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Sleepytime tea -Ch.1

Her name? Kitsune Ichi. Yes, that means Fox One. The humor of it will come to play later on, but for now, let's have a tea party! ;D (Possible reference for later?)

'Aw crap! I'm late for class on my first day…. Figures….*sigh*'Kitsune thought as she rushed through the halls of Ouran.

Ichi was just transferred in from St. Lobelia's girls' academy because, well let's face it, it's full of creepy singing lesbians… (No offense! I have those friends) She's also here on a Musical Arts scholarship because she had always loved to sing and play with her parents musical equipment…. She sang for her father every day before he left, and now she does the same for her mother. The only reason she was accepted into these prestigious academies was because all the years of practice had finally paid off.

She was finally in a place she felt special, but of course, she had to be late…. "Class 2A… Well, here goes nothing!" She said before pushing the doors to her new classroom open.

The teacher stopped his boring rant to stare at the new girl. 'Creep…' She thought after seeing him eye her up and down. "Ah! You must be the newest scholarship student! Everybody, meet Mr. Kitsune Ichi!" The teacher announced.

'W-wait! Mister? Do I really lookTHATboyish?' Ichi thought in anger.

It was true. She had on a tight, red, tank-top under a boyish almost band-like blouse, a black jean jacket, black slacks, and a pair of black and red converse. She also had a fairly boyish pixie-cut hair style that went a little past the ears and spiked out at every side. She looked like the classic rocker type, but that was definitely not how she responded to this sudden mistake.

She became a bit annoyed when all eyes were on her, and started turning the same red color as her shoes and tank-top in embarrassment.

"KYAAAA!" Screamed a bunch of squealing fan-girls, some of which fainted on the spot.

She could easily hear what most of the girls were saying, and it was all among the lines of, "He's so cool!" or, "Aw look he's actually a shy one!" or even, "I wonder what Tamaki will say to him since the only seat left is right beside him!" This caught her interest and she scanned the room before seeing a blonde boy with his back turned, completely oblivious as to what was going on around him.

Beside him was an open seat, so she just decided to hurry up and sit down before she had to do anything else. Unfortunately, the other boy whom the blonde was conversing with had seen her and had also informed the blonde haired one –who Kitsune now realized was Tamaki.

He whipped his head in her direction, "OH MOMMY! Look! It's a new commoner boy! I wonder if he knows my Haruhi! If he does then he should join us ne? What do you think mommy?" Tamaki said excitedly.

Glasses pushed said spectacles up his nose before responding in a somewhat irritated tone.

"I'm not sure Daddy, in-fact, I didn't even know that we were to receive another student today…" He replied.

'Someone owes me an explanation…'Is what he thought afterwards before turning to Kitsune and speaking directly to her. "Hello sir, I am Kyouya Ootori, and this Tamaki Suoh. We're going to be seeing a lot of each other from this day forward, so we would like to get to know you as well. What did he say your name was?" Kyouya asked.

"Kitsune Ichi, sir. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. You as well, Mr. Suoh." Kitsune replied with a small smile and polite tone-of-voice.

Fortunately for her she was born with a voice that could be both masculine and feminine just like Haruhi's only less obvious. Unfortunately for her though, this act of cute/shyness earned a Tamaki-style glomp while he repeatedly shouted, "SO INNOCENT!" Whilst rubbing her cheek with his.

After he released her and she had sat back down trying to regain her breath, he suddenly bombarded her with questions.

"Do you know my precious Haruhi? Where do you live? How poor are you? What kind of scholarship are you here on? Are you a Yakuza member?" That question made him a bit nervous and he finally stopped to let her answer.

"Uh, I don't know… Maybe..? That's a personal question so sorry…. I'm here on a singing scholarship, but no…. What made you think I was part of the Japanese mafia?" She asked in slight horror.

She definitely hadn't expected that question! It seems as if he hadn't heard her question though because he began doing dramatic poses while spinning around the room. Luckily for him, the teacher cancelled class work so that the new student could relax a little.

"So you might know him after all, ne? Oh how wonderful! Can you sing something for us Ichi-san! I'm sure that your voice is just as heavenly as your deep black eyes that burn my very soul with their fiery amber flecks dotting around them!" He said while grasping Ichi's hands and staring into her recently described eyes.

'Is he gay?'She thought while blushing slightly. "Sure…. Does anyone have a guitar?"

Unfortunately for her, someone did in-fact have one by their desk and handed it to her. She put the acoustic guitar into its place and began to strum a sad song.

"You showed him all the best of you,
But I'm afraid your best,
Wasn't good enough~

And know he never wanted you,
At least not the way
You wanted yourself to be loved…
And you feel like you were a mistake,
He's not worth all those tears that won't go away

I wish you could see that,
Still you try to impress him,
But he never will listen!

Oh broken angel,
Were you sad when he crushed all your dreams?

Oh broken angel
Inside you're dying 'cause you can't believe~!

And now you've grown up.
With this notion that you were to blame.
And you seem so strong sometimes,
But I know that you still feel the same…
As that little girl who shined like an angel,
Even after his lazy heart put you through hell!

I wish you could see that,
Still you try to impress him,
But he never will listen…

Oh broken angel,
Were you sad when he crushed all your dreams?

Oh broken angel,
Inside you're dying 'cause you can't believe…
He would leave you alone,
And leave you so cold,
When you were his daughter~

But the blood in your veins,
As you carry his name,
Turns thinner than water~

You're just a broken angel!

And I promise that it's not your fault,
It was never your fault…

And I promise that it's not your fault
It was never your fault..."

When she finished the song she knew that it wasn't about someone else…. It was about her and her father. He had left her and her mother a long time ago, and she couldn't forgive him for that. Her mother became very ill after he left, and she's been taking care of her since. She always sang for her mother every morning and every night rain or shine, she'd be there…

When she opened her eyes and looked at everyone in the room, she could see everyone but Kyouya with tears in their eyes. Some girls were even holding each other while sobbing.

"So…. how'd I do Mr. Suoh?" She asked nervously.

She usually didn't sing on request, but he seemed like he was the kind of guy who'd always try to brighten the room up even a little bit, and she had wanted to impress him.

Suddenly she was enveloped in a giant group hug.

"That was so good Ichi-kun!" "Did you write that?" "That was so sad, but so sweet!" "Tamaki what did you think?" That last question silenced everyone. They looked at him in expectance, and he dramatically swept his hair out of his face.

"Mr. Ichi! How would you like to join my little host club? We could use a brilliant musician such as yourself, and with those eyes, you could burn a hole through someone's heart with a single glance!" He said while trying to tilt her head up.

She usually hid her eyes under her thick black bangs, but he was making it difficult for her.

"I can't…. I'm sorry, but I have to go…" She said before handing the guitar back to its rightful owner and running out of the classroom just in time for the final bell.

'Mother… I'll be home soon….' She thought before running out of the school grounds and to her home. Little did she know, her life was about to be turned upside down….

Yay~ First re-done chapter! I hope the spacing was a lot better this time… Also, yes, her personality will be changed a bit… She won't be AS shy as she used to be… Any help would be appreciated! ;D I just realized how short some of my first few chapters are... ^^'