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Ahhh... fuck. That has to be the best night's sleep I've ever had. I wake up to find I am on my back, Naruto is snuggled into my side, his arm wrapped around my waist and head resting on my chest. I look over to my clock, 6:38 am. Normally I am adverse to being awake so early on a Sunday, but I can think of better things to do than sleep.

My hand takes a leisurely stroll down his side. Once my fingers reach his hip they take a detour to his ass, slipping between his cheeks to stroke. I don't advance any further, I simply lay there, petting his crack. It isn't long until he nuzzles into me, groaning something indiscernible into my chest.

Before he is completely conscious he begins to grind against my thigh and I can't help but smile at this. He murmurs something that sounds suspiciously like my name and slowly azure eyes crack open. I smile down at him as looks up to me. My fingers never stop their stroking and he arches his back to bury them further between his cheeks. A sinful and sexy grin creeps onto his lips and he begins to rock his hips with more force. His hot, hard cock rubs against my leg while my fingers slip deeper down his crack and brush teasingly against his hole. He releases a sound that I can only describe as a purr and cranes his neck as he runs his tongue against my skin.

When our eyes meet again there is an exchange of lust and need but I play coy, "Good morning."

He smirks back, "Not yet, but it's about to be."

I arch an eyebrow as he lifts himself up and moves to straddle me. He settles down on my thighs and leans forward, resting his weight on his hands. Our hard ons are lightly pressed together as he sits there, but that doesn't last long. He begins to roll his hips and grind his hard length against mine. My hands wander up his thighs and I grip his hips as I begin to rock up against him. It is a delicious prelude for things to come.

I bite my lip as I thrust up and he lets loose a groan as he presses down. His eyes travel to the sight of this glorious friction and he licks his lips. I peer down to see the precum that has smeared between our swollen heads and I instantly know what he is thinking. He pulls himself away and scoots down, dragging his hands down my sides as he goes.

There is a hedonistic quality to his lapping as he runs his tongue up and down my shaft. He takes one of my balls in his mouth and sucks it gently, moaning all the while. I can't even watch as he slides his tongue back up and flicks it against the slit, wriggles it just inside the tip. I have to grip the sheets and arch my back to hold back from thrusting into his mouth – that would be just plain rude. So I stifle a moan and dig my fingers into his scalp, massaging roughly as his head bobs. I fist the blond locks and tug until he groans. The vibration travels down my shaft and plants itself deep inside my loins, adding to the pressure that is slowly building. I can feel myself salivating, a sign I have come to recognize as a precursor to orgasm.

"Na..." I moan as I pull at his head and he swirls his tongue in response, "stop... Naru..."

He releases my cock just in time, I am teetering painfully on the edge of climax. I flail my hand in the direction of the nightstand and grunt something that he interprets to be a request. Naruto fishes through the drawer where I keep a stash of lube and condoms. He comes back with only the bottle of lube.

I am starting to regain my higher functions when I see him apply a thin layer of liquid to his fingers. He returns to his position on top of my thighs and reaches behind himself. I can't see what he is doing, but I know. He has his bottom lip tucked firmly between his teeth and eyes closed as he prepares himself. There is a steady rhythm rocking the mattress as he bucks back onto his fingers. I look around the bed and realize there is no little square package anywhere to be found.

"Where's the condom?" I ask as I pat around the blankets.

Naruto shakes his head and groans, "S'okay."

He removes his fingers and wipes the remaining slickness off on my aching cock. I have to say... I am a little flabbergasted. This is beyond intimate... this is serious. There is something about that tiny latex barrier that keeps me safe. Not just from disease, but from emotions. Going without a condom implies trust... commitment. I have never fathomed such a thing. Naruto lifts himself up on his knees and moves to hover just above my cock. Only a few inches of thickly charged air separate us.

"I have never gone bareback before," I say with a slight tremor in my voice.

He smiles down at me, "Neither have I."

My apprehension dissipates some with that knowledge. Perhaps this means the same thing to him as it does to me. This act is defining our relationship – demonstrating a deeper devotion.

I bring my hands to his hips and guide him down. His mouth gapes soundlessly as he slides onto my cock. The feeling is familiar and yet wildly different from any other time. He is just as tight as I remember but there seems to be more friction. I can feel every tiny bump and divot as he envelopes me.

"Oh... holy Jesus," I moan as Naruto finishes his descent.

It is so hot and wet. I have seriously been missing out. He must be thinking the same thing, he looks a little shocked as he begins to roll his hips. I can feel the head rubbing along the walls, the crest catching along the nooks and crannies. This is a completely new sensation – and it is amplified when Naruto begins to slide up and down. His hands are splayed out on my chest as he uses his knees to push himself up; it is with my firm grip that he is brought forcefully back down. His brow knots and a restrained cry escapes his throat.

"Naruto," my voice is low, almost a growl as I push him down on my cock, "you don't have to..." I can't control the wanton sound that slips out, "fuck... nobody can hear us. You don't have to be quiet."

He nods and picks up the pace. We work together; pushing and pulling, in and out, repeatedly impaling him on my hard shaft. No matter how hard I thrust up, I just can't get the power I want. His sac is slapping down on my pelvis and still it is not enough.

I grab his hips and still his movements. Wrapping one arm around him, I shift and very nearly throw him back onto the bed. He wraps his legs around my waist and I grab his hips, hoisting them up off the mattress. I ram into him, burying my cock into the tight heat. Now that he is firmly in my grip and I can truly start to fuck him.

And do I ever. I pound into him and he releases cry after wanton cry, moan after pleasureful moan. Curses begin to fly as he begs for more.

"Sa...suke," he pants out between my hard thrusts, "ahhh... f-fuck...fuck me Sasuke."

And here I thought I was... Well there will be no mistaking it now. I push him away as my hips retreat from the tight heat. Just the tip remains, held precariously by the ring of muscle, until I slam our bodies back together.

"Ahhh..." I moan and repeat the action, "how's that? That hard enough for you?"

I keep slamming into him and he nods vehemently and whimpers, "Yes."

"What?" I accentuate my question with an exceptionally hard thrust.

"Yes!" He repeats and I pull him hard onto my cock, "yes...yes!"

Agreeable little twink, I smirk as he screams. He begins to flail, hands slapping the mattress and fisting the blanket. He grabs onto my arms and, after a hard thrust that I'm pretty sure hit his prostate, he drags his nails down, carving pink trails into my skin. I continue to reign an assault on his prostate and his back arches as he begins to beat on me. Open-handed slaps turn into close-fisted hits and I barely dodge a punch that was sent blindly near my head.

Violent little twink, I have to let go of his hips to grab his arms. I lower our bodies as I pin his wrists to the mattress. He bucks and writhes under me as I continue to thrust. Each of my movements is met with a forceful response. The inertia of our efforts pushes our bodies closer to the edge of the mattress and I let go of his wrists to gain traction. By this time his head is hanging off the edge and he is screaming out into the empty room.

I take one hand and cup the back of his head, holding it up. His eyes meet mine and for a moment I can see pure contentment before the cobalt orbs are clouded with ecstasy and close. Once again he begins to scream and curse with reckless abandon. He tosses his head back and forth as he cries out, when he finally settles I trace my thumb across his lips. Eagerly, he pulls the digit into his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue. Another forceful thrust causes him to release my thumb in favor of moaning. He digs his fingers into my back and I gnaw on his neck and shoulder – this only encourages him further.

I pull my face back as he bucks violently underneath me. My eyes are fixed on his mouth as desperate curses fly out of him. I watch as his tongue and lips move to form my name and I find I can no longer stay away from that sinful mouth. My lips collide with his and I consume his cries of pleasure while releasing my own. Tongues and teeth clash in the sloppy exchange – the fervent rocking of my hips makes a steady kiss impossible to maintain. I pull back to release a moan that has been building deep in my chest.

My muscles are on fire but I refuse to slow down. A drop of sweat falls from my brow and lands on Naruto's neck; I lean down and lap it up. The taste of his skin is exponentially stronger than it was last night. It is laced with the various flavors of sex – lust and passion and desire. I run my tongue along the skin again, reveling in the complex combination of need and satisfaction that is seeping from his pores.

The room is filled with the sound of Naruto's wanton moans and my own primal grunts and growls. I am giving everything I have and is is taking it like a champ. He seems insatiable. He bucks up against me, meeting my thrusts with as much power as his position will allow him. His breathing has changed, it is more irregular; shallow pants and punctuated cries. If I didn't know better I would think he was hyperventilating... luckily I know better. He is about to cum.

I let go of his head and it falls back, he doesn't even try to lift it as he wails. I take my hand and bring it between our bodies. His cock is so hard and hot; it is wet with sweat and precum. I grab it firmly and begin to stroke. I swear to God he howls. It is not a sound I have ever heard before; it exemplifies the euphoric agony that is an orgasm.

There is no controlling the snap of the coil, the fall over the edge. When he screams my name and clenches tight around me, I am lost to my release. I don't think I have ever cum so hard. And I don't stop thrusting; I keep pushing, just as hard as ever. My muscles are shaking and I can't breathe through the shudder that takes over my body.

I finally collapse, trembling on top of him. My hips are somehow still rolling – apparently they haven't gotten the message yet. When I finally still I can feel the tingle that has taken hold all over my body, radiating out from where I am buried inside Naruto. Even my fingers and toes are throbbing with the pin prick sensation.

Once again coherent, I prop myself up on my elbows; I catch the glow of my alarm clock from my periphery. 7:32 am. Good God, we have been fucking for almost an hour. It somehow seems like so much longer and yet, at the same time, a blink of the eye.

I move us both back, so that Naruto's head is no longer dangling off the edge of the mattress. My soft dick slides unceremoniously from Naruto's ass, followed shortly after by a trickle of cum. Awesome. The family dry cleaner is going to love that. It doesn't matter, nothing else matters. Not the stains on my $900 duvet, not the dirty looks I am going to receive from my parents, not the teasing from Neji for what I am about to do.

I reach out and brush back the blond hair that has plastered to Naruto's face. His cheeks are flushed and sweat is beading along his hairline. Azure eyes are still hazy – distant and intensely satisfied. I experience a brief internal debate – do I say it? What harm could it do? Is this how I really feel or is this just the afterglow? Fuck it.

"I love you Naruto," I whisper and immediately curse myself. I could have said it with a little more force, a little more confidence. That felt more like an apology than a declaration.

His eyes focus and move to meet mine. My heart is thudding in my chest, the beat is so loud I am sure he can hear it. When he doesn't respond I scream internally. My face has not changed expression; it does not reveal the torrential cursing that is flowing through my mind.

"Sasuke..." he reaches up and strokes my cheek. There is a hint of laughter in his voice as he asks, "Do you even know what love is?"

I have to fight back my glare. Sure, I may appear to be cold bastard but I still feel things. I sit back and Naruto continues to stare up at me from his recumbent position. I run my hand through my sweat dampened hair as I consider my response.

"It's true I have never been in love before," I look down into his soft azure eyes, "and I have never felt this way before either. I guess that isn't a very strong argument... but I don't know how else to describe it."

Naruto props himself up, not too much as the white pools on his stomach haven't dried. He cocks his head and tweaks his brow, "How do you feel?"

I huff and mutter, "Fuck..." I am not the kind to discuss my feelings. I may be gay but I'm not a fucking girl, "I don't know. I just... you..." I growl in frustration and look away. I decide to abandon my filter – whatever I say has got to be better than stammering like an idiot, "I like being around you. You make me smile. I think I am happier when I am with you."

I look down to find Naruto smiling, "See? That wasn't so hard was it?"

But now that the filter is gone I can't seem to stop, "You scared me when I first met you."

Cobalt eyes blinked in confusion, "What?"

"Well," I purse my lips in consideration, "not scared really. I was threatened by you. You weren't affected by me like most people. I had to work a little harder to get your attention." I smile down at him, "It was like a challenge at first... but then I started to feel something. Affection I guess..." I roll my eyes at the memory, "and that scared me."

"Why?" Naruto's quizzical gaze was soft.

"Because I didn't know how you felt about me. Most guys are practically bending over as I approach," I smirk and continue, "but I couldn't read you. I didn't know how I would handle rejection."

"Clearly you do not handle it well," he smiled, "You turn into a stalker and a train pervert."

"Yeah well," I lean back down, my finger tracing lines across his stomach – trailing through the puddles of cum, "Uchiha's always get what they want in the end."

He turns to me with a raised eyebrow, "So you think you 'got' me?"

I bring my finger to my mouth and suck off the liquid coating the tip. I can feel his body shudder as my eyes pierce his. A smirk pulls at the corner of my mouth, "Yeah... I got you."

We spend the rest of the day secluded in my room; talking mostly and fooling around some. I make a few covert trips down to the kitchen for food and drinks and by some divine grace I avoid my parents. The afternoon is shifting into evening and Naruto declares it is time I take him home - before his dad files a missing person report. I begrudgingly oblige, though would rather chain him to the foot of my bed - however, it is my understanding that that is generally frowned upon in our society.

It is a fairly long drive to the other side of town where Naruto lives. Not to imply he comes from the other side of the tracks or anything so cliche - the city is simply vast and sprawling. About halfway through our 45 minute drive he shifts in his seat and moves his hand from the center console to my thigh, I move my hand from the gear shift to grasp his and I maintain a firm grip until we exit the freeway and I have to down shift.

He guides me through the suburban maze and I pull up to the curb in front of a two story house complete with white picket fence. He turns in his seat to face me directly and I do the same. The air is thick with unsaid words.

"I had a good time last night... and this morning," he finally says with a small smile.

A grin pulls at the corner of my lips, "Me too."

He turns and grabs the door handle, then pauses. He turns back with slightly more serious eyes, "Did you really mean what you said?"

"What?" I tilt my head slightly, "That I love you?"

Naruto's gaze flits away briefly, "And that you want to be with me."

I take his hand and bring his fingertips to my lips, kissing them one at a time, "Naruto, I have never wanted to be with anybody else... not like how I want to be with you."

He pulls his hand from my grip and slips it behind my head, tugging me forward as he moves in. There is a gentle quality to this kiss, his soft lips melt into mine - assisted by the heat of our tongues. The embrace is deep and slow, not just an exploration of mouths but of souls. I think he is trying to gauge my sincerity - as if there were a saliva test for such a thing. When he finally pulls back I find his eyes are dark and shimmering.

"Satisfied?" I ask with a teasing tone.

He offers a half grin, "Very."

"Good," I say and then smirk, "I plan on keeping it that way."

The End