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November 1985

Little Whinging

Surrey, England

Five year old Harry Potter was running for his life. His cousin, Dudley had said he wanted to see if the freak, that was Harry, could stand up after he had hit him again in the head. The last time this happened, Harry had been thrown into his cupboard for three weeks with very little food and water.

Being as small as he was, Harry had been able to get away from Dudley and hide in the trees that bordered the small park down the street from Number Four Privet Drive. Because he had evaded Dudley, his uncle Vernon Dursley was now out hunting for Harry too and he came armed.

"Come out boy. Come out and get what you deserve. Freaks deserve to get beaten." Vernon Dursley said aloud. To prove his point, he swung the cricket bat he had in his hand, hitting a small sapling, knocking it over.

"It won't hurt for very long freak. Just a quick swing you can join your whore mother and your drunken father in hell you freak!"

Harry wished that he could go somewhere safe. Somewhere that he could learn to protect himself and be able to stand up to his uncle and cousin. He was not only afraid for his own life but those of the children who Dudley terrorizes when Harry was locked away.

As Harry wished, his magic, for Harry James Potter was a wizard, responded to his desire and caused him to disappear just as Vernon Dursley found him and swing his bat at where Harry had been.

Harry had not been there however. Instead Vernon Dudley's bat connected with Dudley's skull. Harry's magic caused Dudley to appear right where he had been. Dudley's head exploded from where the bat connected, death was instantaneous.

Hours later when the local police found his body, they also found a pair of old glasses and some bloodied clothes that looked like they once belonged to the dead body that had been laying on them.

Harry appeared in the entry hall of beautiful house, though he did not see because as soon as he appeared, he collapsed and fell unconscious. A small green creature with big eyes and bat like ears appeared with a little pop and saw the young boy on the floor.

"Oh Master and Mistress Flamel is not going to be liking this. Fitz be telling them, but Fitz be standing very far away from Mistress Perrie. She not know her own strength." And with that, Fitz snapped her fingers and the boy and her disappeared to one of the guests rooms in Castle Flamel.

Meanwhile in a large castle in Scotland, Albus Dumbledore was panicking. Most of the devices and magic that he used to monitor one Harry Potter all stopped working moments ago. The one that still worked was the one device that said that Harry was alive, but Dumbledore did not know where or how much alive his was.

Dumbledore knew that leaving Harry Potter with the Dursleys four years ago was a bad idea, but it was the best he could do to protect Harry at the time. Though over the last year, as the devices attached to Harry began to make more and more noise, Dumbledore began to look into other ways of keeping the boy safe including having him live at Hogwarts with him. The problem was that the sacrifice that Lily Potter made by putting herself between Voldemort and Harry was imbedded in her blood. It was this sacrifice that Dumbledore believed had saved Harry. It was this protection that would keep Harry safe from harm when Voldemort returned. The problem was that the only family Lily Potter nee Evans had left was Harry, Lily's sister Petunia and her son Dudley which created the problem.

Dumbledore, after spending over a year working on it, had finally devised a way to perform a blood adoption ritual between the deceased Lily Potter and himself, which would make him and Harry blood relatives but not inherit anything from each other including the oaths that Dumbledore had been forced to make.

If his calculations were right, then Dumbledore and Lily would then claim the same blood and Dumbledore could then erect powerful blood wards around any of his homes for Harry and him to live in. That way Dumbledore could make sure that Harry could grow up loved, well educated, and on top of everything else: safe.

But first he had to find Harry. With a fierce determination in his eyes, Dumbledore gathered his magic and disappeared from his office with a rather large pop through the ancient wards of the castle that has stood for almost a thousand years.

Too bad that this action would be for not because Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived disappeared and would not be heard from for over ten years.