DISCLAIMER: I do not own Beverly Hills 90210 or any of the characters involved in this story.

A/N: This is my very first BH90210 fanfic so I really hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. I've actually had this idea in my head for several years. I was and still am a huge BH90210 fan, but there were 2 things about the high school years that I never liked. First, I didn't like the way that Douglass Emerson's character (Scott) was written out of the show and that they never even tried to give him a major storyline. Having not been very popular myself in high school, I could relate to his character better than any others and the way they killed him off has always bothered me. Secondly, while I loved the whole Brenda/Kelly/Dylan triangle, I hated the way it ended. So this is my way of killing two birds with one stone. Not only will the triangle storyline continue here. But Scott, who never really got his own story, will now be a center piece in perhaps the most popular storyline of the entire series.

This story takes place in a slightly rewritten and altered season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210. In this series, Scott Scanlon did not accidentally shoot and kill himself in season 2. He is still alive, but is rarely ever seen anymore. His long time best friend, David Silver, has completely abandoned him for the more popular cool gang of the school and is relishing his new found popularity that his music and being Kelly Taylor's step-brother has brought him. Scott, meanwhile, continues to suffer the torments and humiliations that being a social outcast entails. Everything else is basically the same as it was on the show. The story picks up shortly after Dylan picked Kelly Taylor as his girlfriend over Brenda Walsh, leaving Brenda hurt and angry and spending days cutting up old photos and throwing out old mementos. For the purposes of this story, Brenda was still Sue Scanlon's senior buddy. However the entire Sue Scanlon/Gill Meyers sexual harassment thing never happened.

Also, almost everything that happened on this show that is not related to this story will happen as it did on the show (Dylan's father dying/Brandon's gambling addiction/Kelly's diet pill overdose), just with the altercation of Scott still being alive. Also, Donna never gets drunk at prom either. That would kind of ruin the ending that I have planned.

Making her way through the courtyard of West Beverly High, a now recluse and introverted Brenda Walsh looks for a secluded place to sit down and eat her lunch. She spots her friends sitting over at an outside lunch table in the bright California sunshine. Steve, Donna, Andrea, her brother Brandon, and of course those two horrendous backstabbers themselves Kelly and Dylan. As she sees Kelly and Dylan kissing and making out, she turns her head and walks away quickly. The pain of watching those two together is still unbearable for her.

Not feeling the desire to be sociable, Brenda finds a tree where nobody else is and decides to sit in the shade. The only one at the table who notices is Brandon as he politely excuses himself and runs over to the tree and sits down next to his sister to try to give her a morally uplifting pep talk.

"Hey Bren, why don't you come on over and eat with us?" he asks her.

"Brandon, don't even start with me." she replies angrily. "Seriously, how could you possibly suggest that I go over there when you know exactly what I am going through and exactly who I would have to look at?" says Brenda.

"Bren, I know this is hard for you. And I know you're hurting. I just hate to see you like this. What are you going to do? Mope around the rest of our senior year and talk to nobody?" he asks.

"Maybe" she answers back.

"Come on, Bren. You can't hide out from the world for the rest of your life. You have to pick yourself up and become part if civilization again." encourages Brandon.

"If Kelly and Dylan are part of that civilization than I'll take being an old hermit maid any day of the week." says Brenda. "Look Brandon, I know you mean well, but please just go back over there and leave me alone. I hate them too much right now and watching them make out will make me nauseous. So if anybody over there asks about me just tell them I want to be left alone. Okay?" replies Brenda.

"Alright. But sooner or later you're going to have to crawl out of your hole and face the world again." says Brandon who stands back up and walks over toward the lunch table where everyone else is sitting.

As Brenda eats her lunch alone, David starts to walk by her to go to the lunch table and join the gang. Scott comes running up to him to grab his attention.

"Hey David, you got a second?" asks Scott.

David smiles over in the direction of Donna and the rest of the gang, barely even acknowledging Scott's presence. As David ignores Scott's initial question, Scott taps him on the shoulder and David turns around and looks annoyed and bothered at him.

"What is it, Scott?" he says coarsely.

"Sorry to bug you, but this upcoming Saturday is Spencer's birthday, and I've gotten stuck with taking him to Magic Mountain. I know you got a lot going on right now but I have this extra pass if you'd like to come along. He always was crazy about you, and it would really be special for him if you came. It would be like old times." says Scott trying to be polite.

"Scott, Magic Mountain was fun when I was 8 years old. It's not anymore. And in case you haven't noticed, I have a life to live. I'm swamped with homework because I'm trying to graduate with my friends, I have to put together a demo tape for this producer that Steve knows at Icon records and I also have a date with Donna that night. So even if I wanted to, which I don't, there is no way I could find the time to go to Magic Mountain. But tell Spencer I said happy birthday." Says David cordially as he runs off to sit with Donna.

Scott just watches David run off and frowns. He wonders how somebody who was his best friend for so long just no longer has any time for him. No matter what he says or does, it just always seems like David would prefer that Scott wasn't there and would just butt out of his life all together.. Scott sadly walks over to the tree where Brenda is sitting, unbeknownst to him that she's been sitting on the other side the whole time and has heard the entire conversation he had with David. As Scott starts to kick at the grass with his sneakers, he gets startled by Brenda who decides to speak up.

"Take it from me, you're better off without him." she says to him.

Scott looks around the tree to see who it is and much to his surprise finds Brenda. He smiles for a second trying to think of what to say.

"Hey, Brenda. How's it going?" he asks with a smile.

"Well, let me put it to you this way. The rejection and hurt that you are feeling from what David just now said to you, magnify that by about a thousand and you have how it's going for me." says Brenda.

"That bad, huh?" he asks.

"Just take it from me. Friends like David, who don't care about you or how you feel despite all the times you've been there for him, they're not worth the trouble. Ones who stab you in the back the first chance they can get for their own selfish reasons when something better comes along, you don't need them. See I know all about it, and you should just do what I do. Forget them and pretend like they don't even exist. They just make the world such an awful place to live in." says a melancholy Brenda.

Scott frowns at what Brenda is saying. "I guess you're right. It's just that David and I were best friends for as long as I can remember. And now all of a sudden he gets record deals and becomes step-brother to Kelly Taylor and it's like no matter what I do I'm always in his way." replies Scott.

Having finished her lunch, Brenda stands up with her books under one arm and a paper bag in the other. "Well take it from me, you're much better off without him, especially since he's Kelly's brother. I guess the insensitive bitch that she is has rubbed off on David." says a bitter Brenda who takes one more look at Kelly and Dylan at the lunch table before turning back to Scott. "Well, it was nice talking to you Scott. Maybe I'll see you again sometime." she says to him and walks off.

Scott just stands there for a moment and watches Brenda as she walks away. He begins to grin at a loss for words. He can't believe that Brenda Walsh actually called him by name and told him that it was nice talking to him. For most average people in high school, they wouldn't think anything of it. But for Scott, somebody who's been on the bottom end of the popularity stick his entire life, this was huge. Only a year ago, Brenda was dating Dylan McKay and was quite possibly the most popular girl in school. Now here she was talking to him. Scott had always liked Brenda. But he never developed a crush on her because to him, she was unreachable. To him, she was so far above him on the West Beverly High popularity food chain that he didn't even qualify as food, but as something you'd pick out of your teeth after eating. So any fantasy he might have had about her was quickly squashed by that, and by the fact that she and Dylan were always so inseparable, and Dylan would have destroyed him if he even thought of making a move on her.

As Scott stares at Brenda, a familiar hand waves in front of him. "Hello. Anybody home?" says a feminine voice. Scott turns to find that the hand waving in front of him is that of his younger sister Sue.

"Sue, how long have you been standing there?" he asks her.

"Long enough, big brother." she replies back to him. "So you want to take a picture to capture this special moment forever?"

"What are you talking about?" he says, trying to play it off.

"Come now. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. She talked to you. This is big. Now the question is why are you just standing and watching her leave instead of walking with her and saying something? Come on, this is your big opportunity, don't blow it." says Sue tauntingly to her older brother.

"Just talk to her? Just like that I'm supposed to go up and talk to her?" says Scott.

"Look, I'm tired of seeing you mope around the house all by yourself on the weekends while everyone else is out and enjoying life. You're not a freshman anymore. You're a junior, and you're going to be a senior in a few months. I'm your sister and it's out of love that I'm saying this. Don't be a dork for the rest of your high school days, Scott." says Sue.

"But what am I suppose to say?" he asks.

Sue shakes her head and laughs. "I swear I must have been adopted. There is no way you and I can be from the same gene pool, because you are hopeless." she tells him and walks off. Scott looks back at his sister and then looks at Brenda once more. He wishes he could just go up and talk to her, but it's just not in him to do so. For him, he feels like he forever has the word geek labelled across his forehead.

As school lets out for the day, Sue Scanlon waits near the parking lot, looking for Brenda. A few of her friends offer to give her a ride but she declines. Trying to make out Brenda in a crowd of hundreds of students racing for the parking lot is a monumental task. But Sue eventually spots Brenda as she's walking out alone and by herself, not talking to anybody. Sue quickly fixes it to make it look like she accidentally ran into Brenda, and goes running up to her.

"Oh. Hey Brenda." she says making it look coincidental.

"Hey Sue, how's it going?" says Brenda trying to put on a cheerful front to hide her abysmal mood.

"Hey, can I ask you a favor? Would you mind giving me a ride home?" she asks her.

"Me? What about your brother?" Brenda asks.

"He has to stay after and make up a test he missed. Please Brenda, just this one time. You're still my senior buddy, aren't you?" she asks giving Brenda the puppy dog look.

Brenda really isn't in the mood for company, but she figures Sue has done nothing wrong so she has no reason to be mean to her. "Of course I am. Come on, hop in." says a smiling Brenda.

With Sue in the passenger seat, Brenda starts her car and takes off toward the parking lot exit. She spots Kelly and Dylan leaving arm in arm. She has a brief fantasy about running them both over with her car, but in reality only winds up glaring at the two of them.

"Is everything alright?" asks Sue.

Brenda snaps out of her daydream and responds. "Of course. Why do you ask?" she says.

"You looked troubled there for a minute." says Sue.

Brenda continues to take Sue home and as they are driving down the road with the top down, Sue begins to initiate conversation.

"So how have things been with you, Brenda? I haven't seen you around much." says Sue.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I guess I haven't been a good senior buddy to you lately. Don't worry, it's nothing you did. I just have had a lot of things going on in my life, some personal stuff. The truth is that I'm pretty much keeping to myself these days" says Brenda as she drives.

"That's too bad." says Sue. After a brief pause she changes the subject. "Brenda, can I ask you a question?" she says.

"What?" replies Brenda.

"What do you think of Scott?"

"Your brother?" asks Brenda. Sue nods in the affirmative. "Gosh Sue, I really don't know your brother all that well. I did see him at lunch today however. He seems like a nice enough guy, just quiet and shy. I kind of feel bad for him because I know he gets picked on a lot. And I know he and David use to be really good friends once." says Brenda.

"You're right. They were. Unfortunately they aren't anymore. David's all into his music and his record deals and being Mr. Popular these days and he and Scott don't talk at all anymore. And it's really been hard on my brother. He really doesn't have any other friends." replies Sue.

Brenda just nods to indicate she understands. It's a scenario that is far too familiar for her.

"Listen Brenda, I feel really awkward asking this, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor." says Sue.

"What it is?" asks Brenda.

"Well see, Scott's going to be a senior next year. His high school years have been a total nightmare for him up to this point, and it's driving me crazy to see him walk around school with such low self-esteem. I was wondering if you might be able to help him out. I mean, you really helped me out at the beginning of the school year when I was a mess. Well, could you possibly find it in you to maybe help my brother out like you did with me?" asks Sue in a begging but convincing voice.

"What do you want me to do?" asks Brenda who is already annoyed but keeping her temper in check, figuring if she can just get Sue home then she can go back to sitting in her room and being depressed. "You were my freshman buddy. But him, he's only a year behind me and I barely know him at all. He's not in any of my classes. It's not like I can just walk up and wave a magic wand and make him Mr. Popular. I feel bad for him, but I really don't think there's anything I can do." says Brenda.

"Oh but there is. See you're very well known and popular around the school. Everyone likes you, Brenda. And if Scott could somehow be connected to you, it would help him out tremendously." replies Sue.

"What are you saying? You want me to be his girlfriend?" asks an annoyed Brenda. "Sorry, but number one your brother is not my type. And number two, I'm kind of down about relationships in general right now and I would really prefer just to be by myself." argues Brenda.

"No. I'm not saying that you should be his girlfriend or anything like that. But if you just talked to him, said hi to him in the hallway a few times, or even smiled at him occasionally, that would go a long way to help boost his confidence." says Sue suggestively as Brenda turns down her street.

"But why me?" asks Brenda.

"Well, can I tell you a secret and you have to swear to God that you wont mention this to another human being, because Scott would kill me if he found out I ever told you?" asks Sue. Brenda nods. "The truth is that Scott likes you. In fact he has for a couple years."

"What?" asks a surprised Brenda.

"He would never show it when you're around, and he would never mention it to even his closest friend because he's too shy and timid. But as his sister, I know such things. He definitely likes you, Brenda. I guess you can say he's had something of a crush on you. But he knew you would never give him the time of day because he's not cool and you and Dylan were kind of the Romeo and Juliet of the school. So he keeps it bottled up inside. But if you just said a few nice words to him it would really booster his confidence in ways you can't imagine." says Sue.

"I don't know." replies Brenda.

"Just think about it, Brenda. That's all I ask." says Sue.

Brenda pulls into Sue's driveway. Much to her surprise, Scott is already home and is walking into his house. He spots Brenda and Sue pulling up in the driveway and he turns and looks at them.

"I thought you said he had to stay after school and make up a test?" says Brenda as she puts her car in park.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I lied. But I promise it'll be the last time. I promise I won't bother you about this again, Brenda. Just give it some thought, please." says Sue as she gets out of the car and starts to walk inside.

"Sue, where were you? I waited around at the front of the school forever to give you a ride home." says an obviously annoyed Scott.

"Well, no need to worry about me, I found a ride." she tells him smiling. "Listen I got a ton of homework to do, so I better jump to it. Thanks again for the ride, Brenda." shouts Sue. As she walks by her brother she whispers to him "Now's your chance, don't blow it."

As Scott turns around and looks at Brenda, he smiles shyly at her and slowly walks toward the drivers side of her car. He thinks about what to say and how not to sound like a dork and finally begins to talk.

"Hey Brenda."


"Thanks for giving my sister a ride home."

"Oh, it's not a problem. Anything to help out my freshman buddy." she says smiling.

Scott tries to think of something to say, but winds up getting tongue tied and sputtering out words before forming a complete thought. "Well, I guess I'll see you around school tomorrow." He says to her.

"Right. See you." replies Brenda. Scott begins to walk inside, secretly kicking himself for not being able to muster up the courage to say anything else. She starts to turn the key, but then after contemplating it for a few seconds, shouts out.

"Hey Scott." yells Brenda.

Scott turns around and looks at her surprised. "Yes?"

"I was thinking maybe if you're not busy tomorrow, you could have lunch with me." says Brenda, secretly grimacing as she says that. Brenda has nothing against Scott; he's just not anybody she wants to spend time with. And with her mood lately, she just doesn't feel like being a pick me up for anybody else. But with Sue asking, she felt obligated to at least give it a shot.

"You want to have lunch with me tomorrow?" asks Scott, not really believing what he just heard and wanting to confirm it.

"Sure. You seem like a nice enough guy. So what do you say?"

Scott, so excited that he can barely form words out of his mouth, smiles and nods his head. "Sure, I'd love to." he says.

"Great. Let's meet up underneath that same tree I saw you at today. See you then." says Brenda as she starts her car and backs it out of the driveway. Scott watches her leave smiling and waving. He then walks back into the house, smiling from ear to ear. From the 2nd floor of the house, Sue is peeking out the blinds watching what just happened and grinning as well.

Later that night, Brenda is in her room playing "Losing my Religion" by REM yet again. Brandon walks in, having just gotten home from his shift at the Peach Pit. He knocks and then walks in.

"This song again? Brenda, come on. Give it a rest." says Brandon.

"Did you come in here to be a music critic?" she annoyingly asks.

"No. I just thought you might like to give that CD a rest. I can hear it from my room yelling 'help me, help me' from wearing it out so much." says a joking Brandon trying to cheer Brenda up.

Brenda throws a pillow at him and then lets out a laugh.

"Oh, is that a smile, I think I saw a smile. There may be some hope for her yet, ladies and gentleman." jokes Brandon. Brenda starts to laugh harder and Brandon begins laughing too. "See, there's that smile we all miss." he says.

"Brandon, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine. In fact, I'm completely over Dylan and Kelly." she tells him.

"You may be able to fool anybody else with that line. But you can't lie to your twin." he says.

"Okay. Well maybe completely isn't the exact word I would use. But the point is, I realize now what I have to do. I have to move on with my life. I can't let those two completely take over it. So starting tomorrow, I plan to get back into the swing of things." she says.

"Well, that's great to hear. So does this mean we can save a spot for you at the lunch table?" asks Brandon.

"I'm afraid not. I already got plans for lunch tomorrow with somebody" she tells him.

Brandon looks at her funny. "Bren, why do I suddenly get the feeling that there's something you're not telling me."

"Oh Brandon, I can't lie to my twin." she says with a grin on her face. "So you figure it out." she says to him throwing a stuffed animal as he starts to leave through their adjoining bathroom.

Before he leaves Brandon pulls his wallet out of his back pants pocket. "Oh before I forget, this is yours." Brandon pulls 200 dollars out of his wallet and puts it on Brenda's dresser.

"What is that?" she asks.

"A small percentage of my winnings from this weeks bets. It was you who talked me into taking the Timberwolves over the Lakers. 'Never bet against Minnesota.' Remember? That's what you said. Anyways, I took your advice and I cleaned house. So I feel like I owe you." he says.

"Brandon, I don't want your gambling money, and seriously how much money are you betting these days? I mean surely you can't be making that much at the Peach Pit to be winning the kind of money where you'll just give me $200 for no reason." she says.

"Just take it, okay? And use it to go by some new CDs so I can listen to something else before I lose my mind." he jokes as he leaves the room and closes the door. Brenda worries for a second about Brandon's gambling habits but then returns to listening to REM and looking at old pictures of her and Dylan.

The following day at school, it is lunch time. The gang is all assembled for lunch again, this time sitting on the ground. Steve is talking to David about his up coming meeting with Icon records while Donna is sitting there beside him. Dylan and Kelly are being playful off in their own corner as Kelly is sitting on Dylan's lap and affectionately putting grapes in his mouth. Brandon has a portable radio and is trying to get the latest scores to update his gambling bets.

Carrying her lunch, Brenda walks through the courtyard and walks right past the gang and greets them with a smile and a simple hello. She walks right past everyone, getting their attention. She spots Scott who is sitting down alone by the tree where they had talked yesterday. She goes and sits down right next to him and the two of them begin talking.

"Hey Brenda." he greets her. "Are you sure, you wouldn't rather eat lunch with your friends?" asks Scott.

"No Scott, honestly, I think I would rather have lunch with you instead.' she tells him.

Dylan and Kelly both stare over at Brenda trying to make out if what they are seeing is real. The most stunned person there is David, who is shocked to see Brenda having lunch with his old buddy Scott.

"So what do you have to eat today?" asks Scott trying to strike up a conversation with her.

"Left over pasta." she answers.

"Well, I'm envious." jokes Scott. "I got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some animal crackers. Oh yeah and one of those little juice boxes." he says.

"What are we back in elementary school?" says Brenda jokingly.

"No, but my mom seems to think so. She has 6 kids and 4 of them are in grade school. So she makes all are lunches at the same time and needless to say she doesn't discriminate based on age. So all the little kids lunches she makes for them, I get too." he says.

"Oh, lucky you." says Brenda.

"Tell me about it. You should have seen the day last year that she accidentally put the Sesame Street toy in my lunch. Needless to say the jocks didn't let me live that one down for a month." he tells her jokingly.

Brenda bursts out laughing at that joke. Just the story and the way that Scott told it made her laugh. He actually seems like a pretty funny guy. Scott begins laughing too. Brenda looks over to catch a glimpse of Kelly and Dylan just staring at them in total disbelief that the same sombre and depressed Brenda they saw just 24 hours ago now appears to be having a wonderful time with this geek who they barely know. Dylan can't keep his eyes off of them, almost as if he's jealous. Kelly just can't believe what she is seeing and then looks over at Dylan to see the look on his face. Kelly appears to be upset over the way Dylan is just staring at Scott and Brenda laughing.

It is at this moment, that Brenda develops her own devious plan. If simple laughter would cause Kelly & Dylan to halt their make out fest and create problems between the two, what would actual flirting and other things do? Right then, Brenda knew exactly what she was going to do, and exactly how she would get even with those two for lying to her and hurting her. The key to Brenda's revenge was going to be good old fashion jealousy, which would be caused by Brenda pretending to be attracted to the most unlikey of people, the geeky Scott Scanlon.

Brenda knows that there is a long list of guys at West Beverly who would be willing to date her. But any normal jock or pretty boy would make it to obvious to them that it was a rebound or a ploy, and most likely wouldn't work. In order to truly get their attention and cause havoc, Brenda would have to get their attention by pretending to go for somebody who they would never ever expect her to go for. And Scott's sister already confessed that Scott has had a crush on her and thinks she's way out of his league. So it shouldn't be that hard to get him to do what she wants him to do. She's just going to have to be clever at it.

Sure it is deceitful, underhanded, and manipulative. But after the lies, the cheating, and the backstabbing that Kelly and Dylan have been doing to her since the summer, it is only fair play that Brenda be allowed to resort to some of her own to get back at them. As far as Scott goes, Sue wanted Brenda to help him gain confidence. And while this may be totally fake on her part, would it not boost his confidence to the moon if at least for a week or two, it appeared like his long time crush really liked him. Sue after all would have just been happy for Brenda to say hi to him. Imagine what giving him a hug or holding his hand around Dylan & Kelly would do for him. And in the end, Brenda would get what she wants, splitting up Dylan and Kelly. And after Scott got over the initial hurt of finding out it was all an act, he'd have what he wanted, popularity. In Brenda's mind it was a win-win situation for everyone involved, except of course for Dylan and Kelly.

"I bet you must be tired of peanut butter and jelly by now, huh Scott?" says Brenda to him.

"Tired of it is an understatement. Completely sick and fed up with it is more like it." replies Scott jokingly.

"Well then, why don't you try some of my pasta? Tell me how you like it." Brenda takes a fork and wraps some pasta around it and then with a playful look in her eyes moves the fork over to Scott's mouth. "Here, have a bite." she says to him as Scott opens his mouth and eats the pasta that is on her fork as Brenda pulls out the fork.

"Wow, that's fantastic." says Scott with his mouth full. Brenda takes a glimpse over to see how Dylan and Kelly are reacting. They are trying to mind their own business but Dylan can't help but look over at Brenda every 5 seconds. Kelly watches on with awe and suspicion at the same time. Brandon watches them and has his suspicion while David looks like he has just seen a ghost. Steve just looks on laughing.

"Oops, Scott you got a little something on your mouth, here let me get it." Says Brenda as she takes out a napkin and wipes off Scott's mouth, again trying to look playful and like she's enjoying it.

"So like, who is that guy and how does he know Brenda?" asks Kelly while staring at her.

"Hey David, isn't that your buddy she's with? What's his name again, Stan or something like that?" asks Steve

"Uhm…Uhhh…Uhhh…Scott." says a stuttering David. "Yeah, that's Scott, my best friend since we were kids."

"Who would have ever figured Brenda would go for such a geek? No offense, David." says Steve.

David doesn't say a word and just looks on with a gaping mouth.

"Did she say anything to you about this?" asks Kelly to Brandon.

"She told me she was having lunch with somebody today. She didn't say who it was with, but I would never have guessed this." says Brandon to her.

"Yeah, it's kind of fishy if you ask me." says Kelly with a scorned look on her face. She looks back at Dylan who is still starring at the two. "Dylan, will you stop looking at them." says an angry Kelly.

"Me? I wasn't looking at them." says Dylan.

"Oh please, that's all you've been doing ever since they sat down is watch them. Come on let's go." says Kelly as she stands up and grabs Dylan's hand and pulls him.

Brenda looks over and sees that Dylan and Kelly have gotten up and are about to leave, she cuts Scott off in mid sentence as he is bragging about how good the pasta is and talking about his mom's annoying cooking habits.

"Listen Scott, I have to go." she says and quickly stands up. "But I was wondering if you'd want to meet up with me after school and go to the Peach Pit for dinner. If you like this pasta, you're just going to love one of Nat's mega-burgers." She says to him.

Scott stands up and hands Brenda her pasta bowl back. "Well my mom is expecting me home for dinner. But I suppose I can call her and tell her that I have other plans." says a confused Scott who is not sure what to make of Brenda's sudden eagerness to go out with him.

"Great, I'll see you after school then. I really enjoyed eating lunch with you today, Scott." says Brenda who is eyeing Dylan and Kelly as she takes his hand and starts to lead him out and out of the courtyard away from them.

"Yeah me too." he says back to her cautiously.

As Kelly leads Dylan past Brenda and Scott, Brenda leans in and wraps her arms around Scott and gives him a huge hug. Scott has a look of total surprise on his face like he just walked in on a surprise birthday party. Brenda is looking over at Kelly and Dylan as they walk away. Dylan continues to watch Brenda and makes eye contact with her at one point. Brenda knows that look that Dylan just shot her. The eyes tell the whole story. Its jealousy and a sense of regret, regret for making the wrong decision.

After Dylan and Kelly leave, Brenda walks out in the opposite direction with a devilish grin on her face. She knows what she just did was wrong and dishonest, but after what she's been through she doesn't care. For Brenda Walsh, she is now on a mission. Her depression is over. There will be no more REM, no more losing my religion, no more cutting up pictures, and no more tears shed. From here on out, it's all about one thing, revenge. And when it's all over, she knows that Dylan will be hers once more.