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Chapter 1: Jack

1. Eyes

The first thing Jack had ever noticed about Yusei was his eyes. They were absolutely stunning, an intriguing mix of sapphire and cerulean and periwinkle, framed by long, dark eyelashes. He could just get lost in them all day.

When Yusei had caught him staring one day, he was very confused. "Are my eyes that interesting?" he joked.

"Definitely," said Jack seriously, leaning in to give his best friend a peck on the cheek. Yusei blushed, letting out a small smile at the satisfied blonde.

2. Daily Routine

The former King hated how his best friend took care of himself. Yusei only slept when he was tired and only ate when he was hungry, which was practically never. The rest of his time was usually spent working on some little project.

Jack sipped his coffee at the table, frowning when Yusei lost their small duel, placing his cards down boredly. He hadn't put any effort into it, Jack could tell. The younger just stared at his uneaten muffin blankly, eyes drooping. He let out a small yawn, stretching from his odd position. He reminded Jack of a cute, tired kitten.

"That's it!" exclaimed Jack, putting his mug down. In one fluid movement, he had jumped up from the table and had thrown Yusei over his shoulder.

"Hey! Put me down, Jack!" cried the tired teen, legs weakly thrashing. Jack held him tighter, kicking the bedroom door open.

"Sleep. Now," he said, as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Yusei just stared at him, bewildered.

"But I have work to-" Yusei started.

"Go. To. Sleep. Now," said Jack firmly, crossing his arms. Not even Yusei's puppy dog eyes or pout would faze him.

The other sighed in defeat, scooting over. He beckoned for Jack to join him. The blonde smirked at his younger lover, pulling their jackets and boots off. "Knew you would see it my way."

"Thanks for looking out for me," yawned Yusei, closing his eyes in slumber as he snuggled against Jack. The blonde smiled thoughtfully, stroking thick black and gold hair.

I hate how badly he treats himself, but at least he has me, thought Jack.

3. Personality

Yusei was one of the sweetest guys Jack had ever met...deep down, at least. It was annoying how straightforward and dense he could be, but he wasstill soft-spoken, kind, and determined. Yusei always did everything he could to please others and was intelligent and talented.

Jack was damn lucky to have him.

"Yusei, I got you something!" called Jack one day. He usually never gave anything to Yusei, but he was feeling a bit generous today. He heard light footsteps coming down the stairs.

"What?" inquired Yusei with a blank stare, "I was working." Standing on tiptoe, he gave his boyfriend a quick peck.

"Close your eyes," commanded Jack. Yusei frowned, but complied. Jack tied on a small sapphire necklace.

"Nice, I guess," mused Yusei. "Thanks? I'm not one for such...frivolous things."

"But do you like it?"

"Yeah. I also have something to give you, too." He motioned to a covered piece of machinery a few feet away. "I saw how much you wanted one of these, so I decided to make one. It took up a lot of time and energy, but it was totally worth it. Just think of it as a thank you." Pulling off a sheet from the large object, Yusei revealed it to be an incredible white D-Wheel.

Pale and pristine. Just like Jack.

4. Skill

Yusei was the only person Jack would ever acknowledge as a rival. They had gotten their fair share of victories in countless duels, but Jack knew that Yusei was better, though he wouldn't admit it.

"Stardust Dragon, attack Red Demon's Dragon! Shooting Sonic!" cried Yusei. With his ace's attack points doubled, Jack's life points depleted.

The blonde panted, unable to keep himself from smiling. "Good job today. You're not so hopeless after all."

Yusei always knew what he really meant to say. "Good job to you too. Thanks," he trailed off.

"Rematch?" breathed Jack.

"You want to duel again? In this heat?" asked Yusei confusedly.

"I can think of other challenges, if you catch my drift," said Jack mischievously before kissing Yusei.

5. Smile

Smiling wasn't something Yusei did often. Sure, he did it to be polite or to show that he was listening, but he barely ever let out a genuine smile for everyone to see. Just onea day was rare.

"Can you show any emotion at all?" asked Jack lazily from his position on the couch. "You always look so serious."

Yusei looked up, putting his tools away and stretching languidly, removing his gloves. "What's wrong with that?" he asked, plopping down next to Jack.

"Can you do anything besides frown or bite your lip?" asked Jack. Yusei raised an eyebrow at this. "Hello?" continued Jack. "Earth to Yusei..."

Yusei let out an awkward grin. "Satisfied?" he asked, expression dropping in an instant.

"No, I want a real one," said Jack. Suddenly having a great idea, he pounced on Yusei, tickling him.

Yusei let out a shocked burst of laughter. "Jack, st-stop!" he cried, giggling uncontrollably. Jack smiled as he stopped the other's flailing limbs, continuing to tickle Yusei mercilessly. Finally pulling away, he himself began to laugh.

Yusei wiped a tear from his eyes. "You are so weird," he smiled. Jack brightened up when he got the reaction he was looking for.

"You seriously don't notice how beautiful you are when you smile like that," said Jack softly, cupping Yusei's face into his hands, giving him a soft kiss.

I can't believe I was blessed with a boyfriend so amazing, they both thought.

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