Hi peoples! This is a story I wrote about the movie Priest. It is a love story between Priest and the Priestess, and a morbid journey that will await them in the near future. I do not own Priest.

(Priestess point of view)

I watched with jealousy when the Sheriff kissed the now rescued Gena and held her gingerly in her arms. Oh, how I long to be kissed so delicately on my lips by the one whom I truly love. He is Priest. My heart leaps for joy as I look upon his somber face. He had been severely wounded in the shoulder and now had trouble walking. My eyes diverted to the ground sadly. I looked upon thine eyes, and saw pain and suffering swimming through them.

He had been through much today, killing his enemy on that hideous train. At least I trusted in the Lord, and he gave me his strength. He answered my prayer in his loving mercy, giving me the power to ram a motorcycle at full speed into the train that had held poor Gena captive. At the last moment, an angel caught me and gently brought me to safety when I was on the brink of death. God's mighty hands swept Priest and his beloved daughter Gena to safety.

In a silent prayer, I thanked him for having tender mercy upon us. I suddenly felt eyes staring at me. Priest looked at me with a sad look in his eyes. I knew that he loved me, that we both loved each other without end. How I wish these cruel rules would change, so we can be together in harmony. Every time we fight together side by side I feel electricity flowing through my veins, and my pulse and confidence heightens to a whole new level. When I am with him, and have my trust in God, I know that I can do anything.

I will always be with Priest, but all we will be is just friends, friends that have an undying unbreakable love, that will never be. Yet I know that God has plans for my life. I cannot play God, for I am much lower than he. Yet, if it be his will, he will somehow change the rules and let Priest and me be together. So, I have no need to be jealous of Gena and the Sheriff. Why, look how happy they are together! My heart swelled with happiness when looking upon the joyous couple. Sheriff swung Gena delightedly in his muscular arms, and set her down as gently as if she were a butterfly.

I snapped back into reality, when I thought of what our next quest would have to be. I really need to stop daydreaming about a love that will never be and focus on those that are suffering, or are in danger of suffering. I looked at Priest now serious; "Tomorrow, we set out at dawn, to search for the Vampire Queen, and end this dreaded war once in for all!"

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