsuki was Orihime's bride maid of course. Yuzu was the flower girl since they had learned about soul society and all a while ago. Karin just sat in the stands bored and wishing she were able to see the hockey game. Since Orihime didn't have a a father she had Kiskue walk down the isle with her. It surprised Orihime that Yamamoto had Kiskue allowed in soul society. Life was going good.

Though all was not good for everyone. Ichgio and Grimmjow were currently Ichigo studying and Grimmjow making something to eat. The bell rang and Ichigo jumped at the chance to stop studying for a moment.

"I'll get it," announced Ichigo.

Ichigo walked to the door. Opeing it he saw small fragile child in a basket wrapped around in a blue blanket where there was a note.

Dear Grimmjow,

It's me. You know that girl from the bar and hotel. The soul reaper. I'm sorry to put you on the spot but this one night stand we had because we were drunk came to haunt us. I named him Haruki and gave him your last name. I only found it out from another soul reaper. Haruki will never know about me got it? I already feel like an idiot for having sex with a god damn esapda who was 1. Gay and 2. A previous enemy for soul society. Yamamoto is the only one who knows I gave birth to him and captain Unohana but if anyone asks who gave birth to Haruki they wil respond by saying they do not know. I couldn't go through with aborting him. I may seem mean but I'm not so cruel as to kill it off without well you knowing you could be a dad. Do what ever you want with him I really don't care .He's half soul reaper half hollow. I'm sorry...Okay I'm not really sorry only feeling bad since I'm putting you on the spot. I feel even worse since I don't really love him. Please don't get angry and kill me. I want to live in peace. Haruki was born December 13 so he isn't that old. He didn't really enjoy my prescene anyways so maybe he'll like your parenthood and please treat him well.

From well you know who.

Ichigo looked at the child in the basket. Blue hair exactly like Grimmjow's but not the same color. Yellow golden eyes that were luminous. Ichigo picked up the child because he began to squirm and make a cry of protest. Ichigo was angered by the fact that Grimmjow had done that to him but the child he held in his arms was soothing. Ichigo was good with children and didn't mind them so when he heard Grimmjow Ichigo turned around. ichigo sent a death glare towards Grimmjow but then looked down to the child that was in his arms.

"Oh shit," said Grimmjow.

"Read the note," said Ichigo," nice soul reaper you fucked right?"

Grimmjow snatched the paper and began to read it. His eyes moving from right to left. When Grimmjow finished he stared blankly at the paper and then his son.

"What a bitch," said Grimmjow," leaving me with the kid."

"Grimmjow idiot," said Ichigo," if any reason for her to be a bitch it's because she said she is embarrassed of your son AND the fact that she doesn't even love him. You're going to rasie Haruki. A parent who is human would never be able to raise this kid. "

"You mad?" asked Grimmjow.

"No shit," said Ichigo" I'm peeved because you couldn't even tell me and your son did and his mother ended up telling me about your dirty little secret."

Haruki began to cry and Ichigo moved up and down to sooth the child. In attemp to stop him from crying.

"Shhh," said Ichigo," here Grimmjow take your kid."

Ichigo handed a shocked Grimmjow his son and surprisingly Grimmjow managed to hold the Haruki without even dropping him. Grimmjow trying to hold Haruki like Ichigo did. Haruki had stopped crying and instead let out a yawn with a big O and rested his head on Grimmjow's chest. Slowly beginning to fall asleep.

"I'll forgive you on one condition," said Ichigo.

"Yeah and what's that?" asked Grimmjow.

"Keep him," said Ichigo.

"What?" said Grimmjow.

"You heard me," said Ichigo," keep him and I'll forgive you. "

Grimmjow sighed," I can't believe I'm doing this but okay. I don't want to but I'm doing this for you ya know."

"Good," said Ichigo.

Ichigo picked up the basket and followed Grimmjow into the house where they sat in the living room. Grimmjow and Ichigo playing with Haruki once he had woken up from his nap. The kid could smile at this age and hold up his head so that was good. Ichigo took Haruki and told Grimmjow he had to go by diapers, a crib, formula, bottles and baby whipes. Grimmjow grumbled about it and did so. Grimmjow no matter what decided to love his son since Hazel didn't and because Grimmjow never had parents of his own. As a human yes but he had been a hollow for so long he forgot the memories or even why he died.

Life for the two espadas would get quiet interesting. Being parents to a son. how life would unroll they did not know but all their mistakes had been forgaven and forgotten. Each had a life full of raising a child, dealing with fights and the fact that Ichigo and Orihime were so close. Rivalry or quarrls between the two were one of them would end up covered in bruises and cuts. Does having soul reaper and a hollow child make it easier for the parents? Well only time would tell.

Corny ending since tutti i miei sbgali means all m mistakes. anyways next story is about haruki and toichi. its called sentimetla piggy romance. it's going to say Orihime on it and Grimmjow but only because they are the parents of the hyrbids. anyways i hope you fans read it. the two hybrids willo be at age 16 also sorry for the short epilogue. see you until next time.