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"Well then Doctor...will you come quietly...?" Samus asked, arm cannon still trained on the Time Lord.

"I was never very good at quiet, honestly," The Doctor said, holding his hands up, "I talk... A lot, some say. Jibber jabber..."

Samus kept focused on The Doctor, not paying attention to The Little Prince, who, instead of doing something clever, was watching the scene with interest. Grown ups were always so odd.

"Can you tell me who wants me brought in?" The Doctor wondered, "I believe I have that right."

"No, you don't," Samus said, then paused, "But I suppose I can tell you...The Guardians..."

"Oh, The GLC..." The Doctor grinned, "Wonder why they didn't send one of those ring guys..."

Samus paused, considering that. It was unusual that they would hire out a bounty hunter. But on all the files Samus had read about this unusual man...well, he was a special case.

"I heard you once made it into the heart of Oa itself..." Samus said, "I wonder how you managed that."

The Doctor grinned, "I have...tricks. Like this."

The Doctor lowered his right arm, his Sonic Screwdriver sliding from his, grabbing the device and holding it up, a blue light playing over Samus's armor.

"Chozo tech...Haven't seen that in a while," The Doctor commented, as Samus's suit began to spasm, sparking with energy, unable to move.

"You...knew...Chozo...?" Samus's voice said, broken and filled with static from The Doctor's tampering.

"Doctor, are you hurting the robot?" The Little Prince said, eyes wide, "Please don't hurt the robot! It's not right!"

The Doctor paused, then switched off his Sonic Screwdriver, though Samus still couldn't move.

"I just immobilized it," The Doctor said softly to the small boy, "It should give us enough time to get back to the city...and find my box."

He patted The Little Prince on the head, who nodded, "So the robot will be able to move again?"

"Of course, don't worry...And to answer your question...Ms. Aran," The Doctor smiled slightly, flipping his Screwdriver in the air, catching it on it's way back down, "I did...do...I travel through time. It's complicated. Timey wimey ball."

He held his device carefully, then hurried off, The Little Prince racing after him, Samus's systems slowly coming back online...

"So how are we going to find your funny box, Doctor?" The Little Prince wondered, as the two got back into the cities, greatly annoying the guard at the gate, not use to having to open the gate so many times in a single day.

"I can track it, with this..." The Doctor said, holding his Sonic Screwdriver up, "I can lock unto it's signal..."

"Your funny stick can do a lot!" The Little Prince said, "I don't have any funny little things that can do that sort of stuff..."

The Doctor paused, checking the direction they should go, then looked down at the blond boy who was accompanying them.

"Well, you have to remember, just because you have something like this, doesn't mean you can use it," The Doctor said, "The most important tool you have is your mind... With it, you can do anything."

The Little Prince paused, thinking this over, "You are the most unusual grown up I have ever met, Doctor. You speak like a grown up, but many times you act like a child..."

The Doctor grinned brightly, liking The Little Prince's assessment of him.

"Doctor...why are you running?" The Little Prince asked suddenly, looking up at the Time Lord as they started up again, walking through the streets. "Are you running towards something...or is it away?"

"...I've forgotten just how observant children can be..." The Doctor commented, not sure on how to answer the questions. They had been ones he wasn't entirely sure of himself.

"I suppose...I am running away...I started running...when I was your age, about. I never looked back," The Doctor answered, "Sometimes I'd circle around, back to where I started...but I never looked back."

The Little Prince nodded, considering this, "But what are you running from? Do you have a flower, like me? A Rose who is beautiful? "

The Doctor bit his bottom lip, as the two walked down an alleyway.

"I did...I lost her though..." The Doctor answered, "And...I ran...I ran from her. I'm not sure why."

The two were silent, as they came to a dead end, staring at a blank wall in front of them.

"Perhaps your funny stick is broken?" The Little Prince wondered, "There is a wall here..."

"No...it's this way..." The Doctor said, now distracted from thoughts of his lost Rose. "Maybe we should double around...or..."

He paused, then held out his hand, touching the wall, frowning.

"This isn't real..." he said, "Well...it's not an actual wall...It's a repulsion field...It's hiding something!"

"So we can not trust our eyes..." The Little Prince said, placing his hands on the wall, "But how do we get in?"

"It's too dangerous for you. We don't know who took my ship...It's most likely they are very bad people," The Doctor said, turning to the young boy, "You need to wait for me somewhere."

The Little Prince frowned, looking up at The Doctor, "Doctor, I have seen many things in my journey...I would like to stay with you..."

The Doctor was silent, adjusting his Sonic Screwdriver, thinking.

"...I've met many people who wouldn't hide...they'd follow me anyways. Alright then, you can come with me... But if it gets dangerous, then you need to hide, understand?" The Doctor said, "You remember...the robot?"

"Of course!" The Little Prince nodded.

"If something happens to me, find the robot. I'm sure it can help you," The Doctor told him, now pointing his device at the wall. It shimmered slightly, and The Doctor stepped forward, going through the wall.

After a second, The Little Prince followed him, into the darkness...

"This device...it is marvelous!" Jabba said, staring at the large blue box in his throne room, "Even it just being here has made a translator unnecessary...The technology we can gleam from this..."

"That's if we're able to open it..." one of his subordinates said, "We have been unable to get inside...It seems impossible..."

"Humph," Jabba scowled, grabbing something that wriggling in a bowl by him, devouring it with horrendous gulp, "At the very least, it is a very good trophy..."

"Oh, it is your funny box!"

There was a pause, and several of Jabbas guards moved, turning laser lances towards the shadows of a hallway, where The Doctor stepped out, holding his hands up. The Little Prince did not follow him...

"Who is with you, Doctor?" Jabba wondered, narrowing his eyes at the Time Lord.

"Jabba the Hut, right?" The Doctor asked, "Have we met?"

"We have not...but I have heard many a tale about you..." Jabba told him, as a guard stepped forward, prodding The Doctor away from the hallway, closer to Jabba.

"I get around a lot," The Doctor commented, "So...I see you have my ship. I'd like it back."

Jabba laughed, holding his head back, his entire body wiggling with the exertion.

"It is mine now, Doctor," Jabba said, licking his lips, creeping The Doctor out, and he had seen a lot in his long life.

"Lock him up!" Jabba then ordered, "And find that child that was with him before!"

He missed the pitter patter of little feet, running down the hallway, clutching a few things tightly.

Samus scowled, able to move now, but a few of her systems were still down. She scanned the crowd, looking for the two heart beats of The Doctor.

"Ms. Robot! Ms. Robot!"

Samus spun, seeing the small blond boy who had been with The Doctor, looking worried, "Ms. Robot, The Doctor needs your help!"

Samus frowned, though The Little Prince could not tell through the helmet, looking down at him. "He needs my help? Really?"

"Yes! A bad thing has kidnapped him," The Little Prince said, "He needs help...Please, you must help him!"

Samus paused, considering. She did want that bounty for The Doctor...which she couldn't collect if someone else had him.

"Fine then. Lead me to him," Samus answered, "Then you need to get somewhere safe."

The Little Prince frowned, but didn't argue, leading Samus to the wall that was not a wall.

"It's through here..." The Little Prince said, then stepped through it. Samus scanned the wall, then hurried after him, down into the hallway...

"A fez..."

"Fezzes are cool."

"A rubber chicken..."

"Useful thing."

"A...what is this?"


"Doohickey. Some glasses."

"You trying being over nine hundred years old and see what your eyes are like."

"Where is your key, Doctor?" Jabba roared, as his guards went through The Doctor's pockets.

"There's this..." one guard said, pulling out a cylindrical device, a green and black symbol on it, "This...this is a..."

"Did you steal that from someone, Doctor?" Jabba asked, "I do not think The Plumbers take kindly to theft..."

The Doctor smirked, still holding his arms up, "Who says I stole it...?"

"Your bluffing..."

"Possible. I bluff," The Doctor said, "But do you want to call my bluff?"

Jabba was quiet, considering this, staring down at The Doctor.

"...Feed him to the Rancor..." Jabba said, with a sudden smirk, "Now..."

There was a blast of energy, and one of the guards went flying forward, slumping over.

"You're not feeding my bounty to a Rancor," Samus said, stepping into the room, aiming her cannon, firing repeatedly as the guards charged her, The Doctor grabbing his items, stuffing them back into his coat, slapping a guard with the rubber chicken, knocking him down before placing it in his pocket.

"Are you okay, Doctor?" The Little Prince asked, running up to him, looking worried, "I kept your things safe."

The Little Prince handed The Doctor a small key, the one to his T.A.R.D.I.S.

"Thank you," The Doctor said, then ran to his T.A.R.D.I.S., inserting the key into the lock.

"Not so fast, Doctor..."

The Doctor paused, turning as a figure in blue and green armor appeared from the ceiling, holding out two laser pistols, one trained at The Doctor, the other at Samus.

"Boba Fett..." Samus said, scowling, "What are you doing here?"

"There's a nice bounty on this Doctor fellow...I'm looking to cash in..." Boba Fett said, then fired on Samus before she could, knocking the fellow bounty hunter backwards, turning to The Doctor, training both guns on him.

His guns suddenly began to spark, a blue light playing over them, and Boba Fett dropped them with a start, cursing in pain, The Little Prince holding The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver up.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows...Just who was this kid, really?

A missile shot at Boba Fett, who took to the air, Jabba screaming in range as the missile exploded in the far wall, Samus taking aim, firing energy beams at Boba Fett, who kept dodging.

"Come on!" The Doctor said, opening his T.A.R.D.I.S. door, ushering The Little Prince in.

"Not so fast!" Samus yelled, running after them as The Doctor tried to close the door.

"My words exactly," Boba grinned, aiming his own missile at Samus' backside, firing.

There was an explosion, and Samus was forced forward from the explosion, her suit sparking and crackling with energy, The Doctor back pedalling, then ran to the controls, pulling a lever, the door beginning to close.

Another missile flew through the door, over Samus' head, hitting the main console with a shuddering explosion.

"No!" The Doctor yelled, moving quickly, hitting buttons, moving letters, the door finally closing, more missiles hitting the outside of it.

"S-stop!" Samus yelled, as her suit began to break apart around her from the damage it had sustained, pieces falling to the grating of the T.A.R.D.I.S., revealing a tall blonde haired woman with a long ponytail, wearing a blue skintight body suit.

"There was a lady in the robot!" The Little Prince said, surprised as the T.A.R.D.I.S. shuddered, the small boy grabbing hold of a chair that bolted into the ground, clutching it tightly.

"Hold on to something!" The Doctor yelled, a gleam in his eyes, "Making an emergency shift! We could end up anywhere!"

With one more shuddering lurch, the T.A.R.D.I.S. shifted into high gear, leaving Jabba's palace behind...

There was a loud boom, echoing over the planet, as a blue box appeared in the sky, twisting, whirling, in pain as it spun towards the ground, smashing into a rock formation, sparks flying from it, before it finally hit the sand at an angle, falling over on it's side.

It was still, nothing happening in the remote region. If this strange device had any inhabitants, it was unknown if they survived the journey...

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