Summary: Getting laid was not enough, I am determined to make him mine. Normally I wouldn't work so hard to convince somebody but for him I make an exception. Resisting was his first mistake but I will show him the error of his ways. Sasunaru. Yaoi. Rated M or language and lemons.

A/N: This fic was inspired by the song "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" by Panic! At the Disco. Not really the entire song but a single verse. It was a nice challenge for me and I am pleased with the outcome, I hope you will be too! Enjoy!

Warnings: Plenty of boyxboy action throughout. If that is not your cuppa' then don't even start reading.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and I don't own Panic! At the Disco, but I must thank both for inspiring this story.

Have you ever seen two 17 year old guys fucking in the passenger seat of a mid sized sedan? Yeah, neither have I. That is why I am glad I own a SUV – okay technically my parents own it, but I possess the only set of keys. Aside from being great for hauling bulk groceries around town, it is fantastic for fucking blonds. Not that I do a lot of that, but as I gaze around the interior there is not a grocery bag in sight – there is, however, a blond propped up on his knees, face buried into the blanket I line the back with. I would say the statement stands true.

He is still breathing hard, his hands clenched around his ass cheeks; having placed them there to keep them spread and accommodate my girth. I'm still rolling my hips at a lethargic pace, squeezing out any and every last drop of pleasure. I can feel myself softening even as I continue to thrust and I know I ought to pull out and remove the latex wrap before I slide right out of it.

Begrudgingly I leave the tight heat. I deftly remove the condom and lean over the blond, he crumbles like a house of cards onto the floor – or, more accurately, the fold down seats. I find the button on the door's armrest and roll the window down just enough to fling out the prophylactic. As I do I secretly wish that some bored housewife finds it on her morning power walk and turns her nose up in disgust – then she starts to fantasize about who could be so desperate as to fuck in a playground parking lot. I don't think 'two horny teenage boys' will enter her list of scenarios but the thought amuses me.

When I roll the window back up and lean back I realize the blond has shifted. He is now lying on his back, looking up and has a very nice view of my dick. I don't mind that he has been staring, I'm not ashamed. He can stare. He should worship it. That dick was just pounding the shit out of him – or rather deeper into him – but that is neither here nor there. I sit back, resting my ass on his stomach and smile – you can stare, you earned it with the way you screamed me name. God that sound had been glorious – beautiful, melodious, symphonic. If I went completely deaf to all other sounds for the rest of my life, I think I wouldn't mind; so long as I was guaranteed I could hear him moan and pant and scream whenever I damn well pleased.

I shift my position slightly and my knee lands in cold puddle next to his hip. I grimace and he looks amused but he has the decency not to laugh. It takes the frown away and I smirk. Nobody else could possibly make me smile the way this blond does.

His name is Naruto Uzumaki and he has been the object of my desire for years. He doesn't know that though – despite the fact that we just rutted like wild animals in the back of my SRX. He probably just thinks I have turned my fleeting affections to him like so many boys before him. Well, not so many – a few. There have been other torrid affairs in basements and public bathrooms and other places of convenience. I could count the number of guys I've fucked on one hand, tonight included.

Nonetheless, this is different. This night took much more courage and planning and worrying than any other time. Despite how cheap it seems – in the back of a car in the parking lot next to a jungle gym – tonight was special. I don't know why, but... Naruto is special.

He is smiling up at me, "I can cross that off my list now. Fucked by Sasuke Uchiha," he makes a sign with his finger, "check."

I smile back down at him and he chuckles. I amend my previous statement. I would be fine going deaf to all other sounds accept those that pass through Naruto's rosy pink lips – not just the moaning and panting, but the laughter and softly spoken words. His voice is smooth and low – if mine were silk, his would be velvet. His laugh warms my core; not in a sexual way, oddly enough considering everything that has just transpired.

I start to sort through our clothes and chuck his at his still grinning face. Once dressed we exit the vehicle through the back and walk around to the front. He winces a little as he slides into the passenger seat and I smirk to myself.

I drive him back to his car which is still parked at school. We don't say much during the trip; he says he likes a song on the radio and I agree. We enter the parking lot and I stop next to his Corolla. He gets out and I follow. I move around the front of my SRX and lean back against the fender as he unlocks his door and opens it. He turns to me and I smile.

"So what's your number?" I say as I fish my phone out from my pocket.

"Why?" He almost snorts his question.

I look up, a little confused, "... So I can call you?"

He rolls his eyes, "Yeah. Why would I want you to call me?" I stammer as I try to answer but he continues before I get the chance, "Fucking you is off my list now. Done. The list doesn't start and stop with Sasuke Uchiha."

I'm speechless. I'm never in short supply of snarky retorts, but my vocal cords are apparently paralyzed. I don't think I am even breathing. The blond smirks, apparently satisfied with himself and turns to get in his car. He looks back and says something, some sort of goodbye – but I don't hear it. It's like I am shell shocked, there is just a buzzing and the sound of my pulse in my ears.

I continue to stand there, dumbfounded as he pulls away. I finally shake myself out of my catatonic state and move back to the driver side door. I catch my reflection in the window and I am surprised at how wounded I look. I suppose it makes sense, I have never been shot down before – of course I have never asked for a guy's phone number before either. Perhaps that is part of the reason for the shock; it was my first time putting myself out there, opening myself up for more. Damn, that was harsh.

Something tickles at my brain the whole drive home. I can't place it, but there is something amiss. Nobody is up, or at least around, when I arrive at my house. I'm thankful for that, I have enough questions in my head I don't need to waste my time answering theirs.

I've made it into the shower, rinsing off the sweet remnants of sex, when I realize what it is that didn't seem quite right about that parking lot exchange – the second one, not the first... there had been nothing off about the first. I know the boys at school with a reputation – I'm one of them. Naruto doesn't have a reputation. I've never heard anybody – male or female – speak about him in an intimate manner. I've never noticed him holding hands or otherwise flirting with anybody. But at the same time, that was no virgin in the back of my SRX. Is he so far on the down low that he's off even my radar?

My interest is piqued. So... what? Does he think he is the twink to end all twinks? Like his asshole is so damn sweet that eating it would turn me into a diabetic?

…Well he would be correct. Note to self: get blood sugar checked. I ate a lot of sweet ass tonight.

But he is wrong if he thinks he can do better than me. I don't care who else is on his little list, nobody could treat him the way I could. The way I can. Not only can I fuck him into oblivion, but I can care for him the way he deserves. At least I think I can. I have never wanted to... love... anybody before, but I think I might be able to love him.

That is why I was so taken aback by his statement just under an hour ago. Because I didn't just want to fuck him... but there was no way for him to know that. After all, I do have my reputation – and it isn't for being tender and loving.

So he thought he was getting an empty albeit earth shattering fuck tonight? Well he was sorely – ha – mistaken. He could have just accepted my invitation to turn this into something more, but no – he had to be difficult.

That's fine. If he wants to play hard to get, I can play too.

The first time I see him after our little escapade we are in the hall. It is crowded with students traveling in and out of classrooms, up the stairs, out the doors – but all I see is him. His eyes wander over my frame and he smirks; just as he closes in on me he flashes a smile and winks. I maintain a cool, indifferent exterior but inside my blood is starting to boil. It's a mixture of lust and loathing and I clench my jaw once he is behind me. I won't confront him now, I will wait until the time is right.

I feel Neji's presence flank me before I hear him, "Hey Sasuke."


"How did it go last night?" He asks with a smirk in his tone.

Neji Hyuga is my friend. I do not qualify that title with "close" or "best" because that would imply I have other friends. He is the only person in this whole damn school I can tolerate enough to engage in a friendship.

He is a lot like me; stoic, proud and arrogant. I know those sound like bad traits, but trust me when I say they are becoming on us. Our stoicism drapes us in mystery – people find it intriguing and are naturally drawn to the unknown. Pride is really just another word for confidence, which is always an attractive feature. Arrogance, well... we are kind of dicks – but that doesn't seem to inhibit us in any way from getting what we want, so we continue to be dickish.

"Well?" Neji presses further when I don't answer right away.

I sniff, "A little unexpected."

Neji knew about my plan – how I would approach Naruto after last night's basketball game. I don't normally attend such events, but I knew the blond would be there to support his friend Kiba. However, Neji didn't know about my deeper motives – my feelings. At least, I haven't told him outright – but he is a very intuitive guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he noticed this was something different... special.

"So you fucked him, but..." he peers over at me as we walk. It takes him a few seconds, then he sees it in my eyes – disappointment. He purses his lips, "he turned you down."

It wasn't a question so I don't bother answering it. If he had been wrong I would have corrected him. Instead I shrug and turn down the next hall. I have this strange feeling in my chest, something very unfamiliar. It is the sting of failure.

"Not for long," I flick my gaze back to him, my eyes are dark and determined. He smirks back.

During the time I spent planning out my approach to Naruto, I learned a thing or two about his habits. I know his classes and how quickly he leaves after the final bell rings. I know where he goes during lunch; that is, I have surmised, the best time to confront him.

He will finish his lunch with about 10 minutes to spare and leave the table before his friends. He will take a long walk around the school grounds, meandering toward his next class. I don't know why he does this, it looks like some sort of zen routine – his eyes are distant and he walks as if out of memory, he isn't focused on his path. The expression he wears is placid and if he were anybody else I might think he was getting blazed in the bathroom between the cafeteria and the outdoors. He is beautiful, peaceful. I almost feel bad for interrupting it.

I'm leaning against the brick wall of the main building when he rounds the corner. As I expected, he doesn't see me so I call out to him, "Uzumaki."

A light flickers on in his azure eyes and he turns to face me. That flickering turns to a full blaze and he smiles. It is a teasing expression that translates into his tone, "Hey Uchiha. You still looking for another round?"

I kick myself off the wall and move forward with my shoulders squared and my hands in my pockets. This is my patented bad ass posture – it says 'you've got my attention but I still don't give a fuck'. I circle him and his gaze follows me with increasing anxiety. I am radiating confidence, I want to intimidate him – just a little. I don't want him to know how much he has gotten under my skin... or how much more under my skin I want him.

I stop and we are practically nose to nose. He swallows and I smirk. He is frozen in place, like I have him cornered – but I don't. He could move if he wanted to; he could back up or push past me, but he doesn't move an inch.

"I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you'll ever meet," I smile wickedly, "sweetie you had me."

There is a moment when the air around us becomes electric. His tongue darts out to moisten his lips and for a second I contemplate taking them. I lean in, captivated. Then I remember why I am here and I stop just shy of contact. We are so close I swear our atoms are swapping electrons, but I pull back.

I brush my shoulder against his as I walk past him. I can feel his gaze on me as I round the corner and I smile inwardly.

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