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Harry stormed through the doors of the ministry.

"Mr Potter why these three, I understand the young man but the others?" the prime minister stuttered as he jogged to keep up with Harry.

Harry spun on the spot his hand suddenly fisted in the Minister's robes, he looked down on the man. He now stood at six foot at twenty-one years of age. "I don't believe that has anything to do with you minister," he snarled.

The minister shook, "Of course I'm sorry."

Harry sneered and stood, three years ago the dark lord was defeated by him, he left Hogwarts and taught himself Dark magic, with that he killed Voldermort and now was the strongest wizard dark or light living, now that Dumbledore was dead. He continued down the dark corridor and stopped at a door. Waving his hand in front of the bars they disintegrated and he walked in. The minister looked up from the tangle of keys and saw the door to the cell opened. Blinking he walked forward to slam nose first into metal. Muttering he turned cursing the man.

Harry snickered as he watched the three men in the room turn. They were dressed in rags, covered in dirt and their own filth from Azkaban.

"Potter," Draco spat, "To what do we owe the pleasure?"

Harry turned his full gaze to the other young man. "That's master to you pet."

"WHAT?" Draco sneered, as the two older men watch with interest. "You can go drown yourself in the lake Potter I'm not your pet I'm a human being."

"Not for much longer, the ministry has agreed to allow me to take you three into my home and break into slaves, beautiful isn't it?" Harry grinned.

"What do you say Lucius will be you happily mine or do I have to break you like I will your son."

Lucius looked at Harry, who now stood at his height, "Master," he said as he went down onto one knee.

"Father, get up, it's fucking Potter," Draco screamed.

Lucius looked up in time to see Harry turn and flick his hand towards Draco who fell to the ground in a screaming heap, twisting. Turning back to Lucius he placed his hand around his throat and began to mutter in a soft voice. A silver light flowed from his fingers and wrapped itself around Lucius's thin throat, the mist solidified and was now a silver ring encased with no openings and the words, 'Property of Harry Potter' written on it. "You are now mine Lucius." He pulled the man up by his collar and landed a solid and demanding kiss on his lips. Lucius gasped as he pulled back from the kiss, staring up at the man before his worried eyes flicked over at his son, Harry chuckled and flicked his hand again and the screaming stopped, turning into soft whimpers. Harry left Lucius and moved to Snape. "Will you submit Severus?"

Severus looked at him with calculating eyes, "Even if I fought you would still have me right?"

"Yes," Harry replied a grin etched on his face.

Snape nodded he bowed his head and sunk to his knees on the floor. Once more silver light enveloped a throat and a silver collar sat in its wake. "Good pet," Harry said. Severus waited for the man to take his kiss but he turned around moved to the still quivering heap and crouched next to the figure. "Your father and godfather have submitted are you ready to Draco?"

Grey eyes looked up at him, and the young man spat and the small amount of spittle landed on Harry's cheek. Slowly Harry wiped his cheek off and suddenly moved almost too fast, so see. He grabbed Draco around the throat and slammed him up against the nearest wall. "I will break you Draco, you will be mine in the end no matter what you try," the silver light surrounded his throat and a collar rested against the swallow skin. Harry stepped back and let Draco drop. Snarling the young man threw himself at Harry. Shaking his head, he flicked his hand again and Draco hit the floor at his feet, the screaming louder than before. "You will be wondering why you feel more pain before. I am actually not even using half the strength I did before. All you nerves are now new and raw, no matter how much you were able to resist pain before it is all gone now." In the background Lucius and Severus shared a look.

Harry once more ended the spell and grabbed Draco by his hair and pulled him up into a sitting position, the Malfoy heir hissing. "Severus, Lucius come here," Harry ordered.

Severus started to climb to his feet when a flick of Harry's finger sent him crashing to the floor. "I don't recall saying you could walk. You shall crawl till I give you the privilege."

Shrugging Severus crawled to the man closely followed by Lucius.

"Take hold of my leg and hold on tight I will apperate (SP?) us to my house." Quickly Lucius and Snape took a hold of the black robe covering their new master's legs and held on as they were sent spinning through the room.

They apperated into a large living room, looking around Snape and Lucius let go of Harry. Harry snarled however and forced Draco's head back with his hand. "I am your master now, you are a pet, a piece of furniture, got it? My word is law and you are MINE," the man roared this last past.

"You are no different than the last Dark Lord, one day someone will get the courage and stand against you and you will die like voldermort." Draco spat.

"You think so do you?" Harry questioned and stood dragging the man up with him, "We shall see, until then, you are my playmates."

"More like things," Draco muttered.

A sudden hand slammed against his face and the two kneeling men shivered. The look on Harry's face scared them, and they had seen many things in their lives. "You will learn Draco, you will learn and you will be mine, you will soon be begging for me," Harry, turned the man still in his grip. "Hold my legs," he said to the men. Both grabbed his legs and they appeared in a large bathroom.

Harry turned to them, letting go of Draco you dropped like stone o the floor, "Strip, Severus, you may stand to do so" came the order.

Severus stood as he started to undo his buttons, as soon as he stood naked the rags at his feet, his hands covering his privets. The bath suddenly started filling with warm water as the ball of rags at his feet burst into flame. "Move your hands Severus, you need to get used to being naked anyway, clothes are a privilege not a necessary."

Nodding Severus dropped his hands.

"Rule one, You will obey every single command that I give you, or you will be punished.

You will always call me master, or you will be punished.

You will always answer me with words, or you will be punished.

You will earn your privileges, and only when I say you may do something you will be allowed to. You will get your necessary's like food and water, unless this is your punishment.

And most importantly, you will not penetrate each other unless I say so, your body belongs to me and me alone now. " Harry turned to Severus, "Hop in the bath."

The older man did so and Harry grabbed a cloth and started cleaning him. Quickly the water was almost black with dirt, which was quickly changed with a brief flick of a finger. Severus relaxed under the gentle hands and warm water, the soft and tender touches along with the warm water was both making him sleepy and aroused. He closed his eyes as he felt the hands move down his chest to his nipples then past and lower. Long fingers wrapped themselves around his half mast cock.

Harry chuckled, "Enjoying yourself I see Severus?"

"Master," Severus moaned thrusting his hips up into the hand.

"On all fours, arse in the air facing me," Harry suddenly snapped withdrawing his hand.

Blinking Severus moved, his arse just out of the water faced Harry. The young man grinned and suddenly slapped the round cheeks hard one on each side. The man actually flinched under the touch. Harry chuckled as he leaned forward and pulled the cheek parts apart to look at the pink opening that winked at him. Chuckling Harry dipped his fingers in the pot of lub next to the tub, quickly he pushed one finger into Severus, the man moaned at the feeling. "Ever been taken by another man Sev?"

"No master, but I have topped several."

"Good, then you know what is going to happen and now I know my pets arse is virgin," Harry pushed in a second closely followed by a third finger. "How about you Lucius ever been bottomed?"

"No, master, I have only laid with women."

Harry looked at Draco as he continued to stretch Severus, "and you Draco"

"Go to hell," came the reply.

Harry shrugged "I will soon find out soon enough." Harry turned back to arse in front of him and withdrew his fingers. Picking up the hose also coiled next to him, he lubed the nozzle and slowly pushed it halfway into the man's entrance. Severus moaned and his hips trusted involuntary forward. "You aren't to cum Severus. You will hold the nozzle inside your body, don't let it slip, you will be filled with water and if you let any of it escape you will be punished. Understand."

Severus nodded gasping, "Yes master."

Harry turned on the water and Severus gasped as it filled him, the cold fluid brushing his warm insides making him cramp. "Ah, please master it hurts," Severus moaned his arms beginning to wobble. Harry reached forward and ran his hand over Severus slightly producing stomach and nodded ,he turned off the tap and pulled out the nozzle, "Let the water out Severus." The man let go with a sign and water filled with fecal matter entered the bath water. Panting Severus shivered as he felt a blunt end being placed at his entrance, he didn't think he would be taken so early.

"Severus," Harry said as he began to push the butt plug into the slave's arse, "You aren't to take this out, you will get used to being filled and you will love it."

"But-" Severus cut himself off.

"Yes pet?"

"What if I need to use the bathroom?"

Harry chuckled, "You won't I made these butt plugs, they have a spell engrained into the wood and will clear you of any fecal matter, so when I do finally fuck you, I won't get dirty. Now get out of the bath." He said with a light slap to the white behind.

Moaning Severus got out of the tub, shifting on his feet, the butt plug feeling uncomfortable. Harry laughed and moved up behind him and wrapped his arms around the man and hovered over his erect cock. "You will get used to the plug pet, the one inside you is only small and I am much bigger." Severus shivered at the warm breath of his neck. "You were such a good pet doing as I say, and this is your reward." Harry let his hands drop and he began fondling the man's hard length. Severus gasped and his head fall back onto Harry's shoulder, moaning. The hands felt so good, pumping his length and fondling his balls. It had been so long since he had gotten this kind of attention. He started to wither in Harry's embrace, his hips bucking forward and his breathing quickened.

"Do you need to cum pet?" Harry whispered in his ear.

Severus moaned, "Yes master, please," he whimpered.

"Then cum," Severus gasped as he let go, his sperm covering Harry's hands.

Harry stepped back from the man his hands clean suddenly, "Very beautiful pet, but this," he ran his hand through Severus light wash of chest hair and pubic hair, "has to go." He started to rub his hand through the hair, slowly it dislodged from his body and floated to the ground, till Severus had no hair on his chest or genitals. Go make yourself comfortable on the floor," Harry turned, "Wait I nearly forgot," he turned back to Severus and gripped the man's now soft cock and whispered, a cock ring attached itself around the base of Severus cock and balls. "Now you can go. Lucius," he called.

Lucius crawled to him and soon was in the bath being cleaned inside and out and being plugged. For his good behavior he too was rewarded by being allowed to come and received a cock ring as well.

"You will still be able to piss with the ring, but you aren't to remove this either," Harry said as Lucius crawled next to Severus. "Draco, your next."

"I can wash myself thanks, bastard," Draco spat taking defensive position.

"Oh, I have no doubt you could but you have no choice in the matter, now strip and come here," the man growled.

Draco merely sneered and turned his back on the man.

Harry growled and suddenly Draco's clothes were on fire. The young man screamed at the sudden pain, Lucius and Severus both watched wide eyed.

"The flames won't burn your skin or leave marks, Draco," Harry said casually over the pained screams, "but it will feel like they are, you will be in a great amount of pain if you don't take them off now." By the time he was finished the young man was already stripping. Once they were off he checked his arms, looking up he snarled, "What was that for?"

"You didn't strip when I told you to, so that was your punishment."

"You're a fucking sick bastard."

"Draco, I have had enough of your whining, you will shut up or I will make you," Harry's voice was turning dangerous.

"Go fuck your-" Draco was cut off in mid sentence as he grabbed his mouth.

Blinking Lucius saw what caused the sudden silence, a red ball gag now sat inside his son's mouth silencing him.

"Now GET IN THE BATH," Harry yelled.

Draco backed up glaring, Harry flicked his hand and the young man landed in the bath, when he started to get out Harry paralyzed him. With another flick rough towels began cleaning him, making his skin a nasty red. Flicking his hand he flipped Draco over and didn't bother stretching the young man, merely oiling the nozzle and shoving it inside the anus and filled the young man cleaning him out roughly. By this time Draco had tears flooding from his eyes, in pain of the cleaning and the sudden penetration of his arse. Thinking it was over he felt something begin placed once more in his arse, thinking it was the plug he started to relax when water began filling him again. Once more he began fighting the bonds when he began to whimper the water was starting to hurt. Slowly it stopped and the nozzle was pulled out quickly followed by the butt plug being inserted.

"This is your punishment; the water will stay in you until I believe you are properly subdued. Now get out of the bath." Draco felt the bonds being released and he quickly pulled himself out of the dirty water and immediately, groaned as the water sloshed around inside of him. Looking down he saw his stomach was slightly distended. Growling with anger he reached around and tried to remove the plug but he couldn't get within an inch of touching it.

"You can't remove it Draco, only I can touch it, only I can remove it, there are spells on both the rings and plugs, and you won't be able to remove them." Grinning Harry walked to the door, "Follow me, and crawl," he said before leaving the bathroom. All three slaves followed even Draco, who at the moment was in enough pain without needing anymore to be added.

Slowly they made their way into the dining room, along the way Harry pointed out rooms like the library, spare bedrooms, potions lab (Which Severus stared wistfully at) and a study area. When they reached the dining room they saw that the table was already set and Harry sat down on the only chair at the table. "Severus under the table between my legs, Lucius on my left and Draco on my right," the three moved to their said places. Harry looked down on Draco, "I will remove the gag, if you promise to stay silent and you do as you are told, nod if you agree."

Angry eyes stared back at him in defiance.

"Fine," Harry flicked his hand and Draco was sent hurdling backwards and his back hit a wall with a thud. Shackles attached themselves to his wrists and ankles trapping him in a spread-eagle position, "You will, not be let down for twenty-four hours, you will not eat for this duration and you will not sleep." Harry turned back to the table and the food and began eating. Beside him Lucius watched his son struggle. "Master?" he begged.

"No Lucius he will not be let down, he will learn his place, now were you going against my wishes?" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"No master, I'm sorry," Lucius bowed his head.

"Severus move to my right side," Harry said and watched the man move out from under the table. He threaded his fingers through the man's now silky locks, "Why do you submit so easily? I actually believed you of all people would be the one protesting?"

"I know that it would be futile fighting you master. You wanted us and nothing would stop you from getting us. You would break us if we fought, I am saving both of us a lot of time and for me a lot of pain," Severus said and lowered his eyes when his stomach gave a loud growl.

Harry laughed and pulled a plate of fruit and yoghurt towards him. With his free hand he dipped a piece of orange in the yoghurt and lowered it to Severus's lips and smeared the paste over the thin lips, Severus opened his mouth and the fruit slid in. Smirking Harry sat up and grabbed another piece of fruit and dipped it in yoghurt and watched as Severus licked his lips clean and fed him the next piece. Next to him Lucius eyes followed each piece disappear into his friends mouth. Unconsciously he licked his own lips in hunger, his stomach rumbling.

"Lucius how long has it been since you last ate?" Harry asked as he gave Severus some watermelon.

"I had a small bowl of stale porridge three days ago but nothing proper since we were captured nearly a month now, master."

Harry hummed as Severus started to suck off the yoghurt on his fingers, nearly three minutes later. "Do you want more pet?"

"I'm full thank you master," Severus leaned his head forward to rest against Harry's thigh. 'Why am I so easily swayed by him, it's like I have no control?' Severus thought to himself.

"Oh that's easy pet," Harry said stroking Severus's hair, Severus looked up at him his dark eyes blinking. "This collar," is hand traced the silver, "is locked to me, everything that was yours is now mine. You're body has been reduced to almost nothing, it craves my touch my attention, and my sexual desire. Harry looked at Severus, "Yes?"

"How did you know that, it was my thought, did I say it out loud?" Severus asked.

"Oh no, it was your thought, but I can read your minds now, every thought," Harry laughed at the look on Severus's face. "That includes you Lucius, you and your repeated 'stop feeding him, I want some food.'" Lucius looked down, "Sorry master."

"This is why I was ignoring you to see how far your thoughts went; I must admit you were starting to get fairly vocal. Here," Harry patted his lap, "Sit here." Lucius stood and Harry pushed his chair out slightly and pulled Lucius into his lap so his back rested against his chest. Turning his face he kissed the man deeply, his tongue working through Lucius's mouth. Finally he pulled back and he started to feed the man. His hands started to wonder over the man's naked and hairless chest. Pausing at the nipples he began to tug on them, Lucius arched into his touch. "Oh, I could just fuck you right here and now, over the table pet," Harry moaned as he thrusted his hips up.

Lucius pushed back down onto the hard lump under his arse.

"Argh, enough," Harry stood pushing Lucius from his lap. Quickly he grabbed a handful of each slaves hair and apperated them into the master bedroom. Immediately Harry began to attack Lucius mouth again, sucking hard. Lucius moaned into the man's mouth and began to kiss back. Their tongues in a fierce battle inside his mouth. Pulling back Harry saw Severus watching them, his expression showed interest and his obvious arousal gave him away. Harry chuckled and pointed to the corner of the room, where and giant dog like bed sat. Severus looked at it, it was a dog's bed just enlarged, the sides rising around twenty centimeters, it was lined with a soft padding that reminded him of sheep wool and several sheets were in the middle, it was large enough for three men if they were curled up. "That is your bed, you may sleep." Harry turned back to Lucius and pushed him back onto the large bed in the middle of the room, as Severus crawled into his own bed and curled up with a sheet.

Harry by now was sucking on Lucius neck, pulling back he saw he left a large purple hikey, happy he continued down, quietly he sucked a nipple into his mouth and began lightly sucking as Lucius moaned and twisted under him. Smiling he dipped down further. Reaching his pet's belly button he began to flick his tongue in and out as one of his hands slipped up between them and slipped the plug from the man's arse. Lucius whimpered and wiggled his hips. Chuckling Harry sat up and placed the plug to one side and began to strip, Lucius's and Severus's eyes watching closely. The dark haired man's body was well defined and muscled, and his stomach muscles rippled as he stood and stripped off his pants and underwear. Lucius gasped when he saw the towering flesh, and he knew that was going to be entering him soon. 'So big, god, this is going to hurt,' the man thought.

"Only if you don't relax pet," Harry said as he crawled back over Lucius and grabbed the jar of lube from the bedside table. Pushing the man's thighs apart he knelt between them and pushed two fingers in. Lucius moaned and pushed back down onto the fingers. Quickly Harry pumped them in and out loosening the muscles, "More, please," Lucius begged. Happily Harry obliged pushing in a third finger. Leaning over he breathed into the man's ear, "You have three fingers in you now, do you like the feel of them pumping in and out, stretching that tight arse?" Lucius moaned, "yes, more please," he pushed down hard onto the fingers trying to get them deeper.

"Ah, ah, ah patience pet, you're not ready yet, it will hurt," Harry began scissoring the fingers, the moment he felt he was stretched enough he pushed a fourth in. Lucius's breath hitch slightly but he still pumped back on the fingers. Harry grinned but he was getting impatient, quickly he pulled his fingers out and began to lube his cock. Lucius moaned, and wiggled.

"Hold still," Harry snapped as he pushed the jar to the floor, its lid on. Grabbing Lucius behind the knees he pushed them up and further to the side and positioned the tip of his cock against the stretched hole. Quickly he pushed in, ignoring the pained gasp from the man and the winces, until his hips rested against the man's arse. Looking down, he saw tears in the man's grey eyes and he was whimpering. Opening his mind he heard Lucius's thoughts, 'Oh god, it hurts, he too big, he hurts, please oh, god.'

Harry began to rub Lucius stomach, "Hush," he whispered, he pulled back slightly and thrusted back, Lucius moaned more in pain than pleasure, but Harry continued each thrust getting harder and longer. Soon he was pounding in the man so hard the bed was bouncing, by now Lucius was moaning along with him. "Master, I ne- ah- need to cu-um," he panted.

Harry gave an extra hard thrust, "You aren't to cum, the ring stays on."

Lucius whimpered as Harry started to go even harder, his own orgasm coming soon. Sweat poured from their bodies as Harry's grip tightened on Lucius hips, leaving bruises. Giving a low moan he came inside the man, pumping his load in deep. Shuddering he collapsed on the man, his arousal digging into his stomach, finally gaining his breath he sat up, his cock still in Lucius arse. Grabbing the man's knees he pushed them forward, making's the man's arse rise into the air. "You will hold yourself in this position until I plug you," Lucius nodded and grabbed his knees holding himself there. Harry pulled out making Lucius feel suddenly empty. He began to tremble his erection red between his legs. Harry returned with a new butt plug just smaller than his cock, not even bothering to lube it he pushed it inside the still loose hole. "You may relax pet." Harry chuckled as he saw the large red cock, straining to be free. He opened his mind again this time to Severus.

'So fucking hard, I wish I could cum, DAMN IT,' the man roared.

"Severus, come here," the man looked up suddenly and crawled over from the dog bed to Harry's side.

"Up here pet," Harry petted the bed covers and Severus climbed up into place, his own erection standing to attention. Harry laughed as he lounged back, "Suck Lucius off and swallow and I will allow you release." Harry reached over and undid the cock ring and immediately precum appeared on the tip. Severus crawled between Lucius's legs and began sucking. The man gave a slight groan and thrusted up into Severus's mouth.

His tongue dancing over the tip as his hands massaged Lucius's balls. His lips sealed over the tip and began to move down, by the time he reached the man's hilt, he was coming inside his mouth. Swallowing the salty liquid, Severus sat up saliva making his lips glossy.

"Come here pet," Harry said, patting his knees. Severus crawled to him and Harry positioned him so his he was facing him, on his knees one spread each side of the man. Leaning forward, Harry slipped his hand between them and began to fondle the man, still not releasing the cock ring.

"Master please," Severus whimpered as he leaned against Harry's shoulder.

He felt the man's body vibrate as he chuckled. Severus felt a hand slip down and around him and grab his butt plug and pulled till the tip was just inside his entrance before it was pushed back in again. Severus started to mew and Harry chuckled again and he began to pump the plug harder and his fingers began to work again against the hard flesh, until Severus was rutting against him. Quickly he released the cock ring and slammed the plug back in again, "Come pet," he whispered into Severus's ear and the man came over his hand with a loud moan.

Severus began to collapse, but Harry stood so he fell onto the carpeted floor, gasping he looked up to find his master placing his hand in front of his face, his own cum sliding down his arm. Wide eye he glanced up at the man and shivered, Harry's eyes held no sway no give. Wincing he opened his mouth and began to lick away his own seed, grimacing at the taste. Finally his hand and arm were clean. Grinning Harry stood and with a flick of his hand, cock rings were back around the two men's members and he pushed a still quivering Lucius off the bed. "Go to bed, and sleep I do not want to hear a peep out of you and you have better hope that you don't snore." Harry watched the two men crawl into the bed and grinned as he went to the bathroom and showered.