For well over one hundred and eighty years, Harry Potter did as Death asked: He did not die. In fact he did the opposite, he lived.

Harry and Ginny Potter had six children over the course of their lives together. Five years after Voldemort's Defeat, Ginny retired from Professional Quidditch with the birth of their son James Arthur Potter. James was the spitting image of his grandfather James. Ronald and Hermione Weasley were named his godparents. Three years later were the twins Albus Nicholas and Minerva Perenelle were born. Both head red hair and green eyes and sprinkles of freckles when they got older. Tony and Pepper Stark were named godparents. Two years after that were another set of twins: Molly Lillian and Katherine Elizabeth both had black hair and brown eyes. Their godparents will split. David and Fox Xanatos were Molly's and Bill and Fleur Weasley were Katherine's.

Their last child was born early 11 months later and three months premature. Edward Sirius Potter was born as a result of an attack on Ginny. She went into premature labor and delivered Edward. Many people did not think that Edward would survive and might not have if not for Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, who sacrificed their lives and their magic to create a magical womb where Edward could finish developing and growing.

There were also many losses over the years. The first were the Flamels, the second was Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. After serving longer than any Headmaster, Albus retired and doted on his extended family with his wife Minerva. Both died peacefully in their suite at Hogwarts.

In 2034 David Xanatos died in his home in New York. His wife returned to the faire realm and never returned to the mortal realm.

In 2045 Tony Stark, long retired as Iron Man passed away with his wife. It later determined that Pepper died first of a heart attack. Tony, who swore he couldn't live without Pepper, laid down next to her and gave up the will to live.

2070 saw the death of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Both men were killed by Dark Wizards while protecting their families at a family outing. Harry, Ron, and others hunted the Dark Wizards to the end of the earth to extract their revenge. According to some people it took the leader of this group of wizards nineteen days to die. Others thought it was longer. All that was known was Sirius' wife Amelia Bones-Black, who remained Minister of Magic thru her husband's death and the search for his killer, issued blanket pardons for the hunting party before she retired. Upon her retirement, Amelia took her own life, claiming that she would not live in a world without Sirius.

Hermione Weasley rose to the position of Minister of Magic, succeeding Minister Bones-Black while her husband, Ronald continued to serve as Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement until his retirement at the age of 140 years old. He spent the remaining years with his wife, who retired the same year, traveling the world speaking about the rights of magical and mundane people and creatures. They both lived until the age of 179 years old when they both simply went to sleep and never woke up.

On July 4th, 2180, the 150th anniversary of the birth of the United Earth Government which they helped found, Harry and Ginny Potter died. They were surrounded by their friends and family.

As Death led them from mortal realm, Harry noticed his great-great-grandson look at him and then at the Archangel Mask, which had been retired years ago. Harry smiled and nodded, knowing that an Archangel would always look over his people. When Harry retired as the Archangel, his son Edward took the mantle. With every generation that claimed the right to be the Archangel always asked Harry's permission.

Harry then turned to Death and spoke. "So, how bad is the afterlife?"

"It truly is the next great adventure." Death said.

"Good, let's get started." Ginny said as she dragged Harry and Death into the white light.