Ch 2

"You don't sound too excited about that," Edward was unsure and so he tried to draw her out a little. "You said you were married; what's he like?"

"Who? Jacob?" Edward noticed the full first name instead of just "Jake" or some sort of nickname.

"Yeah-old Jake, what's he like?" Bella thought he must be masochistic to ask about Jacob.

"Well, Jacob is a good man. He is good to me. Doesn't drink or anything like that," she could hear the flick of Edward's lighter. "Or smoke, for that matter."

"Oh yeah? What do you guys do to relax?" Edward thought the bastard better treat her right, but he sounded boring as hell.

"Yeah, we hang out here at home or we read," said Bella.

"Read? Like books and stuff?" Edward was sure that that type of relaxation could put you to sleep, but that wasn't what he was asking. "I meant like fun stuff. What do you do for fun? Camping, hiking, you know, that sorta shit."

Bella cringed inwardly. It had been a long time since the finances were stable enough for them to actually go out anywhere or do anything.

"Yeah. We read and work around here. The house is a real fixer-upper,"

Edward tried not to let his disgust show in his voice. "So Jake's handy like that, huh?" If the man could swing a hammer, his man card remained intact, but it was hanging on by a thread.

"No, Jacob isn't exactly handy in that way. I wanted the house to get out of the rental situation we were in. I found this one and my dad is helping me renovate." Bella's face burned. When she had married Jacob she knew his parent's home was falling down around them, but hadn't known what to look for when it came to personal traits like what motivated Jacob.

"Well shit, Bella. That's-that's…" he trailed off, not knowing quite how to respond.

"Yeah. His schooling took up a lot of our time when we were first together," she was tired of the subject of her husband. "So are you still with, um, Tanya, was it?"

Edward hated the woman's name. "Yeah-no, I'm not. She friend-ed me on Facebook, and keeps after me, but she left me, a "Dear John" letter so…and besides, that ship has sailed. She sold the house we bought, sold all my stuff and my truck to pay my fines. It's over, good riddance."

"Sounds pretty final to me," Bella was sad for him, but struggled to really get the sympathy across because she was secretly pleased that he was available; rather, that there was some possibility of him being available. "I can't believe she sold all your stuff! What a wench."

Edward remembered that Bella could get pretty feisty when someone she loved was screwed over. "Yeah, she is a wench, but I was in jail and she had a house to pay for so…" He left out the part that she left him high and dry for his best friend, who was a lesbian.

"Edward, do you think," Bella hesitated. She wasn't sure what she was looking for with this man. She knew that he had loved her at one point, but wasn't sure where she stood just now.

"Yeah, Bella?" Edward's hope was piqued. He hoped she was gunna ask to see him but wasn't sure.

"Do you wanna get together and have some coffee or something?" She probably shouldn't try to get together with him. It was like walking through a field of mines; just hearing his voice evoked so many memories of their childhood together. She had recently discovered through the death of her cousin and best friend that life didn't go on forever and that there were things left that she wanted to experience. He was certainly one of them.