Harry grinned as he made the finishing touches to the room. A large table stood at one end of the room, with delicacies and finger foods, arranged around a large empty circle. Small couches and settees dotted the room as his house elves charmed to be invisible stood ready to bring the soon-to-be-arriving guests any drinks or food they wish, in the centre of the room stood two of tonight's main attractions.

Severus knelt his face to the door, chains kept his chest pressed to the floor, along with his ankles spread, showing off the large plug slowly fucking the man's arse. A bright red ball gag, kept the man from speaking and a silver cock ring from him coming. Lucius was pulled taunt standing his arms stretched above his head and his legs wide making him spread and opened, like Severus he too sported a cock ring, but instead of a plug a vibrator and a blue ball gag.

Draco was hidden and decorated with his own toys for later.

"Now pets," Harry walked to Lucius and rubbed his fingers up and down the stretched torso. Lucius moaned and arched into the hands and Harry chuckled. The floo roared as someone arrived and Harry grinned, "Let the entertainment begin.

Raucous laughter filled the room, the men talked between themselves in small groups as they drank and nibbled. Apart from a few touches and gropes, Severus and Lucius remained untouched until now.

Lucius moaned as he felt a man press up against him, a rock hard cock pressing against him through the robes. The man rubbed along his sides, he shivered as the fingers pinched his nipples tugging them. He mewled and arched into the hands.

"Let's hear those pretty moans properly." Hands slipped into his hair and undid the tie and pulled the gag from his mouth. Another man joined him and he grinned as he pulled down his chin and slammed his mouth against Lucius and kissed him hard. Lucius moaned as the tongue mapped his mouth. The man behind him started to kiss his way down the spine. More moans around him told him more men joined them. Hands roamed his body, the most noticeable was the one tugging on his vibrator pulling and pushing it in and out of his body, another stroked his cock, he gasped and mewled thrusting between the hands. Lucius gasped as the vibrator was suddenly pulled from his arse, and he was filled suddenly with a hard cock. His eyes opened and he looked straight into Harry's grinning face. He mewled as the man began to pound fast, but he didn't last long, and he was filled again. Again and again men filled him, till he was that full of cum it poured down his legs. A large yelp made Lucius look over to Severus to see he was being pounded hard.

Severus moaned as he was breached again, suddenly the chains dropped from his wrists, and ankles. He was pulled to his feet, another body pushed in front of his and he shivered, another cock was pushing itself in alongside the other hard cock. He wailed, the pain, he felt like he was being torn, suddenly Harry was beside him and kissed him hard, he moaned into the hard mouth. He could feel the man's hard hand moving down between his and the still thrusting mans body and fondled him, gripping the cock ring and released it. Severus screamed into Harry's mouth as he came, his cum shooting hard from his body. The two men began to pound harder and harder. Severus mewled between them he wasn't ready for them, his body strung in pain and then the men moaned and came inside him. They let him go and he hit the ground hard, sinking to his knees panting as Harry clapped his hands. All attention was brought to the man. Harry grinned, "Now that you have finished with the main course, let's have dessert."

Draco moaned from behind the curtain, he was hard, all he could here was his father's moaning and then Severus's screams. Suddenly the large metal cot he was positioned on rose several inches and he floated into the air and through the curtains.

The crowd of men grinned and some chuckled when they saw the younger Malfoy. He was covered in a thin layer of many different desserts. Chocolate cake covered his back, cream-his chest, ice cream his legs and covering his arse and hard cock in jelly.

The men descended on him like starving dogs, only several stayed back.

Draco moaned and mewled as the tongues and fingers swept the desserts from his body. The spell that made him keep still stopped him from trusting back onto the tongue that was playing with the edge of his crack or into the mouth that encased his cock.

Lucius felt hands under his armpits before he was pulled to his feet from where he lay panting on the floor. He moaned in pain when he was dragged over towards one of the two chairs that were facing away from his son where he was being played with. Glancing sideways he saw Severus was being pushed into the same position as him. They were forced to kneel up on the edge with their hands gripping the base where the back met the base. Thin coils of rope appeared worming their way over their wrists and thighs trapping them there.

A large moan from Draco made the two men look up to find Draco being pounded into from behind.

Suddenly they both felt two hands part their already sore buttocks and another cock slid into them. Severus cried out in pain, he felt like he was being torn in two. He had never been used like this especially after just having two cocks in his arse at the same time. Harry knelt down in front of him, holding a vial. "Please master, please, make it stop it hurts," he whimpered.

"Drink this Severus," Harry held the glass up to his mouth and the man drank it down. Harry patted him on the head and as he moved away the man inside of him who had remained still until now, started to move. He hung his head a made small sounds of pain in back of the throat at each thrust until he felt himself start to get hard and he realized he was pushing back against the man. He realized then that his master had given him an aphrodisiac. The man inside of him began to pound harder and harder. He whimpered when a hand tangled itself in his hair and pulled his head up and back, so he looked straight at Draco. "Look at that little slut, whore," the man growled. "See the way he moans and groans enjoying that huge cock up his arse, plundering him." The moan groaned, "You to are enjoying my cock aren't you , smashing into your insides."

Severus moaned and he gasped as the man got rougher until he felt another load of cum fill his insides. But as soon as the man pulled out another was there to fill him.

Draco moaned as the first man finished and pulled out. Suddenly the spell on him ended and he collapsed. Multiple hands grabbed at him and twisted him so that he lay on his back, legs pulled up and to the side. Another man climb in above him and filled him as he threw his head back and moaned at the feeling of being filled. Suddenly a cock was thrust down his throat and he was tried to suck in air but couldn't.

Harry grinned as he watched his pets being plundered.

"Excellent party Mister Potter," one of his guests said as he walked over to him.

"Thank you Mr Kalop." He inclined his head and they stood talking about trivial things when the tenth and last man pulled out of Draco.

The young man lay panting his body covered in a light coating of cum and sweat. And Harry excused himself and he flicked his wand, realizing the binds on Severus and Lucius.

"I see you enjoyed the main course but it is time for dessert," Harry motioned Severus and Lucius over to the table and he levitated the men up onto it. "Fuck him pets."

Lucius's eyes widen as he looked at his son. He and Severus and even Severus and Draco have fucked each other but he had never touched like that yet, he was hoping that Harry wasn't going to force then on each other because they were father and son.

"Did you not here me pet?" Harry asked his voice containing that dangerous purr.

Lucius shook his head, "Sorry master," he uttered and moved to crawl towards Draco. Severus following but he was stopped by Harry's hand on his shoulder, the man staring avidly at Lucius as he crawled over the top of Draco and kissed him. The crowd cheered at the two blonds, kissing each other.

Draco mewled as he reared up into his father's kiss. Long blond fell over them like a curtain. Lucius ran his hands down Draco's side until he reached under his knees and pulled them up and his crotch fell over his sons arse. Wiggling his still hard cock, from the aphrodisiac Harry had given him. Slowly the man pushed in and he moaned at the wet and tight heat of the younger man. More cum squelched, pushing out of Draco's arse. Lucius started to thrust when Harry snapped, "I want Draco on top."

Draco moaned as he wrapped his legs around Lucius hips and the older man flipped them over. The moment they stopped moving Draco pulled himself up until the tip was just inside of him and slammed back down. Arching his back as he rode the phallus he glanced over his shoulder and all the guests had their eyes locked on his arse and were all jacking themselves or others off. He thre his head back and moaned as he started to go faster.

Harry nudged Severus, "Go fuck his with Lucius I want to see both you cocks plundering his arse."

Severus nodded and he crawled to the moaning men and with gentle hands he pushed Draco so he was laying back down and crawled into position, half-crouching he moved to place his fingers in first to stretch the young man when Harry stopped him. "I did not say you could stretch him."

"Yes, master," Severus nodded, grabbing the younger man's waist and he began to push in slowly. Draco felt the cock head line up behind him and he stilled he began to pant, it hurt as the head forced its way in, he had been stretched and fucked enough that he didn't tear but it still burned.

"Please," he whimpered.

Lucius saw the pain in his son's eyes and leaned forward and drew his son into a kiss distracting him and Severus pushed the rest of his way in. Severus grunted when slid the rest of the way in and he nodded to Lucius when he was fully seated.

The two men started to move and Draco threw his head back breaking the kiss with a moan as Severus slid out. Together the men took up a rhythm. Severus in, Lucius out, Severus out, Lucius in. Together they pounded into the younger slave. Draco lost all thought as he just gripped Lucius shoulders and let himself be lost in the movements. The two cocks consistently battered his prostate and he came three times before the men came into him.

Severus shouted as he came and the tight arse milked him. Exhausted he collapsed, squishing Draco and Lucius.

Cheering and jeers surrounded them as the men formed a circle around them. Together they all moaned as they ejaculated, spraying their cum onto the three slaves. When the men finished Harry led them through to the next room, seeing them all back to the fireplace and back to their own homes. It was half an hour before the man was back and Harry grinned when all he saw was the men had moved enough that they were not collapsed on each other.

He moved to the table and three sets of bleary eyes met his, "You did well pets." He clicked his fingers and they all appearted up into his bedroom. The three still entwined but now in their bed. Another flick of his hand and the sweat, cum and other bodily fluids evaporated from their bodies, but more still seeped from their arses.

"Sleep pets, you earned it," Harry uttered quietly.

The three slaves didn't need to hear anymore as they fell into an exhausted sleep.

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