Okay, first and foremost I just want to thank everyone who's been reading and reviewing from the very beginning. I'd love to name names of the people who have been reviewing each chapter or almost each chapter, but I don't want to bring any unwanted attention. But I will say that your words mean so much to me. It's what has kept me going and kept me writing even at times when it was difficult. And I can't thank you all enough.

I just wanted to give a little background on how I came up with the idea for this story and sort of take you through the process of writing it over these last nine months. As I have mentioned, I was never happy the way the writers killed off Scott on the show. Looking back and knowing what I do now, I understand why they did it. I know the actor didn't want to do it anymore and the show was going off in a new direction, but I still felt it could have been handled better. Who knows, maybe with a different actor, the character of Scott could have found a place on the show, but that's neither for here nor there. You see, not all of us can be Brandon's and Dylan's in high school. The character of Scott was a connection to those of us who didn't have a whole lot of friends, who wanted to be liked, but had a problem fitting in. When they killed him off the way they did, the show lost that connection and I always felt it was wrong.

And like a lot of you, I wasn't happy with the way Brenda and Dylan broke up or the slow gradual process they did in seasons 3 & 4 of isolating Brenda from the rest of the gang. Brenda was my favorite character on the show and the way the rest of them turned on her, especially in season 4 is something I hated. And as I mentioned in my story, Brenda going to the prom with Tony Miller was unacceptable to me when I first saw it. And when I went through it in my head of potential other guys they could have had her go with, I went through the male characters in my head one by one to see just who could have taken her to the prom. Obviously she couldn't go with Dylan cause he was with Kelly. Rick from France was long gone by that point and having him show up to take Brenda to the prom wouldn't have made a lot of sense. Obviously David and Steve had their own love interests at that time so they were out of the question, which left Brandon, but uhm no. Taking your sister to the prom? Uhm no, that's just wrong. And then Scott popped into my head and I was like "Yeah, Scott. That would be perfect. If only they hadn't killed him off." Brenda was feeling rejected and kind of an outsider at that point. And who knew better what that was like then Scott. And then I got to thinking, Scott would not only have made a better prom date for Brenda than Tony Miller, but he also could have been a good friend to her and she in turn could have really helped him become confident. So that's where I first got the idea for the story. In the chapters leading up to the prom, I got a lot of requests from readers to have Dylan and Brenda go to the prom together. But it was my plan all along to have Scott take Brenda to the prom because that was where I originally got the idea from. So I hope you B/D fans aren't too disappointed about that and can see where I'm coming from.

As I watched the show on and off in syndication over the next 20 years, something always struck me in the episode where Scott dies. I may be reading too much into this, but certain things happened on that show that lead me to believe that Scott may have in fact had a crush on Brenda. First, when Scott shows up to his birthday party and sees Brandon and Emily Valentine standing in front of his house and realizes they're throwing him a surprise party, the very first question he asked was "Is Brenda here?" Secondly, when they start dancing at his party, pretty much everyone was reluctant and not wanting to participate, but Brenda got into it and went over to Scott to try to get him to loosen up and dance and it was at that point where he really started smiling and having fun. Finally, at the memorial at school where they made the announcement that Scott had died, everyone was feeling bad. But the one there who appeared most broken up was Brenda as she was literally in tears. And when Dylan told her that he didn't know who Scott was, it was Brenda who insisted that he knew Scott and pointed out that he was in one of his classes the year before. In other words, Brenda wasn't going to let Dylan forget Scott. Okay, so I'm probably reading too much into it. But it was little things like those that lead me to believe that Scott may have really liked Brenda and she in turn may have thought he was a nice guy. And it was my experience that in school sometimes there are popular girls like Brenda who can actually like a geeky guy, at least as a friend. Cause looking back, I had a few who I now think may have liked me but I was too dense at the time to realize it. Hee Hee.

So if Scott did have a crush on Brenda and she all of a sudden started talking to him and being nice to him, it would only stand to reason that he would fall head over heels in love with her, especially if she started out using him to make Dylan jealous.

The opinion of the readers was unanimous. From reviews, e-mails, and my poll, everyone wanted Brenda and Dylan to get together. Yes they remain a popular couple to this very day. My number one goal as I wrote this story was to keep everyone guessing as to who Brenda would ultimately wind up with. Would she and Dylan be able to work things out and get back together? Or would through some ironic twist of fate, she'd realize she really did have feelings for Scott and wind up with him. My goal was to not give any hints and keep everyone on their toes. That's why I went back and forth between those two. So I know I tugged at a lot of heartstrings there, but from what I can tell, it did keep a lot of you coming back.

It was my every intention from the beginning of the story to put Dylan and Brenda back together at the end and to have Scott be the one to tip the scales in their favor and make the suggestion to Brenda that she take Dylan back. That way, people wouldn't feel bad for Scott and would be happy that Brenda and Dylan reunited and they would see that Scott had finally accepted that Brenda would always be just a friend, but a very special friend. But Brenda and Dylan were intended to get back together in this story, but I wasn't going to make it obvious that would be the case. Like most of you who reviewed my story, I am also a B/D fan. But I didn't want to reveal that while I was still writing because that would have given away the ending. I think it worked out best that way, don't you?

But why this did end with Brenda and Dylan getting together, that wasn't to be the main plot of this story. Yes, it was a big part of it. But the focal point of this story was always intended to be Scott and Brenda's friendship. That's why I have Scott and Brenda as the pairing on this story, not Brenda and Dylan.

Now going forward, Scott and Brenda's friendship will continue and will be the foundation upon which the next two stories in this trilogy are set. They will continue to be there and support each other through the bad times. But the good news for B/D fans is the next story will center around Brenda and Dylan as they are back together but now their relationship gets strained by the problems that starting college brings and all the distractions that took place in season 4. I won't go into too much detail now. I will say that much of the story follows the same timeline as the events in season 4 happened, with some obvious differences of an alternate timeline. Scott will be alive and Dylan will be in a relationship with Brenda, not Kelly like he was on the actual show.

Well, that does it for this story. I encourage everyone to review and write me. And if you have any ideas of stuff you think I could improve on in a sequel, please by all means chime in? Would you like to see more Brandon, or less Donna? Do you feel I wrote too much or too little? Is there anything you wish might have happened differently in season 4? At this point, I have ideas of what I'm going to do next, but nothing's set in stone. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you all again for keep me going and I hope you will all be back and continue to read when I start the sequel.