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Warning: Some violence

Dracula and Anna – Listen To Your Heart

Chapter Three

What Is This, Twenty Questions

'I told you! I don't know anything!' Neumic was on the floor, which seemed to be where Trivan was keen to keep him; on his back, bleeding from the brutality of the wounds he inflicted upon the vampire, and because Trivan was keeping his blood supply low – so that he remained weak – his wounds did not heal properly, if at all.

Trivan was above the vampire, he was sitting the wrong way around in the chair, his arms folded, resting on top of the back rest, looking down at the weakened vampire.

'When did Dracula claim her?'

'I don't k-' Trivan unexpectedly grabbed him and pulled him straight up, so that the top half of his body collided violently – and painfully – with the underside of the chair, he let out a gasp of pain.

'When I ask a question you will answer it, and if you don't, I will continue to do this until we reach the point where if I ask you to jump, you'll ask how high? Do you understand?' Neumic found it hard to speak, for a vampire; he felt rather human right now. He'd never had a problem with mortals, he used to curse his immortality, but he'd give almost anything to have it right now.

'Now,' Neumic moved his eyes to look the man in the face, he didn't like that tone, 'when did Dracula claim Anna Valerious as his bride?'

'What? Everyone knows that!' Trivan raised an eyebrow, so Neumic continued, 'it was a dark night long ago, a night no vampire ever talks about, like its taboo or something. It was the same night that the werewolf Van Helsing was pulled under his power, and begun to serve him.'

'Van Helsing?' he said, as he slowly begun to lower the vampire to the floor, as if his grip was loosening slightly.

'Yes, the vampire hunter that was sent by the Knights of the Holy Order to destroy Dracula,' Neumic stared to laugh 'I guess he failed,' too late did the vampire realise his mistake as Trivan let go of him completely. Neumic hit the ground hard, his head smacking into the hard wooden floor.

'That man was considered by many as the last hope for Transylvania, do not speak ill of him, demon!'

'Well, that's funny; last I checked I was a vampire.'

'Does she love him?' It was as if Trivan hadn't heard the vampire, as if the last part of their conversation hadn't happened.

'Gone back to asking me questions have you?' he looked away, 'figures.' Neumic found himself colliding with the chair again, but this time Trivan didn't keep him there, he let go almost immediately, so that the vampire got a double dose of pain, as he also collided with the floor. The usual gasps of pain were heard, as he turned onto his side and tried to bring his knees up to his chest, which wasn't only difficult, but under the circumstances, quite impossible.

'No, of course not, how could she? She's always hated Dracula, he took everything from her.' Neumic found the man's far off expression to be rather interesting, far more interesting than his seething anger. Had he somehow known Anna Valerious, but how could he, that's absurd, the man was clearly not a vampire, Neumic would have sensed it, since vampires recognise other vampires faster than a single heartbeat, 'he took her mother, her father, her best friend, her first crush, and her brother.'

'No that was Van Helsing that killed Velkin Valerious, not Dracula,' but his words went unnoticed.

'Do you understand me?' he shouted as Neumic suddenly found himself being quickly pulled off the floor once more. What was this guy, some kind of split personality psychopath? He found he'd rather have Dracula's company right now. Such a thought surprised Neumic. Was this man really that terrifying, that he would rather the company of the most powerful vampire in all the realms? Despite the fact that Neumic was certain that the only reason that he had survived that last encounter, was because of Anna – not to forget the beast in the cell, speaking of which, where did it go? – with the frailty of her current mind, he wouldn't have wanted to damage it further.

'Now I've always wondered why Dracula has three brides, why three. Why not two, or four, or just one? Why three?' Neumic blinked, he'd never thought to ask that question. Maybe if he ever got away from here alive – well as alive as a vampire could be – he'd ask, though he doubted he'd get an answer.

'What is this, twenty questions?'

'No, of course you wouldn't know that, I doubt he'd tell you!'

'And what's that supposed to mean?'

'I know all about you, Mr. Neumic.'

'How could you possibly know all about me?' For the first time since he'd met the man, he was truly worried.

'Corey Neumic; the only vampire foolish enough to betray the King of Vampires,' he paused, 'but then again, you were never loyal to him to begin with,' his grip slipped, and Neumic, fell back to the floor with a thud - and groan - as Trivan moved away.

'I bet there's hardly a being on this earth that doesn't.' When Neumic had managed to move his body around so that the man was within view again, (knocking the chair over as he went) Trivan had moved away from him, and was now standing near the window located across the room. He appeared to be looking at something outside, as if for a few moments, his attention was on something else, far away.

'Well, I can see why Dracula doesn't like you,' Trivan turned his head, to look at him.

'I'm sor-ry,' responded Neumic - before Trivan could continue - obviously being sarcastic.

'Well, I don't like you either.' he turned around fully, 'I bet he doesn't even think of you as a vampire,' he begun to walk towards him, the sound of his approaching steps striking fear into the vampire, 'probably because his ashamed of you.' Trivan grabbed him once again.

'I mean...' Trivan dragged him up once more, and brought them face-to-face, 'a vampire that serves humans? It's unheard of.'

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