A/N- Okay, i know i have been absent from my writing fr a while. I still have tons to post, and i still haven't uploaded any. sorry :/ but for now enjoy a short (tiny) story about Altair's love for Malik. I thought it was cute, and it should warm your heart :) enjoy

Pairing:Alt/Mal (fluff?)

~My Savior~

You are my sanctuary. My peace of mind. My savior.

I had died inside long ago after adha's passing, and my heart grew hard and impenetrable. That is until you showed me how to love. How to care again. How to live.

Your harsh lashes I deserved as I took food and shelter in your bureau. I had no right to be there. Not with the pain I had cause you. Yet you pushed down your anger towards me enough to tolerate my presence.

I was surprised each time I awoke breathing, as you had not tried to kill me during my slumber.

I would have welcomed it. For my will had been long lost to me.

My missions came and went. Bloodied feathers were my proof of success. Yet your eyes always averted from them and bore into me own eyes. The hate for me still there. But as I made my visits more frequent, the anger seemed to subside and had become somewhat loving.

Had I done something for him to mock me in such a way. Did he think me weak and under him. No.

That was not it. Had you truly forgiven me bother?

The night was cold as it rained outside of the bureau. I thought you were asleep. I was mistaken as your hand touched my shoulder. The warm smile you wore was beautiful. Had it been that long since I had seen you happy and without grief. I leaned in and captured your awaiting lips. For my heart is free once again to soar.