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Animate Me / Valentines Day Outtake / A Perfect Connection

"You know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons"~ Homer Simpson




You can bet I taped a covering over the security camera's lens. I'm not going to make that stupid mistake twice. I check my watch anxiously. It's almost time.

Why am I nervous? After all, this was Bella's idea. Besides, it's my girlmy lover. I grin just hearing that word roll around in my head…luv-var, loovar, luffer.

Oh man, do I love her.

Bella is my everything now, but all those months ago when she strode down this aisle and lassoed my heart, I would've never imagined how much my life would change. Who would've thought that my true destiny would begin unfolding in a place called 'Geek World?'

I straighten out my bow tie and decide to slip a pen in my pocket protector. I remember Bella reading my name off the plastic flap that first meeting and I run my finger over the black type. I smile, recalling that she didn't know I was wearing a uniform. She thought I actually dressed like this, like a total geek. Jeez, it still makes me queasy to realize that was her first impression of me.

So I'm lucky the owner Joe didn't ask me twenty questions when I asked if I could use the shop for a couple hours after closing on Valentine's Day. Well, tonight Bella and I will not recreate history; we will reinvent it.

I check my watch again, make sure the front door is unlocked, and then return to the sales counter. My sketch pad is open with an almost finished drawing, just like our first meeting. The store is silent but for the drumming of my fingers across the Formica surface.

The security shades are all pulled over the front windows and door, but suddenly I see a silhouette appear and then the door slowly starts to open. My heart is pounding like a tribal drum.


..~*Bella, Three Weeks Earlier*~..


I thought he was going to cry, he looks so crestfallen when I tell him that I hate Valentines Day. I can immediately see that the wheels have been turning in that brilliant head of his and that he'd been planning something special.

"But, Bella," he implores.

"It's a commercial holiday, baby. There's nothing swoony about being crammed in a restaurant with a million other couples pretending that this is the most romantic day of the year. Then you convince yourself that the overpriced pre-fixe menu that you had to pre-pay on your credit card is the most sensual food you've ever slipped between your lips. You finish off the champagne since it cost a fortune and you don't want to waste a drop. The climax of the event is the heart-shaped chocolate lava cake that, once pierced with your fork, is hot, gooey, and orally orgasmic." I roll my eyes twice for extra emphasis. "Check, please!"

"But, Bella…" He looks alarmed. He's never seen me quite like this.

"And while I'm on a roll, what's romantic about standing in front of the pink and red Valentine display at Target manhandling card after card until you find one that is the perfect balance of sweet and sexy, longing and deep desire? The sentiment was probably penned by some middle-aged hack before being zapped to China to be printed then embellished in sweatshops full of children."

"Oh for fucks sake, Bella!" he says, throwing his hands up in the air. "Are you going to kill off Santa and the Easter Bunny next?"

I smirk and continue since I'm on fire. "And don't get me started on the flowers conspiracy," I warn.

"Is this about Aro?" He folds his arms over his chest. "Is he the one that ruined Valentine's Day for you?"

"Perhaps," I say quietly, while I consider the Valentine's I spent with him. "Yes," I finally admit. "The more money he threw at it, the more contrived and miserable it got. Besides, he was always in a bad mood on Valentine's."

"Wow," Edward says. He almost looks glad that Aro screwed it up so royally. He knows he can only go up from there.

"You know the irony? After all that aggravation, does anyone actually have great sex on Valentine's Day?"

"Well, we're going to," my man insists. I like the intense look on his face. His determination to please me is one of the most endearing things about him. It makes me want to not just give him my heart, but everything I have to give.

"Now you're talking. Let's just make love all night, Edward. That sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me."

"Ooookay," Edward agrees. I can tell he's not sure if he should agree or push for more.

"Hey, I know," I offer. "We could play dress up."

Edward grins. I love it when he smiles like this; it makes him look like a kid again.

"Who should we dress up like?" he asks as he takes a sip of his Starbucks. "I know…you could be Princess Leia in that metal bikini thingy and I could be Han Solo. I could wave my big lightsaber at you," he says, happily wiggling his eyebrows.

"You aren't waving any big thing at me. Did you forget that Han Solo isn't a Jedi? He doesn't have a lightsaber. What kind of geek are you?"

He tips his head down mortified.

"Anyway, nothing against Star Wars, but since it's the day of love and all, let's do something more personal to us." I flash through our various adventures in my mind.

"I know," I suddenly announce. "Why don't we recreate when we first met!"

"Do you mean at Geek World?" he asks, horrified. "What would be fun about that?"

"I could say and do what I was really thinking that day," I reply.

His eyes get wide with curiosity. "What were you really thinking?"

"You'll find out," I tease. "Do you think Joe would let you use the place for a bit after hours?" The ideas are coming fast and furiously now.

"Probably," he says. I can tell he still isn't sure this is a good idea.

"Do you still have the shirt?"

"You really want me to wear that?" he asks, unsteadily.

"Absolutely. The shirt is key. And make sure you wear your glasses that night. Believe me, handsome, you'll be glad you did."



As we get closer to Valentine's my feelings of dread increase. Of course, Bella is the one who fishes through our closet and finds the geek shirt, its bow tie still dangling from the collar of its polo-shirt. I had envisioned creating the perfect romantic and sexy evening for my girl; instead, I'm going to be in a strip mall dressed up like a loser.

I'm a new man now who doesn't really want to revisit that shy awkward guy who could barely look Bella in the eye. When we first met I was afraid to talk to her; now I'm a confident, sexual beast. Just last week I spread her across my desk and went down on her before lifting her into my arms and taking her hard against the file cabinets. There's nothing geeky about that.

But the closer we get to our 'special date', the more excited Bella gets about it, so I just don't see how I can let her down. We agree not to buy gifts or cards, but I secretly take a special drawing I did of her and refit it in a frame to give her. It's not really cheating because I didn't buy anything and I really wanted to give her something special.

I pull on the stupid shirt and smooth it down over my chest and waist. Luckily, my hair is on the long side and due for a cut, so I comb it down over my face and push my black glasses on. At first I laugh at my reflection. It's even worse than I remember.

If there ever was any doubt, this proves it…I'll do anything for my girl.

I roll my eyes, take the wrapped framed and my car keys, and head out the door. At least I'll get to see Bella in her short skirt and laced up boots tonight. She's coached me to react to her like it's our first meeting, but I can be provocative if I'm inspired.

I hope my girl's ready, because she always inspires me.




I have the taxi drop me off a few doors down from the storefront. Edward has drawn the shades, but the light still glows behind the frosted panes. A thrill pulses through me.

He's in there waiting for me. I pause for a moment, the memories of first meeting him still so vivid. He thinks he wasn't appealing to me, that he was forgettable. Well tonight I plan I convince him otherwise.

From the moment we started talking I realized there was a connection between us. It just took me longer than him to work it all out. I never could've imagined that a shopping trip to buy a computer cord would change my life completely.

I smooth the edge of my Sex Pistols T-shirt over my hips, reach for the door handle, and pull. Everything I want in life is just on the other side.




She's here. I grip the edges of the counter as she slips inside the entrance.

Oh fuck, she looks so hot – if possible, even sexier than the first time she sashayed through that door. From the distance, she glances at my drawing pad but doesn't look up at me yet, and it makes me so worked up inside. As my eyes roam over her t-shirt and laced up boots, I notice her reach behind and lock the door before darting to the left. She disappears behind the computer accessory aisle.

I wait.




I stop halfway down the aisle and wonder what he's thinking. Is he as excited as I am right now? I hope so, because by the time I'm done with him Geek World will never be the same. I count to twenty as slowly as possible. I'm going to take my time tonight. I want to make him crazy.

Just when I think I can't bear waiting another moment, I peak around the aisle. He's bent over the counter sketching in his pad. I watch him push his glasses up his nose nervously. He's so sexy when he's drawing, it's hard for me not to just run and grab him. Damn, I already want him so much. Get a grip, Bella. I take a deep breath and find my focus again.

"Excuse me," I call out. His head pops up and the pencil slips out of his fingers.

"Can you help me?" I step into the middle aisle and lean on one hip, clasping my hands behind my back. I tip my chin down and give him a demure look.

"Sure," he responds, his eyes lighting up as he starts to step out from behind the counter. "What are you looking for?"

I bite my lip and tip my head sideways. "Why don't you come over here and I'll show you what I need." I step back behind the aisle and wait.



I'll show you what I need…

Oh, Jesus, how am I going to hold back and keep this game up with her? I'm already aroused.

When I approach her, she's delicately running her fingers along the packages.

"How can I help you?" I stutter. "I mean, what do you need?" I gaze at her with a serious expression.

She turns toward me and studies my lips for a moment before looking into my eyes.

"I need a connection," she says, as she watches me and slowly raises one eyebrow. "And I need one of those cord thingies to do it."

"I see." I nod my head thoughtfully. "Do you require a male connection?"

"Male?" she asks as her gaze moves across my shoulders. "Can you show me what you mean?"

Damn, she's good. I almost believe she has no idea about computers.

I sure wish I could show her my 'male' part so we could quit playing around and make our 'connection.' But she stands patiently waiting for my explanation.

I take a few steps over to a display and she follows just behind me. I pull the USB out of the secured laptop.

"See right here?" I run my finger over the metal protrusion at the end of the cord. "This is the male part."

She keeps a serious expression as she runs her finger along its length. "Yes, I see."

I point to the side of the laptop. "And see this hole here?" I finger it and push the tip of my pinky against the opening. "This is where the male part goes."

"You just slide it in?" she asks, before biting her bottom lip. She leans in toward where my finger lingers and her breast presses against my arm.

I swallow as I feel her warmth against me.

"Yeah, you may have to push hard but once it's all the way in…you have a connection."




I press into him just a second longer before I stand up straight. I glance down at his pocket protector and smile.

"Are you Edward?"

He smiles shyly and pushes his glasses up his nose. "Yeah, that's me."

"Well hi, Edward. I'm Bella."

"Bella," he repeats with reverence like it's a prayer.

I look down and see how aroused he is and that makes me twist up inside. I don't think he realizes yet how turned on I am. He watches me carefully.

"Do you think it's exciting to work here?" I ask, my gaze still lingering just below his belt.

"Not usually. But tonight…" He blushes.

Damn, I love it that he still blushes.

"Well, you're a pretty exciting customer, Bella."

"You like helping me."

He nods briskly. "You're the kind of girl that I've always hoped I could help."

"With my connections?"

"Yeah…" He pauses and looks down, but then boldly looks back up at me. "…and maybe other stuff, too."

I look up at him and bite the tip of my thumb and smile.

"Are you this way with all the pretty girls that come in here?"

"No," he insists, horrified that I'd suggest that. "Besides, you aren't just pretty."

"Really?" I ask.

He shakes his head. "No, I think you're beautiful." He looks me in the eye. "I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world."

I run my finger slowly along his forearm. "You know, for the shy type, you're sure a charmer. I think you're flirting with me." I lick my bottom lip and his gaze follows my tongue, mesmerized.

He blinks nervously, but then stands up straighter.

"I mean it, Bella," he says in a serious tone "I've always thought that."

"So you've noticed me before? You've seen me around." I know the answer but it's part of the game.

"I've always noticed you. I just never thought you'd come in here."




She keeps looking down to see how I'm straining against my slacks. I'm so hard it's almost painful, but in a good way. I feel so dirty, like I want to lift her skirt and take her against the printer display. But I know if I wait the rewards will be greater.

"Do you want to know what I think about you?" she asks.

I nod slowly and take a deep breath.

She looks up and studies me, really looks at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. "I think you're so handsome."

"Really?" For a moment, I'm transported back to that afternoon and the feeling that she must have thought I was such a loser.

"I know you don't see it-you don't think you're handsome, and that makes you even more so. But Edward…your face is perfection. You have such kissable lips, a strong jaw and wicked cheekbones that I want to bite and lick, and the most stunning green eyes. And then when you smile, well…it does things to me."


"And you know what else?" she asks, almost whispering.

"What?" I ask, excited to hear more.

She takes a step closer and leans into me. My heart starts racing as her lips press against my ear. "You're sexy. So sexy." She lets out a sigh and her breath against my neck is almost too much.

"Oh, God," I groan. I can feel her breast and hip pressed against me. I shut my eyes tight.

Her fingers wrap around my wrist. "What, handsome?"

"Maybe…well, I was thinking that maybe you'd let me help you with your connections, Bella. You know, outside of here."

"I'd like that." She smiles sweetly, but there's fire in her eyes.

"Can I get your number then?"

Her hand lingers over my pocket protector and slowly, so slowly she pulls out a pen. She turns back toward the counter and leans over to test the ink on an order pad next to the printer.

She knows what she's doing with her curvy ass swaying right in front of me. I can't help it, I step right behind her and press my hardness against her softness. My hand lingers just above her back. I'm afraid to slip my hands over her hips because I know if I do I won't stop until her panties are around her ankles. I'm practically panting and she pauses, listening and feeling the tension as I come undone. Both of my hands clench up into fists.

As she rises, she pushes back against me, rubbing her ass just enough. Fuck.

She turns around and takes my left fist and slowly pulls the trembling fingers open. I'm stunned as she writes her phone number in the palm of my hand, right on my skin like a tattoo. "So you won't forget," she whispers.

"Can I give you mine?"

She nods and hands me the pen. And arches her brow, waiting.

I need to be creative. It's time to push things forward.

I consider all the spots I'd like to mark her, but I finally sink to my knees.

"Oh my," she says quietly.

I gently push her legs apart and try to keep my fingers from shaking as I write my number on the inside of her thigh, a few inches above her knee.

She slowly runs her fingers through my hair as I finish.

"Why there, Edward?"

I lift up higher on my knees and look up at her. "Because that's just where I want to be."

"Pressed between my legs?"


"God, yes."




He gently kisses my thigh, right next to where he's marked me, before he lifts himself back up again.

"…and I wanted it to be somewhere you wouldn't forget me."

"I could never forget you," I tell him as I look down and see his name on my thigh. I wish his hands were still there so I could urge them higher.

"Really?" His eyes get big, like he's forgotten that this is a game-that I'm his woman in real life. "What would you do if I'd asked you out on a date, Bella?"

"You mean if I didn't know that we worked at the same place? If there was nothing in our way?"

He takes in the hidden meaning of my words, as his mind calculates how differently our path might have gone if we both didn't work at Animation Nation and if Aro hadn't been in the picture.

"Yeah, if it was just me…this awkward boy smitten with this beautiful girl."

"I'd ask if you could get off work right now."

He smiles brightly.




She would have gone out with me?

She would have gone out with me!

I'm stunned yet energized. "Hey, I'm almost done with work anyway. But before we go, can I show you something in the stockroom?" I ask, trying to sound innocent. But of course she takes it as I imagined she would.

She grins wickedly.

"Is it true that you guys keep all your hotties in the back room?"

I remember how flustered I got when she asked me that her first time in Geek World.

I grin. "No, apparently, all the hotties are out here."

"I'm not sure I believe you." She feigns a jealous look.

"Do you want to see?"

"Sure, show me your back room."

I take her arm and gently pull her down the aisle. As we pass the check out counter, she suddenly stops.

"Your drawing pad," she observes. "Can you show me what you were drawing?"

I reach over for the pad and slide it towards her.

She bounces on her toes. "It's me…like this," she says waving her hand over her outfit. I'm watching, delighted as she takes note of all the details I've sketched in her boots and t-shirt.

I study the drawing alongside her. What I fixate on is her expression, her parted cherry lips and electric eyes-the sway of her lush hips and curve of her full breasts. If only the drawing could truly capture how perfect she is to me.

"It's always you," I assure her.




Every time Edward sketches me, I die a little inside. He always makes me more beautiful than I see myself.

"What did you think about when you drew this?" I gently ask.

"It's hard to explain." He looks down like he's embarrassed, but he soldiers on. "It's like I feel you inside of me…your beauty, your spirit, your fierceness. Then I try to capture that feeling with my pencil."

"That's incredible," I say as I step closer and face him. "I do all that to you?"

"Bella, you have no idea how much you affect me." He takes my hand and places it just above his ear. "Here in my mind." He moves my hand and presses it on his chest. "In my heart." And then he takes a deep breath and slides my hand down over his arousal. "And here."

"Oh, Edward," I moan as I feel him pulse under my hand. I step closer, aching to kiss him as all the lines with the game get blurred. We are inches apart and the longing is thick and heavy in the air. I don't know if I've ever wanted him more.

"If we don't go to the back room right now, I'm not going to make it there." His breath catches as his fingers graze the edge of my skirt.

"Let's go," I whisper.

He takes my hand and pulls me through the swinging double doors. My eyes readjust to the dimmer light. We stop in front of a stack of cartons.

"See, no other hotties…just my hottie," he informs me as he sweeps his hand across the room, finally gesturing towards me.

"I must say, I'm glad about that," I admit.

"But this is for you," he says, quietly pointing to something flat wrapped in red tissue on top of the carton.

"You weren't supposed to buy me anything! We had an agreement," I insist.

He steps up behind me and slips his hands on my hips. "I didn't buy this. It's just something I had. Come on…open it."

I pull the tissue away and gasp as I see a nude drawing of me in a simple elegant frame. The symphony of lines and shading render me a classic beauty. It's a series of curves, from my thighs, hips and breasts to the way my hair curls over my shoulders. No one would believe an animator-slash-comic book geek could have created something so exquisite. I love it.

"When did you do this? It's so beautiful."

"That's the drawing I was doing the day you first walked in here. I don't know if you remember, but I'd gotten distracted when you walked in and forgot that it was open on the counter. When you walked up I had to jerk it away before you saw it."

"Yes, I remember you acting strange about it. Well, now I see why. Look at my expression. It's like you could make love with this drawing."

His hands move up my sides and he leans his face close so that his lips brush my hair. "I didn't want to you know that I'd been fantasizing about you like that. You have no idea how much I wanted you."

His words sizzle through me like a sparkler being waved on a warm summer night.

"Is this the only nude drawing you did of me back then?"

"God, no." His hands move higher and as he cups my breasts and presses against me. He gently bites my neck as he whispers, "There are dozens, probably hundreds of them."

Oh, Edward.

I'm grasping my last few threads of resistance as I press my thighs together tightly.

When his fingers start to pull on my nipples, I know we've lost our battle with temptation. Any resolve to slow our seductive game down has crumbled and fallen to the storeroom floor.




Everything is filtered through a seductive haze. I can't even see straight as I move against her and touch her breasts. My desperate need for her overpowers any other sensation.

Bella, please…

She slowly turns around, but then pushes me a step back.

"I have something for you, too," she teases. "It's under here." She pulls on her t-shirt.

"Take it off," I growl.

She gives me a look and then slowly takes the edge of the shirt and begins to peel it up. I lick my lips when I see the soft skin just above her waist. She goes higher, higher, and then…oh, fuck.

"Bella." I groan.

It's some kind of half bra thing in dark red. Her nipples aren't even covered. All of that perfection is right there, waiting for my hands, my lips, and my mouth.

"Look," she says, pointing to a flat silver heart at the center of the bra where her full breasts are pressed together. "It says 'Be Mine'. Will you be mine, Edward?"

I'm speechless, so I nod enthusiastically before I pull her against me and take her nipple in my mouth. She caresses my head against her as I get lost in her softness.

"There's more," she whispers as I pull her closer and move to the other breast. I can feel her fumble with something on her skirt, and then she pushes it down over her hips and to the ground. She takes my free hand and presses it between her legs. I feel lace and heat, but then she maneuvers my fingers and they slip between a gap in the panties and right into her wetness.

I pull away from her and look down to where my fingers touch her. Her matching panties must have a secret entrance.

"Crotchless panties," she giggles. "Tacky, right? I got them from Fredrick."

"Who the fuck is Fredrick?" I rear up, imaging I'm going to have to kill the fucker. But then something occurs to me. "Do you mean Fred Segal?"

"No." She laughs. "Fredrick's of Hollywood."

Relieved, I look up at her with a dark look while I run my fingers over her exposed nipples.

"I think you should shop there all the time."




My need for him is so big at times that it takes my breath away. But now, as he studies me, glazed eyes and hungry lips, nothing else matters but him being inside of me.

I reach for him and quickly undo his fly. He watches as I push everything down and finally free him. When I take him firmly in my hand, his head falls back as he moans.

"I'm not going to last, Bella," he warns me. "You've got me so worked up."

"Me either," I respond as I push him back onto a low, wide pile of cartons. He slides back until he can rest against the wall.

As I raise my knee to crawl up and join him, he holds up his hand.

"Wait," he insists.

"What?" I'm intrigued.

"I've just got to look at you for a minute." He smiles happily and makes a circular motion with his hand. "Can you turn around slowly so I can take it all in?"

I make a long show of it as I turn, swiveling my hips and running my hands over my breasts and hips. He slowly touches himself as he watches me.

"Oh, Bella," he whispers. "You wore that for me."

"Mmm, I did," I say, smiling. I look at him, still in his geek shirt, his slacks around his ankles, and his glasses sliding down his nose. He looks vulnerable yet incredibly sexy with his flushed cheeks and hooded eyes.

I want him. I always want him. I'm insatiable, but thankfully we are well matched in that regard.

"Are you ready for me?" I tease.

His voice is low and sweet, but the look in his eyes burns right through me as he reaches out for me.

"Come here, Valentine."




She crawls up and straddles my legs, resting lightly on my thighs.

"Closer," I insist, and pull her into my arms. She is pressed against me and I can feel how much she wants me.

"So you see now that I always wanted you," she whispers. She playfully tugs on my bow tie, but refuses to let me take off my shirt. "I would've let you take me to the stockroom that day, you know."

This is my true gift tonight. She's helped me see that I was always someone she would want, someone she could love.

I gently take her face in my hands and kiss her, once, twice, and with the third, she moans into my mouth as my tongue slowly dances with hers.

Finally, she rises above me and shifts as I position myself. When she sinks down over me we both still and watch each other silently, completely overwhelmed.

It's a perfect connection.

Male to female.

Bella to Edward.

Sparks and surges, as my hands grasp her hips to slowly push her up, then pull her down hard.

Wild and tamed, as she loves me fiercely and I beg her for more, Bella more.

Pleasure and the sweetest pain, as I fill her and know that I'll never get enough.

She arches back and cries out as our love wraps around us. I hold her close and kiss away her heartfelt tears when she starts to come.


Be mine, my Bella Valentine.

Forever be mine.




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