14th May 2011

It was Scarlet's first day at school here in Kilmoor today. She got in HEAPS of trouble. She wagged school! I have never never never NEVER met someone who would do something like that. She's super-dooper brave.

Rose said she got in trouble and she was upset with the teachers at school, because she couldn't do the worksheets probably because they were in Irish.

And did I tell you this? She's vegetarian! I've ALWAYS wanted to be vegetarian. Well, since I met her, anyhow. I'm going to be vegetarian too. I promise you THAT.

I wish I could be Scarlett. Mum says she's a bad girl and I shoulcn't mix with her, but I want to be Scarlett. But I'm stuck being boring old Holly. But that's okay, because I've got the second best thing to being Scarlett.

I'm Scarlett's sister.


A/N: Might not be updating tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment and might not be back for a while. Nothing I can do about that :/ I still have homework to do!
And thanks to DramioneFabina. Your constant reading and reviewing makes my day!