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Chapter 1: The Lonely Mother & the Lonely Child

Satomi was a very rich demoness, with all the wealth of her father, which was now all hers. She had never had to work a day in her life. She lived a life of complete luxury, only having to do what she wanted. She had married the rich businessman, Inutaisho, and had a powerful son, named Sesshomaru. She seemed to have the ideal life. But it had gone downhill. Her and her husband divorced, there never was any love involved, so that was fine with her. She had gained custody of Sesshomaru, so her life was grand, as long as she had him. To her it was better than before.

When her life went downhill was the day Sesshomaru left. He was now grown and had gone to the big city to work for his father's business. He wanted power and to make a life for himself. He would one day inherit his father's business, so he needed to learn everything there was. She seemed fine at first when he left, but as the days past she became very lonely. She was all alone in her lavish mountainside home, tucked away in a place hardly anyone knew of.

Satomi now sat on her antique couch that was in the old world style, which was the style of her entire home. She loved collecting antiques, and it was evident. She also liked to always be dressed in fine gowns. Currently she was in a dark purple evening gown and a fur boa around her arms. She was drinking fine imported tea, just staring out the window.

Suddenly something on the television caught her eye. It was show promoting adopting children. She looked to see a bunch of children, both demon and human lined up. There was one that caught her eye. It was not a demon, but a human girl. She was put in the corner, as if to not be seen. She was different from all the rest. She had no fear in her eyes like the others, and she looked all alone. She watched as couples went to all of the children, but passed over the girl that caught her eye. Nobody would give her a second glance, but Satomi couldn't take her eyes off the four year old girl.

Satomi: She's all alone. Like me.

Satomi looked off as an idea came to her.

At the orphanage, the four year old girl sat off by herself. Her name was Rin and nobody ever seemed to notice her. Everybody including the caretakers acted as though she never existed. Unless she did something wrong, and then they punished her, and what they considered wrong was her trying to get food for herself. She never spoke to anyone. She had never spoken since her family was killed by robbers, the reason for her being here.

Rin hugged her knees closed to her and closed her eyes. Suddenly a cold, yet playful voice reached her ears. She tried to listen, but she could not make out the words. Then there were the sounds of footsteps coming her way, and then a shadow fell across her. She looked up to see the beautiful, Satomi looking down at her. The demoness held out her hand to her and smiled.

Satomi: "Hello, I am Satomi, and I would like to take you home with me."

All of the caretakers gasped. They certainly didn't want Rin to be adopted by Satomi. True they did not like Rin, but they wanted her to suffer, not be adopted by the richest woman in all of Japan, to live a lavish lifestyle. Now, not only did they hate Rin, they envied her.

Rin stared at Satomi's hand in disbelief, then up at Satomi herself. She put a hand to her chest, and gave the demoness a questioning look, which caused Satomi to smile.

Satomi: "Yes, you. I want you to be my daughter."

The head caretaker went over to Satomi, with a look of desperation.

Woman: "Please Lady Satomi, there are far better children that this girl. She does not even speak, and she is very bad. She would only bring you shame."

Satomi turned and gave and gave a deadly glare at the woman. The woman gulped and stepped back.

Satomi: "I decide which child I shall adopt, and she is the only one I shall. No other."

Rin stared up at the powerful Satomi in amazement, causing the demoness to look down at her. Rin smiled up her, with a bright beautiful smile. The smile softened Satomi, and caused her to smile back.

Satomi: "Yes. She is the one."

Satomi reached down and picked up Rin, holding her close.

Satomi: "You shall live with me from hence forth."

An even brighter smile crossed Rin's face.

By intimidation and power Satomi adopted Rin right away, and immediately took her home. The whole ride home Rin sat in Satomi's lap, being soothed and talked to nicely. Rin was in absolute heaven. She was being held and loved by a woman that seemed to adore her, and Satomi didn't seem to mind that she didn't speak.

That night Satomi and Rin laid in Satomi's bed, in her lavish bedroom, yet was still cozy. Satomi was reading a book to Rin, while Rin cuddled up to her. They were both in matching lavender night gowns, which Rin just looked adorable in, while Satomi looked elegant.

When the book came to its end, Satomi put it down and turned to Rin, brushing her bangs.

Satomi: "You are such a unique and special girl to have taken to me so."

Rin looked up at Satomi and smiled. Then the girl looked over at the side table to see a stuffed toy dog. It was a white dog demon to be exact. Rin reached out and too the dog, looking at it with a smile.

Satomi: "This was made to look like my son, Sesshomaru in his true form. Would you like to have it? I'll gladly give it to you."

Rin looked up at Satomi with an incredulous look on her face. Suddenly she lunged for Satomi, and wrapped her little arms around the demoness' neck.

Rin: "Thank you, Mama."

Satomi's eyes widened, and then she returned the hug with a smile.

Satomi: "You are welcome, my daughter."

Rin fell asleep that night with the stuffed dog in her arms, in the safety of her new mother's arms.

4 years later...

Sesshomaru was in his corner office, in his father's huge building. He was a natural in the business world and easily earned his position as vice president. He promised to be a great businessman. He was busy doing work, when his door opened and the click clack of high heels was heard.

Sesshomaru look up to see a wind demoness with red eyes looking down at him. She had her black hair in a bun with feathers in it. She wore a seductive red dress that showed off a good bit of cleavage. Sesshomaru went back to work as she sat herself on his desk.

Kagura: "So, Sesshomaru, I was wondering if I could go home with you. You know, have a little fun."

Sesshomaru glanced up at Kagura, before going back to work.

Sesshomaru: "No."

Kagura: "Oh, come on Sesshomaru. It'll be so fun."

Kagura leaned over and began walking her fingers seductively up his chest.

Kagura: "Please, Sesshomaru. We haven't done it yet, and we're engaged. You have yet to kiss me in fact. You have no idea what you're missing."

Sesshomaru glared at Kagura and pushed her fingers away.

Sesshomaru: "No, Kagura."

Kagura: "Oh, Sesshomaru, people will start thinking we're not engaged at this rate."

"There are plenty of couples that wait till when they are married."

"We don't have to."

Sesshomaru glared at Kagura for her persistence, which she was quite gifted in.

Sesshomaru: "I'm leaving today to visit my mother anyways."

Sesshomaru: Been over five years since I last saw her...

Sesshomaru stood up and started to prepare to leave.

Kagura: "Oh! Well, I shall go with you. I'm sure she would love to meet the woman that captured your heart."

Sesshomaru instantly froze and raised an eyebrow at Kagura, who paid no mind. She latched in to his arm and began to trace seductive circles on his chest.

Kagura: "It'll be like a vacation for us. And I'm sure I'm everything your mother wanted for you. It would be so nice to meet her."

Sesshomaru: "I'd rather not give her a heart attack."

Kagura playfully slapped Sesshomaru's chest and gave a little laugh.

Kagura: "You do have a sense of humor."

Sesshomaru glared at Kagura, and then disentangled himself from her.

Sesshomaru: "No. And that's final."

Kagura pouted, but spoke no more of the matter, which Sesshomaru was grateful for. Sesshomaru gathered all of his things and left his betrothed in the office.

Kagura: Well, I'll get you in bed some way or another, Sesshomaru. And I have the perfect idea.

Inutaisho had arranged for Sesshomaru and Kagura to get married years ago for business reasons. Though Sesshomaru was not big on the idea, he agreed, for if he didn't he would not inherit the, and it would all go to Inuyasha. Kagura was extremely wealthy and had very good connections, so she was the perfect choice, and how Sesshomaru loathed that she was.

Sesshomaru headed to his father's office and opened the door. Inutaisho immediately looked up at him.

Sesshomaru: "I'm leaving to see Mother."

Inutaisho: "Then have a good trip."

Sesshomaru nodded and left.

Rin ran down the stairs full of energy and giggles, with stuff toy that looked like Sesshomaru's true form in her arms. She had on a lavender dress, and she simply looked adorable. Without a second thought she ran into the parlor and jumped into the lap of her adoptive mother. Satomi looked down at the girl with a smile.

Satomi: "You're up early this morning, Rin."

Rin smiled and nodded.

Rin: "I'm excited!"

Satomi smiled at Rin. She had never been lonely after adopting the girl and was so thankful for her.

Satomi: "What are you excited about?"

Rin held up her toy dog, which she had named, Fluffy.

Rin: "I get to finally meet my elder brother."

Satomi stroked Rin's hand lovingly. It was true; she treated the girl like a doll. They had grown so close, that they were like actual mother and daughter.

Satomi: "Yes, indeed. And he should be here soon."

Rin smiled brightly.

Sesshomaru pulled up to his mother's house, and looked at it. It still looked the same as he had remembered it. It was covered in vines, and surrounded by flowers. Without hesitation, he walked up to the door and entered. He immediately headed to the parlor. What he saw caused him to freeze and just stare, with slightly wider eyes. It was a scene he never thought to see: his mother holding a human girl, lovingly.

Satomi looked up at him, and smiled. She seemed amused by his shock.

Satomi: "Sesshomaru, meet Rin, your little sister."

Rin turned to Sesshomaru and looked at him with a smile, and all Sesshomaru could do was stare.

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