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Chapter 2: Yusei

1. Uselessness

Yusei wondered where Jack would be today without him. Probably dead in a sewage pipe. Jack couldn't cook, clean, or fix anything to save his life.

Ever since they were young, Jack had needed help from Yusei; from opening a juice box to driving a D-Wheel, Yusei had taught him all. It was funny to think that Jack, as high and mighty as he appeared, needed him.

Jack's uselessness often irritated the others, but Yusei found it endearing. The way Jack needed him made him feel treasured on the inside.

2. Accent

Jack's Australian accent had made girls swoon since the days at Martha's. It was melodic and deep, enticing to all. But Yusei remembered how the blonde would always laugh with it.

It was powerful and contagious, and Yusei couldn't help himself from laughing too. They became the best of friends despite their differences. Yusei always said Jack's name with his Japanese accent, making it sound like 'Jakku'. Jack always said Yusei's name like 'You-say'; forced, but not unwelcome.

When Jack would read Yusei a story when the younger couldn't sleep, Yusei would only listen to the sound of Jack's voice. It soothed him and was just nice to hear.

3. Determination

Yusei had always known that Jack was hard-headed. The blonde never liked being corrected or told what to do, always wanting to do things his own way until it worked.

The younger boy watched as his lover attempted to make a table. It shook on wobbly legs before collapsing. Jack curse, but continued working on it. Yusei watched for what seemed like 20 minutes, finally offering to help.

"I can do it," muttered Jack to himself.

"Jack, you need to—"

"I'll figure it out, Yusei. I know I can," said Jack determinedly. He swiped at his sweaty forehead as he worked on the table. Sure, Yusei would always be the better engineer, but Jack would always show more effort. That's all that mattered.

4. Scent

Jack always smelled nice, like fancy cologne. Not too strong or overbearing, but delicately fragrant. Yusei rested his cheek against the blonde's pointy hair, scent flooding his sense.

When Jack would leave to get groceries, Yusei would get lonely. He just lay on the couch, hugging the blonde's trench coat, waiting for his return. The scent was that intoxicating. When Jack came home, he'd always laugh when he found Yusei in this position, kissing him teasingly. But Yusei liked it nonetheless.

5. Kissing

Jack was definitely an excellent kisser. Yusei could still remember the first time Jack kissed him. It wasn't exactly romantic though…

Yusei worked on the white D-Wheel diligently, the mountain of junk shading him from sunlight. Jack stood on top of it, just staring at the sunset.

"Say, do you think we'll ever see the city?" he heard Jack ask.

"If I can finish this D-Wheel and make it work, then I guess so," shrugged Yusei.

"Oh, I'll help-Whoa!" yelped Jack as the junkyard pile started collapsing. He slid down and fell on top of Yusei in an unceremonious heap. Yusei moved his body up to try and ease Jack's weight off of him, but fate had accidentally chosen that time for a piece of falling junk to push Jack back down onto Yusei, lips meshing.

Yusei had never been kissed before. Jack's lips were thin and slightly chapped, but it was still pleasant. His mouth tasted good too, sort of like coffee. Tongues gently probed at each other before intertwining slightly. Though Yusei wasn't one for bitter tastes, he was always happy to get a taste of Jack whenever he could.

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