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Dracula and Anna – Listen To Your Heart

Chapter One

Secrets and Mysteries

It had been several weeks since Anna had kissed Dracula and had that overwhelming flashback. She was in the living room, resting, when Rose came over.

'Anna, can I talk with you.'

'You don't have to ask, if you can talk with me, Rose.' Anna sat up, so that Rose could sit beside her. 'So what did you want to talk with me about?'

'You have no memory of how you feel about the master, correct?'

'Yeah, I suppose.'

'Well, why don't you look in the photo album?'

'You can't take a photo of a vampire; we have no reflection, no soul...'

'Not in those days, you couldn't, but the new digital cameras allow us to have our photo taken.' Rose, over the last few weeks, had taken the liberty of teaching Anna about technology that she already knew about, but due to her amnesia, couldn't remember.

'Do you know where I can find one?'

'Each of us have several, due to how many photos we have, yours should be somewhere in your room.' Anna thanked Rose, and went into her room to search for the photo albums. They might not contain the big answers that she was looking for, but it might refresh her memory.

'God must hate me,' she found herself thinking, when she came up with nothing. Where could they be? Giving up, for now, she went back into the living room, to ask Rose. Rose wasn't there, but someone else was.

'Anna, my dear, what are you up to?'

'Looking for something Rose mentioned to me.'

'And what might that be?' He was relaxing on the very same lounge that Anna had been a mere hour ago, when Rose had told her about the albums. His hands behind his head, he was resting them into the cushion, which was sitting against the arm of the chair. Even his voice was calm and relaxed.

'Photo albums.'

'Ah, yes,' he said smiling; it was one she didn't recognise, 'our special albums.' His eyes held a look that she couldn't identify with either. 'Did you find them?'

'No, I couldn't, and I'd basically ripped that room apart!'

'There was no need to do that, my dear,' he paused, 'you'll find they're underneath your bed, where you tend to hide things.' Staring at him in disbelief, she rushed back into the room, not to avoid his smirk, but to see if he was right. Shifting things that lay underneath the bed, Anna found a box, and when she touched it, she knew.

Pulling the box out, she found it full of photo albums. They were organised by date, and their bindings were pointing upwards. How had he known?

'We used to pull them out on occasion, Anna, just you and me,' he paused, looking dreamy, 'we shared a lot together.'

'Like what?' she said, suddenly vicious. Dracula looked surprised, and hurt, though he hid it quickly.

'I know when I'm not wanted,' he turned to leave, but Anna spoke, this time soft and calm, 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped like that.'

'You don't need to apologise for that, at least not while you're in such a condition.' He turned to face her, his eyes studying her beautiful face. 'You're confused, uncertain, and once more you have that stupid idea in your head,' he then became bitter, 'courtesy of your father of course.'

'My father?' Anna breathed. She turned to him, and asked very seriously, 'what about my father?'

Dracula sighed, having no intention to answer her.

'Well?' She folded her arms, looking serious. It was obvious that Anna wasn't going to give up on such an attack on her father, who was of course long dead, and could not possibly be there to defend his name.

'You remember that first time we met?'

'Yes I remember, that's when Velkin told me who you were, to which I staked you in the heart.'

'That was painful,' he whispered, 'more then perhaps you'll ever know.'

'Yes, I'm sure that must have hurt.' Anna said it with no feelings, just a strange emptiness.

'Not physically Anna,' he stared into those dark coloured eyes, and she soon understood what he had meant; emotionally. Anna looked away to hide the shame on her face.

'I'm sorry,' she begun, but Dracula politely cut her off, like the gentleman that he is, 'don't worry about it, it's long into the past.' Dracula sat down in the comfortable chair in the corner.

Anna didn't know what she was doing. It was as if someone else had control of her, but all she knew was that she was walking over to him. She took his hand, and led him across the room.

He gave no objections.

Anna sat down on the edge of the bed, near the box with the photo albums, and gently pulled down on his hand. His eyebrows came together in confusion. He knew what she was asking for, but the real question was, why? He gingerly sits himself down beside her, not close enough to scare her, but not so far away that someone could sit between them.

'Can you please tell me why you're so bitter towards my father?' Dracula sighed; he wasn't looking at her, and lowered his head soon after sitting down.

'Hate is something that humans tend to pass onto their children, vampires on the other hand aren't the type to do so, though we don't seem capable of children, but in my heart I know different.'

'So how many stillborns do I have?' she asked, sounding sarcastic.

'None,' he said flatly.

'What are my children alive?' Anna stared at his face, dumbstruck.


'I don't understand.'

'You never fell pregnant, no matter how many times, at first I thought you incapable, but that's not true, for there is magic at work, and until certain conditions are met, it will not leave you.'

'Me? Magic?'

'Someone must have cast powerful magic over you, and until the conditions have been met, you are incapable of conceiving.' A strange look had come over his eyes, was it sadness? Did he really want children? But before she could ask, he changed the subject.

'Now I've gone off track, you were asking about the bitterness between our families.' He took a deep breath before continuing, 'like I said before, hate in passed down through generations, but that hate was nothing like between your father and I. Your father knew how I was about you, except he didn't know the whole story. He thought it was like my other brides, simply company, companionship, and not being capable of loving them, truly caring about them,' he paused, to collect his mind, 'but when I saw you Anna, that night my life changed forever.'

The whole time he spoke, he didn't look at her, but now he lifts his head, and turns towards her, and looks into her eyes.

'I love you Anna. You are my heart, and if I should ever lose you, in any way, I would turn back to what I once was, the heartless creature that everyone else sees.'

'What do you mean, "I'm your heart"?' Dracula now looked close to tears, but he wasn't one to cry, and Anna was certain that she wasn't about to see the king of vampires do such a thing.

'After my initial death, I lost all emotion, and that was how it was for many a century, until I met you, and I could feel again.'

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